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Miele Vacuum Cleaner Model S381 for $199 Save $200 with Free Shipping


The Miele Royal Blue s381 is a high-quality vacuum cleaner that ensures a great clean every time. Includes the Miele Air Clean System for superior filtration.

Same price as it was 12months ago and posted here:

Gets good props from Amazon uk reviews

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  • A godfreys only model.
    200w less motor and .5L less bag capacity than the popular s5211 (usually $100 more).
    For this price and Miele's performance & durability it is a good buy.

    • Love the Miele. This one has 1800W which should be heaps of power.
      I have a 6yr old Miele S291-2 1600W made in PRC and it's plenty powerful and quiet.
      At full power with an empty bag it tries to pull the carpet off the floor and still has a lot of suction with the bag stuffed full.

      Whereas, the previous Sanyo 2200W (yeah right) was hopeless and so noisy.

  • Would you recommend this or a more expensive model? I'm not sure if it being a godfreys only model of miele is a or a bad thing here, as I have read a lot of reviews about miele being very good but godfreys being terrible.

  • Trouble is it is being sold by some of the slickest salesman in the country.
    I went to buy one as a gift and they would let me out the door till they showed me how 4 other vacuums at random on the floor could out do it.. I said I just want to buy it and go then they said would you really be happy knowing that you are giving a gift that is not the best available.. I said yes and it was like I knocked the wind out of him..

    For value it is a deal for sure..

    • Yes I love there demo, they throw the dirt down, then get you to vacuum it up, then they get the model they are trying to flog and pull out even more dirt.

      I then tell them to plug mine back in and pull out some more dirt, you could be there all day doing this, as each time you vacuum you pull more and more dirt out of the pile.

    • +4 votes

      I hate Godfreys for this reason. My wife went in several years ago to buy one of their advertised specials and basically got bullied into buying a more expensive one. I went to take it back and they tried the same tactic on me

      • +4 votes

        I went to godfreys in bundaberg, slick rick (store manager) pulled up and asked how he can help, I said, "I saw a deal for a carpet shampooer on Ozbargain rah rah model"
        His reply "mate all the carpet shampooers we sell are crap unless you spend over 2G's, unless your going into the business, just go to coles and hire one"

        Worst salesman EVER but the first one I trust for advice lol

    • True story:

      Wife got a $800 vac once from GodHelpMe's, motor seized 2 months later. Took it back under warranty, upon collection they demanded $280 as they found Gyprock dust inside indicating commercial use and warranty void.

      Wife said that must have been when the electrician left a mess after putting a new powerpoint in so I asked them did if it indicated in the manual to avoid certain types of dust.

      Here's their response:

      "Does your car manual say not to drive into a creek?"

  • People still use bagged vacuum cleaners?

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      I love my Dyson, hate emptying it.

    • yes they do,
      the downside of bagless is when to empty/clean it, which could cause a big mess

      with bag, just take it out to the rubbish bin

    • Yes, see this:


      If you look at original thread, was verified by a few other non-related vacc techs.

      In short, you're just paying for branding with a dyson. Glad I didn't drop $$$ on a dyson as I was pretty close to.

      I'll either go miele or numatic.

    • Not everyone believes the bagless BS. I certainly don't after the performance of the last electrolux we bought. The previous one was a bagged one and miles better.
      An AMA by a very experienced vacuum cleaner tech on reddit recently was one of the best AMA's I had read, and very enlightening.
      He actually gave Miele a big wrap, and bagged bagless (so to speak)

    • i use bagged vacuum cleaners but i have a cyclone separator too!

    • I have a dyson dc23 motorhead and a miele s8310. Even ignoring the fact that its less than half the price, i far prefer the miele. Change the bag once a year for a few dollars and don't worry about getting dust all over you whilst emptying the stupid noisy and heavy dyson.

  • Saw this the other day in their store and Bought one for myself today.
    Amazing suction. Glides on timber floors and sucks just about every spec of dust off carpets.
    Great buy.

  • Have been on the look out for a vaccuum for our timber floors. Any problems with scratching? or other suggestions on what to use?

    Have currently got a static broom and then mop, never gets it really clean.

    • When I researching vacs lately, the Miele's had a special head for polished timber floors but read many reviews from people saying they saw no scratching with the standard head.

  • we love our Miele S5211 - it cr*ps all over our old Dyson, will never go back!!

  • Looks great but bags cost $20 for 4 at Godfrey's.

    Can you get then cheaper elsewhere?

  • Being a Godfrey only model, the RRP can mean jack. Do they ever sell at RRP?

    It's the same at Harris Scarfe, inflated RRP on their house brands/exclusives and would never sell at those prices.

  • Miele > Dyson.

    I bought a S5311 for less than half the price of a Dyson and honestly it sucks. Real good. Well worth the money. I'll be glad to buy another Miele but probably won't have to for 20 years as it will probably last that long..

  • +3 votes

    I have one of these and it is awesome - heaps better than the $500 bagless Wertheim it replaced. The cheap clone bags on ebay work fine - from memory I paid about $20 for a pack of 15 and they have lasted several years.
    If you read the fine print on the bagless you are meant to replace the filters regularly which cost more than the bags in some cases.
    I will never buy another bagless

  • I picked up a Samsung SC4350V4B for my mums granny flat on Friday.

    Only $88 down from $149 on Clearance from the Goodguys.

    Didn't post as a deal because there was only two left in SA, but might be more interstate.

    Was really impressed with the performance, most Vacuum Cleaners under $100 have been pathetic I've found in the past, but this thing did a really good clean. Was tempted to seek out the other but was too late and too far.


    • You can get these at good guys with $2 postage to my area. I've only got a small place so I bought one… hope its as good as you say!

  • Bought 1, thanks OP :)

  • +3 votes

    My Miele sucks, highly recommend.

  • This is timely because my vacuum is about to pack it in. Does the head attachment have decent bristles on it (ie. good on hard wood floors, getting up pet hair etc.)?

  • I bought the S5311 mustard model a couple of months ago for just over $500 with 5 year replacement warranty and free window cleaner apparently valued $99 at the time.

    I highly recommend this Miele vacuum cleaner (the windows cleaner will be a gift to some poor relative at Christmas), I just found that Bing Lee are selling for $349, the non-mustard colour which includes free shipping (but no free gift to a poor relative).

  • Bought one to keep my S5211 company. Thanks.

  • temtping, such good price for a Miele
    my 2200w feels like 200w….

  • Bought one , hope it won't make me disappointed.
    BTW, how it's compared with Dyson ? Which one is better ? I mean in terms of similar price range ? Seems Dyson is much more expensive than this deal.

  • Damnit, can't decide between this and S5211/5311. The 1800W to 2200W motor surely isn't that big of a deal? On the other hand this is their cheapest model besides the S2 series, which is never a good sign.

  • Any ideas on when this is due to end? Going to pop around to my local Godfreys if it's still around on the weekend.

    My old Sanyo decided to give up after a long 16 years.

    • I was thinking of popping in as well, but after reading about them off whirlpool forums it seems they try to pressure you into buying more expensive models and don't know when to give up. Since it was free delivery on purchases over $99 I just opted for delivery.

      • I've been there before. Yes they do pressure you but ultimately you make the choice. I know what to expect this time around; going to pop in tomorrow.

        • EDIT: Looks like it has actually gone back to the old $399 price. There's the $249 Miele for sale; might have a peek at that instead.

        • Just bought the black one its a s771 hard floor model.

        • What's the difference? Extra attachment? Power output seems the same but it's $50 more expensive.

  • Grew up watching my parents abuse a Miele. In addition to regular cleaning and sucking, my dad would use it for hours cleaning the attic. The result is 3 to 5 bags of dust filled in span of a day worth of cleaning. I only change my bag once a year, I live in a timber floor house myself. After about 17 years of abuse the motor died, my dad brought it to a motor shop for a commutator replacement. It was less than $20, and it continued to work for 15 years till now. Amazing thing is they kept the bag same size after all these years. So the old vacuum accepts new bags with latest filter material. I bought my own Miele before moving in to my new place. The plastic shell looks pretty beat up after a few years of use but the motor never loses suction. Pretty good feeling to own a great piece of engineering.

  • How does this machine compare with:

    Piranha Sky
    Vax Power 6 Base Cyclinder VCP6B2000
    Samsung SC4350
    Nilfisk Bravo
    Samsung Twin Chamber SC4790
    LG VC4918URT
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    Nilfisk Power Allergy
    Vax Zen Pet Cylinder VCZP1600
    Vax Zen Reach Cyclinder VCZR1600
    Electrolux Ultracaptic All Floor Multicyclonic ZUC4101AF
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