expired Book Depository 10% off + Free Shipping

Book Depository 10% off + Free ShippingAffiliate

Book Depository is offering 10% off all books again! All you need to do is 'Refer a Friend' and both you and your friend will get a 10% off voucher. I sent the referral to my alternate email addresses and the code seems to apply fine to my account which has a different email address - it doesn't seem to be linked to the recipient's email address.

Note it takes a while for the code to arrive. I requested mine around 11 am yesterday and didn't receive the voucher until 3 am this morning.

Edit: Just to clarify, Book Depository has standard free shipping to Australia. No code required.


Full terms and conditions:

You will receive one 10% voucher for referring friends and then additional vouchers for those who buy, only one voucher can be received for introductions in the first instance.
Once a referred friend has bought from us we will send you a 10% voucher that can be used against your next purchase on bookdepository.co.uk or bookdepository.com. Simply follow the instructions on the email and click on the link in the email, the page it takes you to will have your discount code on it. If you don't go via this route, you will not see a redemption box in the basket.
Only one voucher may be redeemed per purchase, per person.
Offer expires Wednesday 26th February 2014 and all vouchers will expire noon GMT on this day.
Vouchers are non transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.
Customers can refer as many friends as they like during the period, we will however monitor for unusually high use.
Vouchers cannot be retrospectively applied.
The Book Depository Limited retains the right to end this promotion without notice.
Email addresses will not be retained other than for the processing of the offer.

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    Garhg I ordered a book from there about half an hour ago. >:(

  • +2 votes

    LOL @ the free shipping as part of the sale since it's always been there.

    Mind you it's never been 'free' just shipping included. Great for single buys but if you're buying a heap I've found Amazon comes in slightly cheaper after about 5 or so books.

    • +1 vote

      I thought I put it in the title in case people aren't aware. XD

      I've always found Amazon hard to use. Often items don't ship to Australia, and when they do, by the time you factor in shipping and currency conversion it becomes far less competitive - Or maybe I'm just doing it wrong!

      Oh, and Booko is useful for price comparisons: http://booko.com.au

      • +1 vote

        For books, Amazon generally will post. For a single item, price + postage (they convert for you)will work out more expensive.

        But if you order a lot of stuff at once the combined postage works out a bit cheaper.

        • +2 votes

          I think Amazon prices for shipping books are $5.50 US for the entire order and $5.50 per book. Generally smaller competitors are cheaper for light book items but Amazon is cheaper for heavy items like dictionaries, textbooks, 1 volume encyclopaedias, etc. Amazon US also has the largest range of books in English.

          Also remember, the evil Amazon jugganaut own Abe and Book Depos now :( So much for useless anti-monopoly laws.


    They do this every second month or so.

    • +1 vote

      They used to but honestly I haven't seen this in a long time. I thought they'd stopped for good.

      Sadly, with the Aus $ declining all this does is basically make up for the decrease from over the last few weeks :-(

  • +1 vote

    Just in time for uni woo! English major FTW hahaha


    is the 10% off for the ENTIRE purchase?? As in can i order 50 books and get 10% off the lot?? Or just one book?


    i filled in the form 30 minutes ago but my wife and bosses still have not got the 10% coupon yet, does it take a while?

  • -1 vote

    Coupon code never came.

    Anyone want to give me theirs?


    I made a $200 order yesterday. Was about to cancel it and resubmit until I found the books I had bought had already gone up at least 10% (in one case 20%)……


      Ouch, that's bad! Same as bookworld the other day.

      So far the book I am keen on has not changed in price, it would seem not all books are affected.

      What I noticed though is that they still show different prices in different countries. When I go through a Canadian proxy things are much cheaper. Only problem: I really don't want to type my CC details into an unsecured line. Wish I had a prepaid card with sufficient credit…


    was looking at a book to buy through this deal

    BD normal price was $100 down to $54 del

    Same book on amazon is $30 + $18 del = $48 del

  • +1 vote

    I'm still waiting for the code! Its been 8 hours!


    Been 24 hours now. No code and page has disappeared.

  • +2 votes

    Wordery still has 10% off a couple more days:

    To receive the discount, simply enter the code JAN14 during checkout and 10% will automatically be deducted from your total. And don't forget we offer FREE worldwide shipping.

    But as always start your search on Booko.com.au or ISBNs.net to easily find the best prices.


    Hmmm, never got a 10% off voucher and looks like they've take it down?
    Oh well…


    May still be working…perhaps just wait.

    Premature coupon ejaculation methinks.

    Customer service had this to say:

    I am afraid this coupon has not been activated yet, as soon as it is your friends will receive their e-mails, you will also receive your referral e-mail.

  • +1 vote

    Working, got my code within about 12h and applies fine. :) Thanks for heads up.

    Also for anyone who doesn't know, usual stuff, you can just change the address on your 'Redeem 10% off coupon' page from .co.uk to .com. Books I'm after are $2 cheaper on .com for me.. (Check booko.com.au)


      'Books I'm after are $2 cheaper on .com for me'

      Got to love the POMS! LOL! Everything is more expensive over there. I think they like it that way because it gives them more to whinge about. Although things are kind of heading the same way here :-(

      Don't get me wrong. I love the place and the people but it's sooo expensive there and British culture and identity is sort of being wiped out.


      I'm glad it worked! No idea why the page was taken down earlier but the deal has been marked expired.. oh well, at least some of you got the deal =)

  • +1 vote

    Just tried and got my coupon within 1/2 hour. Maybe the earlier delays were due to a glitch that's been fixed now. Shame it's labelled expired.

    Big thanks to OP for posting!

  • +1 vote

    I never received my original coupon code from earlier in the week but today when I re-submitted I received it within a minute or two.

    And going to the .com site a couple books I was interested in were the same exact price, some were a few cents less, some were a couple bucks less and one was seven dollars less!

    Also, note that if you request the code from .co.uk it won't work on .com unless you edit the 'activation link' by changing .co.uk to .com and then leaving all the gobledegook that comes after .com the same. (Hope this makes sense).

    And hope this info helps someone.

  • +1 vote

    Got my coupon codes too after initially failing to get it the first time. Yay! :)


    Still waiting for mine


      I never got the one I originally requested but when I re-requested it I received it within a few seconds.

      I'd recommend resubmiting and also check you spam folder.
      DOn't forget to do this through .com not .co.uk

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