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New Super Luigi U Wii U, Pokemon White/BLACK Version 2 DS $10 ea + Other $10 Games @ TGG


Bargain of the morning is here for the gamers (I am not the gamer…hahaha).
I cannot believe it they are so cheap for very good games. delivery is only $2.
Many good quality games to choose from PS3/Xbox/3DS/DS/PS VITA
other bargain games $10 ea

Some highlights include:


Black Ops 2
Medal of Honor
NFS Shift Unleased 2
Batman Arkham City
LA Noire
Halo Reach
Battlefield 3 or the limited edition
Prototype 2
Halo 4
Max Payne 3


Batman Arkham City
Portal 2
Battlefield 3
Black Ops 2
LA Noire
God of War 3
Max Payne 3




Credit: skooter

Edit: Since Lugi U has already sold out, replaced the link to the main promo page.

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    • +1

      Most EB's (actually most retail stores in general) will NOT price match clearance prices, since they're often below cost (and especially given Luigi U is fairly new). Good luck for your sake if you do try, but I doubt it'll work.

  • -1

    finally got a order through !!! just only got a copy of pokemon mystery dungeon. hopefully they send it. nothing else was of interest as broden and friends selfishly cleanned up all the good stuff.

    • +2

      I know that feeling "ordered something…the universe is okay again" lol

  • +1

    Went into my local (Essendon) and picked up Luigi and Lego City (on 3DS).

    Big thanks to OP.

    • Were there any Luigi's left after then?

      I put two separate orders in, and have confirmation for one (ZombieU) but not for the other (it had Luigi plus a few other games) so thinking it might be better to go in store :/

      • None left of both.

        They had a stack of the Vita games, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon on 3DS, Pokemon White 2 on DS.

        Call all the stores that are local to you, Essendon was the first I called and the guy put it away for me.

  • +8

    Accidentally ordered 2 copies of Pokemon Soul Silver in the frenzy - feel quite bad about it - if there is anybody that misses out and wants a copy, send me a PM. I'll sell it to you for $12.

    • +3

      (assuming I get them both of course - who knows where stock is at right now!)

  • Does anyone know what is sold out?

    • They appear to be removing them from the website as they are sold out.

    • If you try to click the Add to basket button it wont work and if you hover over it, it says can't be added to your basket.

  • +2

    Carseldine, QLD had 1x Lego City left in store. Absolutely abysmal gaming section. Tried price matching at JB for Luigi U but no go.

  • +1

    My order has just been despatched - Luigi Wii U & Uncharted Vita. Thanks, op!

    • Well done! Roughly what time did you place your order - was it early in the day?

      • I ordered at 7:30am. I am in VIC, allocated store is in SA. Had a call from Good Guy to confirm my address then despatch email about 15 mins after that.

        • I think it depends on how quick your local store act. I ordered at 6.55am and haven't heard from my store, had an email from TGG at around 10am saying that they had passed it onto my local store.

        • yeah i order around 630am and havent heard anything yet either

          Edit: spoke to soon, just received and email saying all my games are coming from Casula NSW (i'm in SA)

  • happy to have caught some of the deals but sad to miss out on a few good ones too…. more Luigi please ;)

  • I ordered Luigi at seven this morning got a confirmation email saying that you will arrive from the Hoppers Crossing store just got a call from them saying that luigi is sold out :(

    I forgot to ask if I could get from another store but, I was in the middle of picking up my two dollar Cygnet iPhone 5 cases from Harvey Norman

    • That sucks, at least you know it is sold out.

      I ordered at 8.30 this morning for 1 of each of the pokemon games.

      Got the generic paypal/GG order received. But have heard nothing since from the Hoppers Crossing store

  • Just received an e-mail that my order is now being processed. Ordered at 7:26am from NSW and being processed in NSW. Waiting for e-mail to say my order has been dispatched.

  • Apparently they don't ship to P.O. Boxs so if you tried to ship it there expect a phone and if you don't answer hopefully a email so I have 3 more emails I need to receive and then 3 separate phone calls I need to make. Apparently it's on the store that they don't ship to POs but paypal will put it right through.

    • Just received confirmation that my order has been despatched to my PO Box. I suggest you call and see what the heck they are playing at.

      • I called for the second half of my order at the allocated location and she said she shipped it out with no issues to my P.O. Box. So it seems Loganholme Good guys just sucks.
        For the other order I put through they gave me a phone number to Head web sales office as it didn't get applied to any goodguys location. I gave them a call and got an answering machine requesting my phone number and sales number and name. No response so far.

  • Completed 2 separate orders and have not received a confirmation for either. This happened to anyone else? I received an order code but is there any chance my order wasn’t processed?

    • Same here, 2 online orders about 11am both got emails order # no dispatch info/calls yet.

  • my order has been sent to a store to be processed ( Browns Plains QLD) but im in Melbourne so assume there more stock around brissy, now just waiting for the dispatched email!

  • Far out, they actually have stock!
    Mine's been sent to Melton VIC, I'm in SA.

    Well done to Good Guys for having enough stock and coping with the load.

  • Hey guys,

    For those who have had stock allocated emails, can you tell me what time you placed your order? I put through two orders this morning and haven't had the stock allocation emails yet… it was about 930am that I did it, one from my mobile and one from the website.

    Any info would help!

    Thanks again for the heads up on the offer OP!

    • Mine was at 8.30am and nothing yet. By the looks of it they are up to people who placed orders around 7am

    • I placed my order at 6:50am and got an email at 11:30am to say it's been dispatched from QLD.

    • i put two orders in. Both around 11. My second one got a stock allocation

  • Just tried grabbing 1 of each of the pokemons, UC and virtua tennis for vita and uncharted 1 for ps3. Fingers crossed!

  • TGG gave me a call to confirm address, good thing they did as it wasn't correct!! Was in a hurry this morning so didn't double check the address after I typed it in..

    • So I then get a shipping email which has quoted the original address. Great. Hopefully the postie realizes the mistake!

  • +1

    [edit] didnt reply to the right spot

  • Well I put my order in for

    Pokemon SS,HG, B2, W2

    hell I'll get around to them to add into x/y
    Good time fillers these games ..

    I mean EB and most store still charge $50 odd for them!

    Great find, hope the order goes through

  • +2

    I've used all my negs for today in this post. Cheap video games brings out the worst in people haha.

    • +2

      I save mine for the Brodens

  • Order has been dispatched! (made at around 8:30am this morning)

    Considering the potential for this to have blown up with no stock.. Good stuff Good Guys!

  • +5

    Got a copy instore of Luigi which I'll give to my nephew for christmas. Didn't have a manual and wasn't sealed but I doubt he'll care.

    • +2

      I sense someone that didn't get Luigi was bitter enough to neg you. Here's a plus.

  • Can't seem to checkout :'(

    • My order finally went through! :)

  • Ordered several different 3DS games. Looks like they've all been placed under "Backordered" status; not sure why the store chosen is nowhere near the place of delivery as well.

  • Damnit.. I got two calls this morning shortly after ordering and wasn't able to answer. I hope I still get Luigi U.

    For those who received calls from GG's, was it from a private/blocked number?

    • Take a look in your email or in the promotions folder (gmail) for the email telling you where the games will be shipped from and they have phone numbers you can call listed there. Ask for websales.

      • I only received an 'order received' email from GG and a receipt for payment from Paypal. Nothing about where the game will be shipped from.

        • ok well you'll need to wait for that one or you can try calling They're general Head web sales Deparment (don't know location) but heres the number that was given to me (03) 9330 6508. I gave them a call and got an answering machine requesting my phone number and sales number and name. No response so far.

        • Thanks. Guess I'll just cross my fingers and wait. They're probably getting hammered right now.

        • Number wasnt blocked. It was the store number that called.

  • I have made 3 orders. The first 2 around 11 am, the third at almost 12.
    I have received email from paypal and all 3 have been received from all 3 but only had the allocation to store email for first 2 orders.
    Should I be worried about the third order?

    • +1

      I made 2 at 9 and have heard nothing from them, you are in a good position don't worry.

  • +2

    I put in two different orders this morning around 930am and don't have a store allocation email yet for either, so consider yourself lucky lol! They have taken quite a few games off so hoping they are working on the allocation now :/

    • Ok then. Just thought it was weird that the first 2 went through not long after then when I did the third order it did not get to that stage.

      • My order went through easily just after midday, but no store allocation email received as yet.

        I'm really hoping it goes through given I just purchased my Vita on the weekend (great piece of kit BTW) and it will be great and unexpected boost to my games library for it.

        Hopefully, because it's Vita gear, I've got a slightly better chance of being successful given lesser demand for the platform than I would expect for 3DS or PS3 games. On the other hand, there's probably less stock too. Game on!

        Didn't grab anything for PS3 - I'm still working through my purchases from the GAME store clearance of 2012!

  • Just made another order for Black Ops two and it went through fine.

    I went to TGG water gardens. They have taken all their gaming stock off the shelf (or has been raided by employees)

  • Ooh, noticed Pilotwings Resort. Welp, make that five titles I've bought today.

    They can always be "Christmas presents" for my little sister until I actually have the time to play them! (Such a backlog.)

  • "Video Games" no longer have their own area on the "Clearance" main page (only consoles etc. under "tech products").

    Prices still seem the same when looking at the video game section manually, just quite a few missing from the listing now. 2 from my order are still appearing, so hopefully I get those at least…

    • Some of the pokemon games are gone, can't see soulsilver for instance anymore. Wii games have totally dried up, only a few left.

  • Ordered Luigi at 8:45 just received dispatch notification :)

  • Halo 4 seems to be back up to $69. Disappointing. Is the $10 pricing a mistake?

  • 8:57 AM for Luigi and LittleBigPlanet Vita
    "Your order has been allocated to a store for processing"

    Now to see how my other order with 5 PS3 games goes :)

    • Order #2 just got allocated as well :)

  • -1

    The games here are local australian copies right?

    • -2

      No, all good guys games are imported from the back streets of hong kong ;)

    • You're kidding right?

      • OMG ! What a nazi mod - doesn't he/she know who Broden IS?

        Obviously a facetious remark, but removed, really!? (In Kyle voice)

        • giggles

  • It seems all but Heart Gold of the Pokemon games have been sold out. Links to their respective pages brings you back to the GG's homepage.

  • Wow amazing deals… Bought Little Big Planet and Uncharted on Vita and Black Ops 2 and Forza 4 on XBox… Thanks!

    • +1

      Forza 4 is brilliant, you're gonna enjoy it.

  • Sooo slow…they're getting hammered!

  • I was about to give up hope, but I finally got a store allocated after ordering Luigi U at 9am.

  • +1

    Still no allocations for me.

  • Order being allocated to a store doesn't mean much if the store doesn't have stock. If they don't have stock they will contact you to organise a refund.

    • I'd assumed they would only allocate a store once stock was confirmed.

      • TGG just being swamped with orders. My 9am order just got allocation.

      • +1

        I fortunately was able to pick up my order from my local store. My brother had his order allocated to Nunawading but later received a call to say they were out of stock. I'll give him one of my games for consolation

  • Ordered at 8:56 but nothing in my email yet… not looking good!

    • +2

      Don't worry, I've emailed them and they said orders were being processed. They did not say or mention the possibility of refunds if there wasn't enough stock which hopefully they can sort out all orders.

      • OK thanks mate

  • +3

    Pretty unfair those who ordered games earlier then others getting told its sold out and the people who ordered last getting it.

    • Is that the case? I order before 7am and my order has been dispatched this afternoon.

      • I ordered before 7 got confirmation email. Then hoppers store rang me and said that luigi is out of stock

        • Expecting this to happen to the people who ordered 20+ copies of the same game!!!!

  • ordered 7.30 am, only got email now saying order been allocated to a store 1500 kms away from me, i guess i should expect refund for most of the games, no way that store still carries those games at close of business….

    • I'm in Adelaide and my order was allocated on the Gold Coast.

      Someone said earlier that they saw TGG staff removing games from the shelves in-store, so don't give up hope yet.

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