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TGG: Nexus 7 Tablet 32GB Wi-Fi (2013) + Bonus Logitech Mini Boombox = $288


STARTS TUESDAY. Since this deal was so well received I thought I'd post this.

Get the ASUS Google Nexus 7 Tablet 32GB Wi-Fi (2013) plus Bonus Logitech Mini Boombox for $288. In-shop and Online. Bonus Logitech Mini Boombox valued at $78 and selling on eBay for more! Strictly 1 bonus per customer. Pay less, pay cash brings it down to $283 according to their shops.

Plus you'll also get a chance to win one of 20 family holidays to Disnyland (CA) + 5,000 family passes to be won to Disney's Frozen!

  • World's sharpest 7" tablet screen (323 ppi)
  • Powerful battery, up to 9 hrs of active use
  • Quad-core speed and performance, 2GB RAM
  • Powered by Android 4.3, the latest version of the world's most popular mobile OS

Catalogue photo (that's the best my Y201 can take)

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    • Did you try calling them up?

      • Mate, if there was an online contact number I would.

        There's no point calling the stores as none of them have stock.

        Paying a deposit is not preferred. No deal for me.

        Think I will just pick up from Binglee

        • There is an oline number: 1300 466 348. I asked about it and the site is down for maintenance. They believe it should be resolved after the update but we will have to wait and see

  • +1

    No stock anywhere near me. Picked one up from Bing Lee for $289 (price dropped as of today) but no boom box included.

  • Got this today for $283 with the PLPC discount. Most of the WA stores only had display stock left but also most had more on order (Belmont had 2 coming in on 4/12) so you can pay for it now and they'll call you when it comes in :)

  • +1

    I ended up just buying from OW. There is no verification that they ship the boom box when purchasing online and no stores near me are available for pick up of the Nexus 7.

    Price matched Good Guys and got it from OW for $275.50 with same day delivery. I know I could've gotten it in store a tad cheaper.

    If you order before 11:30 AM from OW you get same day delivery in metro areas.

    • Exactly which is why I said this deal is instore only, not online. should be acknowledged. I got the impression online would also ship bonus but no.

  • +1

    No stock in Artarmon TGG, someone ended up there before me lol. It's sooo far! Had to take a couple of hours break from work (city) and they ran out.
    Only 5 units left in Campbletown.. which. is. FARTHER.
    Damn you TGG online hokum!
    Just bit*hing cos it was a waste of time.. sigh.

    Also failed at OW, won't price-match a deal/bonus item. Only the main item can be price-matched, I think they made up that rule, but it's alright.

    • "Also failed at OW, won't price-match a deal/bonus item."

      Yes they will. See my earlier post.

      • +1

        Perhaps this is YMMV. Not all officeworks stores treat you the same. Some will match some will not

    • Yup I knew this was gonna happen out of stock everywhere.

      Didn't expect they advertised as online but the bonus is NOT available online, no items at checkout.

      I'm also very skeptical people are paying upfront and wait for the goods to arrive to pickup.

      Who knows when they would have stock? Seriously…

      They had it in the catalogue as online and in-store. But what I can see IS NOT TRUE.

      Not sure why OP hasn't updated this as IN-STORE ONLY.

      TGG website on maintenance hope for the best.

      Even if its online now, we don't know their delivery times. I think you will miss it with Xmas holidays coming

    • addepp, I sent you a PM

  • +1

    The people at Castle Hill, Sydney were SO hopeless. Just said "sorry cannot help", didn't even try to sell me something else, nor offer layby or deposit.

    They obviously don't get paid commission on sales items.

    Very poor - I cannot even accuse them of being smart enough to attempt a Bait and Switch.

    The deal is availble online for $288 + $2 delivery

    Also on their eBay site $288 + $2 delivery

    Both are WITHOUT the boombox.

  • So TGG has done the same thing with the game sale and the nexus 7. Inventory is a huge area TGG needs to focus on.

  • My local store offered me 20 dollar gift card to pickup and didnt mention the speaker till head office quized them on I asked so ill be getting a tablet for 290 + Boombox + 20 dollar voucher

    • Can you spend the gift card on the tablet?

    • Data which goodguys offered $20 gift card with the purchase

      • Nar i cant, but ill use it for a case or something.
        but I have paid for the delivery also

  • Officeworks is now $288, can't price match any more

  • GG Lutwyche has one left… I bought one last night..
    I need some idea on what to buy to get over $300 for TRS.
    They don't have cover for Nexus 7 2nd Gen.. I need to spend another $17

  • Capalaba QLD had about six tablets plus unknown qty of the mini boomboxes today.

  • You can order online and still get the boom box, just have to ring up the web order team. Just got mine told them it was misleading and deceptive conduct if they didnt send it to me. Told them i would return it the NEXUS 7 open if they want cause i didnt want it any more cause i didnt get my speakers.

    • So this means you need to threaten them with consumer rights and misleading ad to get that deal.

      Ridculous TGG.

      My money go elsewhere.

  • FYI TGG Preston (Northland VIC) have stock today.

    Picked up the bundle for $280 with white mini boombox.

  • Thanks OP, found one in stock at the Chatswood, NSW location friday evening, and was able to place a weborder, with pickup occuring Sat morning. Told them that there should be bonus, and they gave me the speaker without issue.

    Just checked online and looks like the nexus 32g has been removed, and it no longer shows in the same place in the flyer, however the fine print of the current flyer still mentions the bonus speaker promotion ending December 16th on page 5.

    So assuming you can still get this from the store if u call in. Also a tip, if you go into a store, they should allow you to pay for it in advance if they see it on order in their system. One store offered to do this for me before I found the stock in Chatswood. U may want to just clarify the bonus if the shipping doesn't happen before the 16th.



    ps. also to note that bonus also applies to the 4g version. + There are 3 speakers listed as a bonus (item#1823216,1823217,1823218 - black,red,?white?)

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