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Give a Gift to Get a Gift! - over $100 off Any Photography Package. Gold Coast and Brisbane Only


Go to here for details of the kids in care appeal….which I have nothing to do with

I've been wanting to donate to this kids in care appeal but haven't had time so I came up with this idea just now. This appeal ENDS TODAY. So this FREE offer ends today (the other promotion expires 23/12/13)…the details:

1) Give a gift to the kids in care appeal (they need gifts for older teenage boys the most)
2) Take a photo of yourself delivering the gift at one of the many drop off locations (if you've already dropped the gift off and still want to take advantage if this offer then just go to the next step)
3) Take a photo of the receipt
4) Go to the Simply Beautiful Photography website ( www.simplybeautifulphotography.com.au )
5) Work out what photography package suits you by going to the packaging and prices page
6) Use the contact page and via email let me know that you've given a gift to this appeal and the value of that gift (by emailing me a photo and/or a receipt).

I guess this is an honour system really and you could be dishonest….but although this is Ozbargain I'm hoping that you'll have enough empathy and sympathy to really want a disadvantaged kid to have something special for Christmas and not just pretend in order to get a special deal.

So why do all of that? What's the deal.

Follow the above steps and you will get $100 off the cost of ANY photography package
PLUS you also get the dollar value of the gift you gave to the appeal off the cost of that same photography package. No exclusions. For convenience and simplicity "dollar value" for this promotion means the that we round the price you paid for the gift DOWN to the nearest dollar.

So, if you paid $32.24 for your gift then take off $132 from ANY photography package. Pay $199.95 for your gift and take off $299 off ANY photography package.

There are no tricks. No surprises. We want to encourage you to give good gifts but I want to be sure that you're not just buying yourself a new Iphone to get $700 off a wedding package. If I think you're trying to take advantage of the spirit of Christmas in a mean spirited and dishonest way then I simply won't accept your booking. My goal is to encourage charity to make up for my lack of time to do charity - you're helping me to feel that I've done something good.

There are some notable T&Cs and things you need to know:
1) If you have previously provided a gift to this appeal then you qualify - just show me your receipt
2) You will receive a gift voucher (e-giftcard) for the value we're gifting to you.
3) The e-giftcard is transferable…anyone can use it so you can pass it on as a Christmas present.
4) The e-giftcard works by quoting the unique code on it. That code expires 4 months after its issue date
5) The date of the booking can be anytime in 2014 but the booking must be made within 4 months
6) There is no minimum spend but any additional spend will be based on our published prices on our site
7) We have 5 photographers between the Gold Coast and Brisbane Southside so date availability is almost always assured but our best and most experienced photographers always get booked out first
8) We can travel outside of these areas but travel fees will apply

I think that's it but please ask questions. We want to be as clear as possible.

NOT giving a gift to the appeal but still want to buy photography as a Christmas present?

Spend $25 and get a voucher for:
* One hour photography session
* $30 credit towards prints or digitals (enough for 2 prints)

Spend $15 and get a voucher for:
* 30 minute mini session
* $15 credit towards prints or digitals (enough for 1 print)

Vouchers for sale until Midnight Sunday 22nd for delivery by Tuesday 24th December

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    Too many steps, too many requirements, too little notice.

    Also you haven't specified your pricing anywhere to determine of this ends up being a bargain.

    Could be better off for all involved to use a cheaper competitor and donate the difference.


    Yeah for sure its too little notice but I'm not doing this for commercial success and hundreds of bookings. I only found out late last night that it ends today…best thing I could think of at the time and one is more than none.

    Yes it seems like a lot of steps. I'm glad. If all the steps turns off the bargain hunters but turns on the Christmas spirit in one person then I'll consider it worthwhile. I want it to take effort on your behalf…I want to evoke the concept of giving some extra effort for someone else. That's why its not listed as a "freebie" - there are strings attached - you need to give. Consider it a benefit/thankyou for giving and not a bargain in and of itself.

    On your other point: I'm hoping that its clear that you get $100 off plus the value of your gift.
    Its always a good idea to buy from a cheaper competitor, save the money and donate the money. Two things to consider:
    1) Its super hard to compare photographers based on price
    2) You could easily walk away with a one hour photography shoot plus a couple of prints all for the cost of giving a gift to the kids in care appeal…not a cent more. So buying from a cheaper competitor means actually spending more money than the cost of your gift

    Also, the description is too long as it is so I hope that clearly showing prices on the website will go some way to communicating its value to you. In the end I only want to offer deals that I know I can honour with integrity.

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