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PS3 Ultimate Blu Ray Movie Kit $39 from The Good Guys (in Store or Delivered for $2)


Hey guys I was just browsing through The Good Guys website and stumbled across this deal.
$39 gets you a PS3 Blu-ray remote control, The Hangover and The Dark Knight on Blu-ray.

Just checked JB and they have the control on it's own for $24.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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  • It seems Gen 1 remote.

  • I bought this kit for my sister 3 years ago from tgg in perth for $25, was normal shelf price. This is not a deal.

  • This deal has come up a few times at various prices over the past few years at GG and JB.
    None of my local stores have ever had stock. In fact, the response when I ask is usually "gee, haven't seen that pack around for ages! "
    Given that its $16ea for the BD's at Big W, makes the remote is $7 which is OK, but it is the older remote. The latest one can be had for $20.

    • Still if all you're doing is playing blu-rays on the PS3 and you don't need to control televisions the old remote is fine.

      • Spending that much on a controller just for movies when the controller will do just fine… People should hand in the ozbargain accounts!

        • I hate using the PS3 controller to control blu-rays it's lame. Try quickly using features like skip chapter or fast forward on a PS3 controller.

        • Have you tried using HDMI-CEC? I just use my tv remote control to control my playstation for watching movies, iview, etc.

        • i do it a lot, its easy just get familiar with the controller and you can do it without looking, or you can spend $20 to look at the buttons you're pressing…

        • Good for you. Now PS3 controllers are primarily made for games not movies that's why Sony invented the PS3 BD remote control.