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JB Hi-Fi AV Receivers - Onkyo TX-NR626 $684, Pioneer VSX-323 $243. Other Units on Discount as Well


Similar to the previous sale here, there are several units on discount with up to 30% off. Two good prices I spotted were

  1. Onkyo TX-NR626 - $684 (A previous bargain two months ago was for $799)
  2. Pioneer VSX-323 - $243

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  • Was hoping to get a txnr626 in the past sales but got scared off by all the report's of HDMI chips failing in onkyo units so I ended up getting the pioneer vsx923 instead.

    After all the research and agonizing - it sits in my lounge connected to two speakers and is only used to play FM radio - just like the amp it replaced that was 20 years old and worked perfectly fine.

    I think I had ozbargain fever at the time…

    Fortunately my sanity has returned and I now spend my time buying steam games which I agonize over while downloading and then only play for 4 minutes.

  • Hope your VSX923 lasts longer then mine… It broke down within a week, gave back and got full refund.

  • excellent local price on the 626.. the sony 1040 for $768 is ok as well.

  • I have the Onkyo TX-NR626. Reviews are mixed, but I've found it has exceptional sound quality, easy setup and great connectivity. The remote app works well as well. Would buy again…. I mean, if I didn't have it already.

    Onkyo's are great value for money.

    Some caveats:
    - All Onkyo remotes have this stupid process of pressing 'Amp' before you start using the remote, every single time you turn the amp on. There is no good reason. The way around this is to use your Logitech Harmony remote. Don't have one? Get one, stupid.
    - The Pandora app is locked out of receivers sold in Australia. No reason for this except that some spaz in product design decided to not list it for us. There is no way around this. Not firmware, not vpn, nothing. Goddamit I spent days on this. Ended up subscribing to Spotify purely for this reason.

    I've not experienced any HDMI switching problems. I did in the previous model and it drove me mad. No issues here though.

    Hope that helps.