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Hungry Jacks - The Aussie Battler Burger $2 (Available until 10.30am)


It's not very well known that you can add extra salad (even beetroot) to HJ's burgers with no extra charge so i thought i'd ask for a sausage omelette muffin+salad+beetroot+mayo and low and behold ''That'll be $2,please drive forward'' The Aussie Battler Burger was born!

Yes i know there's no bacon but you can add some for $1 i think and obviously as this is a breakfast item it's only available until 10.30 or 11am whichever it is.


Almost forgot,keep your receipt because if you do a 5 minute survey you get a free cheese burger with your next purchase,which can be turned into a Whopper junior by adding the extra salad.

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  • extra condiments are not free at all hjs. friend has been charged at drive thru before

    • extra condiments are not free at all hjs

      Yep. Even some HJ's that have had it free previously don't anymore. In fact, I've found this to be the case most of the time now.

      • I have found it rarely, not most of the time, but I'm in QLD. There are a few stores that, for some ownership reasons, don't participate in most of the usual HJ stuff, including free extra salads (and sauces)

    • It actually depends on what condiments you want. As far as I know, lettuce, onion, beetroot and pickle aren't charged extra (at my local store at least).

  • You can add anything for a price…

    Friend would get bacon tendercrisps

  • I have heard you can add angry onions to any item for free. I enjoyed my chocolate sundae with angry onions !

    • lol.

    • +38 votes

      I tried chocolate sundae with angry onions after reading your comment.

      Never again.

      • +22 votes

        Ah, the perils of following Ozbargain advice :D

        Despite having read your comment, I'm still tempted to ask for angry onions with my next chocolate sundae :D

        • Can I suggest that if anyone is STILL considering adding angry onions to their chocolate sundae, that in the best ozbargain tradition I think it best to warn you to wait until Sorbent or Quilton etc is on special again, coz you might undo your savings with unexpected rectal activity

        • Or install a bidet

        • Just how angry are these onions exactly?

        • +1 vote

          its angry enough to make your tummy upset:D


          A true Ozbargainer already has a cupboard/bedroom full of stockpiled sale items, including both sorbet and quilton, plus dodgy food items that lead to frequent use of the sorbent & quilton!

        • Better to stockpile sorbet in the freezer or it will melt

        • +1 vote

          Damn ipad autocorrect.
          I mean, oh no, what's that's sticky orange stuff on my stockpile bedroom floor?! :(

      • How much angry onions do you get with that?
        Tempted to get a 50c cone with angry onions (hold the ice cream).

    • My normal combo at HJ's is to get a Whopper with Cheese meal plus angry onions and spicy sauce.. best burger every time.

  • +7 votes

    Need to put 10.30 am in title.

    Great idea but I don't want salad on my muffin. Maybe I can scrape it off and save for a free lunch.

  • Great bargain, this is almost as annoying to fast food joints as the famous mcflurry deal that hit ozbargain!

    • +2 votes

      I reckon it's sad that the greatest bargain of all time on OzB is a mcflurry hack - Scotty would be turning in his grave…if he was in a grave…

    • Oh yeah, I'm sure they just despise all the free advertising they get on here… Pfft.

  • You sir are a genius :-)

  • Cheeky imagelink ;^)..
    TA amount to a 3 x114g cheeseburgers.McD; but by 1⁄3$6 ?

    Redeemed $0.30 +$2Last for burgers+IC.

  • Yes i know there's no bacon

    is a sausage the same as an angus beef patty?

    a muffin is definitely not the same as a bun :)

    • Half the time I go to my local wanting a muffin they tell me they've run out and asked if it's okay to make it using a 4" bun.

      They just don't taste the same in a bun, so now I just say no and order something different.

    • Sausage is disgusting and tastes nothing remotely like a beef patty.

      I get it, OP is a genius for getting free stuff. But this is as much like a burger as No Frills chocolate is like Lindt.

  • +3 votes

    a battle to digest this.

  • +1 vote

    lol Ok I give a plus for upgrading the cheeseburger to a whopper.

  • I thought this was some budget burger for dole bludgers and pensioners..

  • I love how in the OP mind salad = lettuce, tomato and onion. Ah the simple things in life…that's a little Aussie Battler.

  • Are you trying to do what the McDonalds OP did?…

    • Nah mate,can't compete with that level of sheer brilliance,just trying to help a few mates out is all.

      • This is routing the system and a reasonable person wouldn't do it. HJ are doing a good thing allowing people to have a menu burger how they want. All this does is promote chains like HJ initiate a no substitution policy.

        If you want beetroot on your Whopper, fair enough, but putting something from the main menu on an item from the breakfast menu is just wrong and not what the system was intended for.

        • +3 votes

          Honestly, how many thousands of people do you think are going to read threads like this, then run out to their nearest HJ or Maccas to copy these sorts of orders? Out of all the people who commented and +1'd the McFlurry thread, what % of those people do you think actually went out and did it?

          I doubt these fast food joints will go broke from giving out some free lettuce, a tomato ring and a shred of onion to the occasional customer lol.

          oh and lol @ "putting something from the main menu on an item from the breakfast menu is just wrong"

          Y'hear that? It's WRONG! lolol

          P.S. it's "rorting the system" not routing.

        • Sounds like a very British comment to me (almost satirical); obviously not an Aussie battler.



          Professionals rule!!!

        • "the old convict argument"
          Really we are going that cheap tonight are we?
          What are you even DOING here on OZ bargain you unwashed Pommy, expert-whinging, boring-food, cricket losing, Pacific war traitor??
          … seeing as we are going with cheap popularist stereotypes that may or may not be 100% accurate.
          You adore England? The airports that way son.
          Need a hand packing?

        • "I can tell you absolutely 100% from first hand knowledge, Maccas' management are aware of ozbargain and the previous McFlurry hack"
          Because what?
          You flip burger there? You're knocking off a McDonalds manager?

        • "HJ are doing a good thing allowing people to have a menu burger how they want"
          Beyond Lol.
          Hungry Jacks (Burger King) are a large multinational. They neither are or are not "doing a good thing". They are not your friend and they dont care about your feelings. They exist to make money.
          If it behooves their sales to have a flexible menu, so be it.
          The general public includes everyone! Smart assed kids, bewildered oldies crafty teenagers, drug addicts, priests. Everyone! If there are exploits available in the menu, they will be found! HJ would make a business decision on the positive virtues of having menu flexibility vs not having menu flexibility based on the bottom line. Not "doing a favor" to their customers.
          Every menu option is extensively modeled and market tested. The market and ultimately money are all that are all that's going on here.
          Not any kind of favor or "good thing"
          Such nonsense.

        • (Simplifying things) Britain is one big cheat system, with the 10% ripping off the 90%. Aussies are still much more egalitarian - a fairer society - the one you seem to desire.

          … & all this over a little salad, beetroot & mayo :) HJs can always say no :)

          I agree with TA!

          Thanks OP.

          Good luck in acclimatizing @ukmark :)

        • Keep calm and carry on.

        • +2 votes

          Hm… They shipped people halfway around world. Away from their home, family and friends for things as low on the scale as stealing a loaf of bread to feed their starving children. When you consider that, I think the bigger criminals were left back in England running the government. And not much has changed.

        • I think he probably meant "rooting the system". :-)

        • Crap I accidentally +'s ukmark routing comment. Pls ignore as cannot revoke votes older than an hour.

        • Im actually a bit angry at HJ at the moment; as they charge me extra for cheese now on my vegeburger in a wrap.

  • This is my kind of burger

  • Rock up at a soup kitchen for homeless and do some odd jobs to help out for a little bit. Then go grab yourself some free soup and a free bread roll. Even choose between white bread and multigrain. Bargain?

  • Cheers op for the oz bargain breakfast burger :)


    Where would I be without this advice? probably at home avoiding dishes.

  • It's hard to imagine adding salad to a burger. On the side maybe, but inside?!

    But agree with the first response that many outlets do charge extra. The most annoying ones are the ones that charge extra - even when you subtract something!

  • +1 vote

    or someone that knows….

    Are you sure that you can add post 11am ingredients to a pre 11am item? I know with Maccas that if you asked for lettuce then they would say no simply because the lettuce is still in the fridge (well maybe you could convince them that you are willing to wait but generally its not available). Is HJs different?

    • Hjs offer full menu from 6am onwards, unlike maccas. So the lettuce would be out of the fridge

    • what is the different 11 am before and after? macca also open 24 hours, surely they put the lettuce out the fridge at certain time :)

  • Next OzBargain meetups I presume that everyone will go out for Aussie Battler Burger, followed by McFlurry "OzBargain Special", all paid with ING cards.

  • is it everywhere?

  • Well done op.
    What I really need though is a hot cakes hack that gets me 6 hot cakes smothered in icecream and maple syrup that's priced as close to the cost of a small fries and a soft serve cone as possible.


      Your best bet is to be fearless/shameless and ask for it.

  • +1 vote

    I hear the burgers are better at Hungry Hacks!
    Cheers OP!

  • Can you add the salad extras to an egg muffin for no extra charge?

    Prefer that with salad instead of the sausage.

    It would be great if someone with a Phd in Hungry Jacks Burgerology could share their insights.



  • My hungry jacks charge 50c for extra salad :-(

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