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Qantas Companion Sale - Business & Premium Economy- Ends 24-Jan-2014


Something we've been waiting for, came thru midnight last night just before I went to bed.
Too many to list.
Biz:Bribane-LA, Departing 10 Feb 2014 to 31 Dec 2014 $4,999.
Prem Econ: Brisbane-NY Departing 10 Feb 2014 to 31 Mar 2014/14 Oct 2014 to 24Nov 2014 $3399

There are other Global Sales as per their Red e-Mail

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  • is it only brisbane? I cant seem to link to other locations

    EDIT: I managed to view flights from sydney by changing the URL manually


    Couldn't find any other way .. maybe im just blind

  • Yes you can, just choose your city.
    It's in the top part of the page, about middle
    "Flight specials from [city]"
    Wish I know how to attach a screenshot

    • i AM blind! thanks .

  • Melbourne -la?

  • Has anyone been in premium economy? I know there's a bit more leg room but ultimately I don't get the feeling it's worth that much more than regular economy.

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      Yeah i flew last year on the A380 from LA back to Melbourne and didn't rate it for the extra cost. The seat doesn't recline far enough to make it worth it. I would go for an emergency row exit in economy instead. Unless you want to have a better experience then pony up for business and get a flatbed. But really, would you pay an extra few thousand for just one night of a (comparatively) very average bed? I say, save your money and upgrade your hotel wherever you're going.

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        Who pays for their own business class?
        Most people that i know travel business because work pays - either a requirement or something they've specified on their contract.

        • This is true. My old man worked for the airlines so i still get the family discount rate which is the only reason i went premium economy. I actually booked Business but being on standby and Group B i got bumped down to Premium Economy…such a sad day…

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          For those who are not lucky enough to get their work to pay for Biz, but they dont want to leave their hard-earned money to their kids, they pay for Biz Class themselves. Had seen this happening many times to people I know. There are other reasons too, like "because we can"….:-))

    • Might as well rename it Baby Boomer class judging from my fellow passengers on the HKG-SYD route.
      I upgraded a points reward on an overnight flight, and wasn't disappointed, but I wouldn't pay cash.
      I slept better than economy, but not $500 better!

  • Looking at flights return from brisbane to queenstown/christchurch, they all seem to have a stop-over in sydney over night and the prices don't seem to be very competitive for late july - august. Will wait for another special but thanks for posting up.

  • +1

    Am I the only one that feels that these prices are still not that great (I'm looking from Melbourne)?
    Is there something specific that people have seen that you feel is particularly good value?

    • I was just looking as well. Return to London on business, $9265 per person so $18,530 for 2.
      Flying Singapore Airlines $17,982.84 for 2.

      I'm not feeling it Qantas…

      Disclaimer: I am a Qantas shareholder too stupid to offload when the buyout was on offer, now with not enough value left to save.

      • +1

        Try put in passenger as 2.
        I tried Bris-LA was $7.5k for 1 person
        But then I punched in 2 person,s it's telling me only $10.9k.
        Patience is a virture :-)
        And dont forget to clear your cache.

        • I put in for two business class flights MEL-LHR and the total was $15205.44 AUD.

          I actually thought it was buy one, get one free but this is not the case.

          My wife usually flies business to london while I just go economy on my points (as I'm a cheap ass). Got excited for a bit there.


  • Only $10.9K !!!

  • Make sure you check what plane is used on that route/day! I flew from New York to Perth via LA and Brisbane recently. We were on an old 777 from NY to LA. The entertainment system wasn't working. No biggie, I had a loaded ipad and a good book. Then we were delayed in LA. Upon getting on the plane (after high tailing it to the opposite end of LAX!) it turns out that it was the same plane. And the entertainment system couldn't be fixed. They didn't tell us until we had taken off. There was no prior warning or opportunity to recharge devices or download new content - which we could have done during the delay if we'd known. But worst of all? The reading lights and call buttons were also part of the entertainment system. So cue a long haul flight, LAX to BNE, with no entertainment and no lights. As soon as the meal was delivered, all cabin lights were turned off so people could sleep. But that also meant no reading lights and no way to get attention. Flight attendants were using torches. Passengers were using phones to be able to see in their bags and seat pockets. You had to raise your hand to get attention and hope they could see you (v difficult to get out if you had a window seat!). Lights were only turned back on at "breakfast" about 1.5hrs before landing.

    This was not just in economy but also business. And because a lot of the perks are part of the ent system
    (eg being able to order food/drinks), none of that was available. And they didn't have lights either. Maybe they got given torches though ;)

    Sorry about the whinge but it was the longest, boring, most uncomfortable flight I've ever been on. After months of saving up and the anticipation of flying a "good" airline, very disappointing. At least with AirAsia you're prepared. So I've learned to always check the plane used first!! A380 or bust!

    • +2

      Sad story bro

    • +1

      We were on an old 777 from NY to LA

      What airline did you fly on? Qantas doesn't have any 777's.

      And because a lot of the perks are part of the ent system (eg being able to order food/drinks)

      You can't order food and drinks through the entertainment system

      • Sorry, I meant 747 :)

        And they advertise that you can order your food / reserve a time to be fed through the seat back vid system! :)

        • And they advertise that you can order your food / reserve a time to be fed through the seat back vid system! :)

          where was this?

    • +1

      were you flying Qantas ? Because they don't have any 777.

      • -2

        Hope they get some soon!

    • That is very unfortunate Pennae.

      I am thinking, is it possible to "ensure" the airline sticks with the aircraft you booked?
      Say you did book A380, what can can be done if they change aircraft?
      If they dont get enough numbers, surely they can change to a smaller aircraft?
      Or engineering fault??
      I believe it would have happened to me before, but back in those days, I am not as learned and probably never looked at the airline as booked, vs actual.

      • There's never an aircraft guarantee. Qantas flights to America from BNE are always 747s. MEL and SYD flights are A380s. If there is a problem with the aircraft they'll have to find another A380 or 747 because other aircraft don't have the capacity or range to make the trip

        • Ya, I so wish I'd known this in advance. I could have just as easily flown via Sydney or Melbourne instead of Brisbane. There's never a guarantee of plane, just more likelihood. The experience of the A380 would be preferable!

        • Don't worry the difference between the 747 and A380 isn't as large now, the seats are the same and the interior of the 747 has been upgraded!

        • I think they're slowly rolling out the upgrades to the 747s - I was just very unlucky, as were the other handful of passengers coming from NY as well. Most were just doing LA to BNE. We were told, upon landing in Brisbane, that no compensation was available because too many people were affected.

  • Qantas wonders why it's going down the drain! With the prices they charge I'm amazed they are still running at all. Jetstar have some good prices though.

    • I thought the main reason of Qantas financial problem is the cost structure, especially salary ….
      Other airlines, budgets included, charge much less but are doing well…

  • Flew Business Class Sydney to New York return in November on Qantas…. managed to get upgraded from Premium Economy using FF points. TBH I would be mightily pissed off if I had paid full fare for business class. The service was average and the food very underwhelming (cafe quality - definitely not restaurant quality). Weird little customer service quirks too…. no Pinot Noir available because "we find it too watery so we took it off the wine list", to having my main served to me before my entree, with the main taken away and the entree served, to then having the flight attendant forget what my main was when it came to bringing it to me. Didn't worry me, but you'd expect exemplary service if you had paid to be in the pointy end. And the Qantas flat bed is nice…. great to be flat, but it's kinda uncomfortable and too narrow too unless you're the type of sleeper who sleeps with your arms straight by your side all night.

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