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Jetstar International Sale. Per-Sin $169, Mel-Bali $249, Adel- Bali $199 Plus Loads More


Jetstar International escape sale.
Fares are quoted one way.
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  • sucks that they cancel the luggage transfer for connecting flight in Singapore to other Asian countries. Now we got to collect the luggage and drag it around with us whilst waiting for the time to check in our next connecting flight.

    Haven't been book with them since they cancel the luggage transfer.

    • Alot do that. Singapore airlines make you collect your luggage from Bangkok Airport and take it to another airport for selected domestic flights.

      • Why is this an issue?

        Singapore Airlines does not have any domestic flights from either Bangkok airport, and neither are they associated with Jetstar (ie Qantas).

        …… facepalm…..

  • but isn't that from one airport to another? So i can understand that you might need to collect it. But in this case Jetstar arrives and leaves from the same terminal in the same airport, so i can't understand why they cancel the service which is one of their main attraction to me (apart from their price). They had offered the service for years and only revoke it in the middle of 2013.

    so what reason they think to justify it is beyond me, but they lost my family and my friends as customer when we have connecting flight.

    • True but you cant get everything with cheap fares :) I'd rather save some money and do that than pay bulk more and not.

  • Note that return flights from Bali are even cheaper (e.g. Bali-Adelaide from $138.43)

  • -1

    i hate how they always advertise 1 way trips just to rope people in…
    the return trips are almost always dearer.

    and they wonder why operators like scoot gets business for just discounting the returns out right without faffing about.

      • the return trips are almost always dearer.

        • God it's been like that for years. See a high price and you Automatically know it's return.

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