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Shopping Express PC Parts Sale. Super Cheap Video Cards: HD 7950 $249, HD 7970 OC $289, etc etc


I think that's the cheapest ever for a HD 7970 OC, and it's a hell of a card at that price.

GTX 650 Ti Boost for $169: http://www.shoppingexpress.com.au/buy/gigabyte-nvidia-gtx-65...

HD 7950 for $249: http://www.shoppingexpress.com.au/buy/sapphire-amd-radeon-hd...

HD 7970 OC for $289: http://www.shoppingexpress.com.au/buy/sapphire-amd-radeon-hd...

Many other deals.

I've found shopping express has very fast, very cheap, postage, too. PLUS a special deal for this sale, free shipping if you buy 2 or more parts on the page.

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Shopping Express
Shopping Express

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    Agreed. SE has done a lot of damage on my wallet. :p

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    7970 purchased. Thanks OP. Bought the internal DVD drive as well for $16 (shipping would have been $10 so worth getting the drive I think for an extra $6!)

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    Lol @ 128TB SSD

    I'll definately have one at that price!

    • Give it a couple more years ;)

      • +2

        Couple of more decades :)

        • +2

          Take a lot of porn to fill that sucker up!

        • +2

          Because you know, SSDs make porn run faster!

        • +2

          We all like fast women :P

  • +1

    You need to do more sales like this! To be able to get a PC Case with free shipping if you order a second item is great!

  • So, I've got a GTX 580 and I've been out of the game for a few years now. I want to get onto BF4 and will be running it at 2560x1440 - is the 7970 a decent step up?

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    You might have to ask the rep if this includes the 3 games gold code as I've seen them use those codes to promote monitors and even Nvidia cards. On the site it includes this image: http://www.shoppingexpress.com.au/assets/images/pc_parts_211...
    which shows the gold code but doesn't meantion any free games on the store page (may be common amongst retailers, I know some only give out codes to those who ask).

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    STAHP! Too tempting!

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    I've got this exact same card - Sapphire 7970. It's got a great cooler on it, runs very quiet.

  • Bought this card on Sunday night from SE for $239, received it yesterday. Was told in the last deal that this doesn't come with the 3 game code, wish it did!

  • +1

    So very tempting to get a 7970 and put it aside for my new PC I'm building slowly piece by piece.

  • Is the 7970 a reference PCB? Thinking of putting it under water :)

  • I asked and I received - 7970 bought! Thanks SE, keep it up.

    • +3

      yet no + vote…

      • +2

        Too busy buying to vote. There, fixed.

      • -4

        Get a life highdealer.

  • No Never Settle Bundle in the 7970 rep?

  • Just bought a 7950 last week >< To buy or a second one and crossfire or not… hmm haha

  • +3

    When you go to checkout for the 7970, you see the Never Settle Bundle aswell! THANKS OP

  • Anyone know if you need to buy any other hardware when you buy the oem windows from shopping express?

  • Would anyone be able to recommend a build for a HTPC with these parts? Obviously I'll get a different case + some cooler fans, but which motherboard is best for HTPC usage? And no graphics card, but I plan on buying one later, so I need it to also be able to play things like BF4 when I do purchase a card :) thanks!!

    • www.reddit.com/r/buildapc is your best bet for this.

      • +1

        For my money you're probably better off going to Tom's or Anandtech and looking for articles on building a HTPC then going to their forums with any questions etc.

        The reason being that some parts of the Internet are populated with 14 year old children (not necessarily aged 14) whose self-esteem is tightly tied to appearing to be an expert on computer hardware amongst other things and when the barriers are as low as Reddit they're more than ready to prove their amazing knowledge to everyone … er I mean provide qualified advice.

        Just my 2c.

        • Thanks heaps for the help guys :) I'll look up all those sites! Cheers

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    Can the rep let provide an ETA on the Western Digital WD Caviar Green 3TB SATA 3.5 HDD?

  • Great price on the 7970!

  • +1

    Hmn are the 7970 already gone…

    Intel Core i5-4570's are all gone too lol that was quick

    • +1

      I put those two in cart and went to bath room for 5 mins, they all gone, damn

  • gone?

  • 7970 out of stock…Dang..

  • I leave ozbargain for a couple of hours and I miss this? Goddamn it!

    • +1

      You have learned a valuable lesson, grasshopper.

  • I wonder if there is any chance of getting more stock of the 7970s.

  • +1

    Spent too long reading reviews of this 7970 and missed it, hopefully there's more around this price.

    • +2

      TO cut other people some time:

      The Sapphire 7970 OC is ranked amongst the top 7970's for price, performance, noise levels. It's a great purchase for <$300.

      • +2

        Sure does look like an impressive card. I needed you a couple of hours ago SM.

  • I am just wondering why that deal is not as popular as this one :
    ASUS GTX760 for $279

    According to http://www.videocardbenchmark.net
    Radeon HD 7970 / R9 280X 5096
    GeForce GTX 760 5009

    • +3

      Probably because with MSY's sales, they have like 2 available… and then try to sell you something else when you get there haha! =P

      • +7

        That's happened to me more than once. I've given up on MSY because of it… not only that though, I was robbed of a AMD Game Bundle code and when I later called up for the codes the rep told me "nope, none left" and then I heard her colleague whisper "haha, theres still a few" in the background and she replied back "yeah, those are for my boyfriend". Eek. MSY…

    • +1
      1. videocardbenchmark.net is rubbish. Use Tom's hardware monthly hierarchy chart or anandtech bench. Once you can see how powerful those cards ACTUALLY are, those deals are OK but not quite as good

      2. Shopping Express you can buy online and free postage, and they have good service. MSY is hard to get to for many people and the service is woeful.

      3. MSY don't often have a lot of stock on these deals.

      4. This deal had some good non-GPU deals too

      • How do you get free postage?

        • Just for this sale - it says if you buy 2 or more things on that page, you get free postage.

  • Good deal.

  • +1

    jaw drop

    ShoppingExpress rules.

  • +5

    7970 BACK IN STOCK!

    ( ̄ー ̄)

  • Just ordered!

  • +3

    Oh man, I purchased one too. :(

  • +2

    Mmmm. Ordered a 7970. Feeling a bit guilty as I don't game much these days (and don't have heaps of cash) but I want to revisit Deus Ex: HR (Director's Cut) and get ready for… whatever games are coming out soon.

    Upgrading from a GTX460 - which is like 3 years old - so that seems reasonable.

    Thanks OP.

  • aaaand gone again :( damnit lol

    • Oh wow, I must have made it by the skin of my teeth!

  • 7970's are all gone. Curse my indecisive ways, had one in my cart, but didn't get to checkout in time.

  • I am just wondering (probably not for this deal but for future ones) if it is worth buying a 7970 for a video editing PC (no gaming) ?

    • Depends on your CPU/RAM/HDD. But, Adobe Premiere CS6 has the best GPU accelleration on AMD cards.

  • Any 670s laying around shipping express? Looking for another for sli

    • Same but 660! ;)

  • Man I just can't catch a break with these 7970s! Tried to get one during the last MSY sale but they never actually held stock for my order and Fyshwick wouldn't honour the backorder, and then missed out on this one which is an even better bargain!

    The lesson to be learned here is less time doing work, more time refreshing ozbargain! :-)

  • +2

    Just an fyi on those who missed out on the 7970s, mwave's deal is still active for $299 +shipping

    • Thanks for the heads up mate…personally though, now I know the Sapphires can come down this cheap, I think I'll just keep waiting for them to come around again (Vapour-X for <$340 would do me just fine!)

  • Far out bought a 7950 for the 7970 price last week :/

  • Is anyone keen on any of the 3x Never Settle Gold games?
    I'll sell my codes for cheap - not really interested in any of those titles.

    • -1

      I think they'll be adding more games down the line so it might be wise to hang into those codes.

      • They announced separate bundles for the R9 cards (Battlefield 4), so I wouldn't be too sure of that. I plan on getting SR4, Thief and something else (will wait and see), pretty much just because they're the most valuable. The codes expire on December 31.

      • The codes are all expiring on NYE from what I've heard

    • To clarify, on offer is the games in the Gold tier at this website?


      Saints Row IV
      Hitman: Abolsution
      Sleeping Dogs
      Deux Ex: HR
      Sniper Elite
      Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
      Dirt 3

      • Reckon I'll grab: SR4, FC3:BD aaaaand… Hitman: Absolution.

        • +1

          You can get Hitman: Absolution pretty cheap nowadays - it was on Steam for ~$6 the other day. IMO you'd be better off getting Thief in the bundle (even if you end up selling it), and buying Hitman separately for the most value.

        • Sounds like a fair point. Didn't like the look of Thief but I'd be happy to unlock and sell it.

          Are you certain these can be sold? How are the games unlocked?

          (Also, Thief doesn't come out til next year - any issue with the key expiry? I presume we'd unlock it early and just await arrival?)

        • I'm not too sure about it either, but I might give it a shot.

          I've seen other people selling them in the forums, so I don't think there'd be a problem with it.

          And yeah, I assume we'd select it now, and wait for the code until February.

  • +1

    Aren't the codes expiring by 31 Dec?

  • +1

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for everyone's support, we've included more cards & products added to the promotion.


    • That GTX 760 for $269 should have it's own deal, anyone want to post it and reap the precious, tasty imaginary internet points?

      • go for it.

        • You can post too, you know…

        • I think Store Reps have a weekly posting limit - they'd rather save that for their own posts. Why use up your limit when OzB users will do it for you? :P

  • 7970 dispatched :-)

    Hoping for a Tuesday delivery.

    • Should be monday, if it's been dispatched already - unless you live in lalaland, there's no way it'll take more than 2 days for auspost to deliver to state + shove in your local postie's bag of fun for Monday.

      • +1

        Well that was my deep down secret hope. My superficial hope for Tuesday would have me pleasantly surprised for a Monday arrival; whereas hoping for Monday may leave me disappointed.

        That's a negative on lalaland.

    • +1

      Got it. :-D

  • Seems like the HD7950 is out of stock. Any chance of it being restocked at the same price?

  • This was basically the exact 7970 deal I was hoping for, alas I miss out.
    At least I see it as an excuse to wait out for a 280x deal.

  • Rep you able to do a deal sometime next week on 7850's and 660's since they are EOL items anyway? Hoping for a 7850 below MSY's $149 :)

    Or you do it now and save the anticipation already grabbed an evo from last deal

  • ok they now have stock of this card, but the PC Parts Sale site still insists it is out of stock??

    what's that all about??

  • -2

    Doesn't the owner of this website have an interest in "Shopping Express"?

  • Scored my HD 7970 OC on the epic sale - cheers! :D

    • Make sure Linton supplies an invoice with your purchase. :D

  • +1

    Got my 7970 today, seal was broken. The previous graphics cards I've bought had plastic wrapping on the cooler, which may just be a brand thing but the plastic caps that cover the output ports and connector to the mobo were also missing. Is this just a Sapphire thing or should I be concerned?

    Also I didn't get my code for the bundle :\

    • I was surprised there was no seal (i.e. plastic wrapping). I was expecting more in the way of a manual too. I did, however, get my code in the bundle. BL on that one; will have to let SE know.

  • Redeemed my game keys (SR4, FC:BD and Thief). Note: You will receive the Australian version of SR4 if you set country to Australia when you sign up with AMD (I presume that's the cause). The Australian version has some cut content is apparently incompatible with international versions in co-op mode. Something to consider…


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