This was posted 7 years 11 months 6 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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The Mens Shop 40% off Entire Online Store - Today Only


40% off entire online store including sale items, and with other current promos.

Free shipping for spend of over $60. Under $60 in cart freight $4.95.

Happy Shopping!

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The Mens Shop
The Mens Shop

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  • How do I get both discounts? I could only put 1 code in @ the checkout.

    E.G. THANKS40 and VH3FOR2

    • Same question here, or maybe one promo code only?

    • Buy 2 Pierre Cardin Shirts, Get the 3rd Shirt Free - Coupon: PC3FOR2

      how to stack?

    • Seems you can only use 1 code.

      • Correct me if I am wrong, but there is no possible way to stack codes at TMS. 40% off sale price is amaz though.

        • +1

          $50*40% = $20, it means
          if value < $50,
          Use promo code TMS;
          Use THANKS40;

          Plz vote for math :)

        • +1

          you need to order more $60 or more to use TMS.. so cant use it if the value is less than $50

  • The day after I make a $250 order… Could have gotten it for $150 instead of $200 ($50 code).


    • +4

      message them or cancel your order an resubmit.

      • that was my suggestion. they are very reasonable

      • Will try messaging them. Don't want to cancel my order, cause most of the shirts I ordered are not out of stock.

  • +3

    9 Ties, 6 Suit Sets Total $712.68, would had cost me that much just to get two suite for that price in Myer/DJ

    Thanks TMS!!! Settled for 2014/2015, no more business clothing.

    PS: Rossi Suit Deal can be stacked, Eg: two suite for $175 each, after discount $105 each for pure wool suite sets!!

    • I don't get how you can buy suits online? How can you be sure of the fitting?

      • I Have brought suites from them before, so have idea about the size/fitting of particular brand.

        besides i believe TMS has free return and exchange policy for upto 30 days, so you can take the bait on discount, then if it doesn't fit, you can always return.

        • +1

          Noticed you misspelt suits twice, 'suites' has a totally different meaning.

        • +1

          Ha..ha..thanks for the correction!

      • They offer free returns/refunds and exchanges.

    • I just checked and that deal is no longer available.

  • Is size 108 regular fitting suit jacket is the same size with 108 slim fit ?

    • +1

      The taper is different. You'd want to make sure your body shape matched.

  • +1

    Everywhere I look is euro fit, slim fit and hardly any classic fit. Do they all think we are skinny :)

    • Either that or the Europeans are all skinny.

  • are the suit pants matched with the suit size?
    I bought the Geoffrey Bene suit just now.

    size 104R for the jacket. there was no option for adjusting size of pants

    i remember when i bought same suit from DJ in store, they would not let you change the pants. you used the matched one, and made adjustments on that one ie length or even "widen" it

  • Perfect timing.. order placed!


  • +1

    $245 for 2 Rossi suits and a new belt. Happy with that! :) Thanks TMS!

  • ST for suit jacket means shorter sleeves right?

  • Mostly no sizes for me :(

  • -1

    I bought the 2 nautica shirts for $50 and then 2 bracks pants for $100. Take 40% off the lot. Now that's an ozbargain!

  • Really want to buy however I have experienced mis fit shirt before on buying online so…. no deal !

    • I bought 5 business shirts from them after not buying shirts for a few years and they were all too big. They organised free courier pickup from my work and replaced them free of charge.

      Dude, there is really not much better service you can ask for. I wrote to them and commended them on the service, not something I regular do.

  • cant check out. Server not found

  • +2

    Rossi suits no longer 2 for $350 either

    • Means I got my order in just in time :)

      • Yep, i shouldn't have hesitated!

  • not sure why this is marked expired, i just bought a suit

    edit; just tried to use it to buy some casual shirts, and nup, code doesn't work anymore

  • WHAT? I was just adding things to my cart and now it's finished? :(
    I just spent the last 30 minutes looking for things.

    • Yep. Me too. Aaaand The Men's Shop just lost a $500 order.

      • $500 revenue means nothing. They probably saved themselves a $100 negative profit margin.

        • Not a complaint bro. Just frustrating when this happens in the middle of a big order. Keep up the deals TMS.

  • +3

    hmm. anyone else getting this?

    Oops! This coupon isn’t valid.

    This could be because:

    You may need to be logged in to use it (please register or log in at the top right of your screen); or
    This coupon was typed incorrectly (please check your coupon); or
    This coupon may have expired; or
    This coupon may not yet be valid.

    If the above reasons do not apply, please contact [email protected] & we will help you out.

    • Same here, it was working a couple of hours before.

      • +3

        short sale for being a "today" sale.

        • We don't know whether it was a "today" sale. The OP just put it in the title for the sake of… well… uhm, clarity? I guess. Although seeing as it's been misconstrued, I'm not sure how clear it is anymore. :p

      • Selling Suit sets for $105 cant be health for the bottom line, TMS Accountants must have figure out that by now!!!

    • +11

      Ahh, how is this unprofessional? They probably realised that they would be running at a loss with the specials so they withdrew the code, which they have the right to do.

      I don't know why so many people here feel like they are entitled to goods at below cost price, but it is annoying.

      • Well it is oz BARGAIN, we're not here to buy good which are at standard "sale" BS price. Below cost price is actually quite common to bring in new customers and act as a loss leader promotion. Alot of people are here to take advantage of that but dont fall for the marketing trick.

      • -2

        Unprofessional from the perspective, a deal for TODAY was abruptly taken off before lunch time.

        My negative was not towards the OP, but TMS.

  • This is ridiculous to cut short an advertised coupon in a few hours. I am sure they will re-enable it after removing some sale and combo offers :@…who is working on a Sunday in TMS :@

    • +9

      Where was it advertised?

  • +1

    Anyone know where the deal was advertised?

    • +1

      where did thanks40 come from? invitation by email only?

      • +2

        That's what I was wondering. How did OP find out about the code. Can't see any mention on their homepage, Twitter or Facebook.

  • +12

    Everyone chill.

    This submission being here was not through an official company rep so this could well be a targeted promotion
    This post also clearly stated it would expire at midday, even when it was last edited 2 hours ago.

    I know it's annoying but I'm sure you all won't lose sleep tonight.
    Sales come and go, there's no point getting upset and being put in a bad mood because of it. :)

    • That's what i was thinking. I didn't see this advertised on their website and i'm also subscribed to their email and didn't get it either.

      I'm thinking i'ts targetted. Can't blame them for that.

    • +1

      I would like to know where the post stated that voucher would expire at midday?
      That's crap

      • On this page, at the top.

        Fashion & Apparelmens accessoriesmens apparelsuitswatch
        Until 16/02/2014 11:50am (Expired)
        Add to Folders
        Hide from Listing
        The Mens Shop

        It has said this whole time that it would expire at 11:50AM on the 16th of Feb.
        This wasn't just hastily added in, the last edit for this submission was over 2 hours ago.

        • +2

          I have seen that, but the problem is that it is still 11:39 here in Brisbane.

        • +4

          AEDT then - like in here, in Sydney, where this company is also based.

          That's what you get for not observing daylight savings, Queenslanders. ;)

        • Correct me if I'm wrong but expiry updates aren't added to revision edits..

        • Nevertheless, I rather missed a few deals here and there than having a DST!

  • +10

    This code was not from a TMS rep so no need to be negative. Not everybody gets everything.

  • +15

    To everyone negging the deal and criticizing TMS, just because you missed out on the deal doesn't give you the right to slander their business and the OP for posting a great deal.

    I missed out as well (which sucks because I need some new business shirts) but that doesn't give me the right to get abuse TMS.

    Stop with the dummy spits and grow up.

    • +3

      Looks like some of the people here should be rather shopping at Osh Kosh and not The MENS Shop. Teehee.

    • Thank you!

    • +10

      Compensation? hahahahaha

      • -2

        Like a voucher or some credit, I've had a few several times before in these sorts of situations.

        • +12

          You were too slow using a voucher that they didn't advertise or give to you. Why do you deserve anything?

  • +2

    Well, i have 2 rossi in my cart and went on to pick something else then came back check out but no longer worked .. no drama just wasting too much time

  • -3

    The reaction by some people here today has been eye-opening.

    It's more so given the fact that this is 'The Mens Shop' which specialises in suits / business wear.
    One can construe that the customer base would indeed be business people / corporates.
    This kind of inflated sense of self entitlement and greed is exactly why the GFC happened.

    You don't see people getting this upset over poverty or people starving in third world countries, but oh, once an offer that they weren't officially invited to expires, grab the pitchforks!


  • +6

    Ok guys cool down, here's a $50 Off $150 Coupon


    Its already 33.33% Off which is not too bad :P

    • try multiple $150 orders. it may work.

  • +3

    Thank you OP. I managed to get a few items ridiculously cheap (things that were already heavily discounted).

    PS - ignore the negs. Some of the votes that have been given out lately here on OzBargain don't show much respect for the voting guidelines. This was a terrific bargain, and like all the good bargains one has to act quickly (I can't count the amount of times I've logged on to OzB and just missed out on something awesome).

  • +8

    TMS often gives great deals. Anyone complaining is nothing short of pathetic.

  • Awesome! Got a Daniel Wellington watch and a leather wallet for 145$! Thanks OP

  • I've been on OZB for years and I still haven't made it a habit to automatically look at the expiry date/time. Cost me some cheap suits this morning while I was deciding what to buy.

    Oh well, fantastic deal TMS, keep up the good work, looking forward to the next one!

  • Doh - looked at the site this morning & planned to sit down with the wife to choose a new suit after lunch. Congrats to all who scored the deal. No complaints here as have scored other good deals from TMS. Just note to self: do it straight away next time.

  • annoyed I missed out on this. Have been eyeing two Bellroy wallets.

    • Pretty much what I wanted to get!

      • Yeah! Got my eye on the Slim Sleeve and the Travel Wallet

    • Me too :(

  • Someone should check if this deal was officially promoted as being 'Today Only' to save TMS from getting a possibly unjustified bad rep (or on here at least)…

    • That makes no sense. TMS did not post the coupon.

      • No, but it may appear as though TMS reneged on a commitment, when that commitment might have never been made.

  • there was intention but too much expectation then it stopped otherwise nothing much to sell ..

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