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50% off at Sabbaba When You Pay with PayPal App (Sydney CBD)


Hoorray, half price lunch for 2 weeks!!! Sweet!

In Sydney CBD? Get 50% off your order when you pay with the PayPal app! Just get the app and head to our Westfield, MLC or MET centre locations to get 50% off. Easy! Hurry 2 weeks only.

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    Thanks OP. anyone not familiar, Here you can see their full menu and prices:

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    how does it work when paying?

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      You have to have the PayPal app in your phone. Just open the app, find the Sabbaba shop you're in (it's location based so very likely will be the first in the list) and enable the payment for that store.

      note: when you set-up pay pal for mobile payments you have to choose a picture so that the cashier can identify you.

      Once you put your order through, say you're paying with PayPal, and the cashier will automatically know your name. It was my first time using it and I was quite impressed, they did a great job.

  • Didn't work. The app was not able to access their pos.
    ended up paying full price and the food quality was rubbish and very tiny (Pitt St Westfield's)

    • Same issue here with it not working. When asked they said it wasn't working for anyone. They wouldn't honour the discount on a normal payment (thought I'd ask seeing as it was advertised all over the shopfront however it was a known issue and they still let us muck around with PayPal without bothering to tell us it wasn't working)

      Its a shame as the food did look really good (and we would have happily paid full price) but the attitude we got put us off. We ate elsewhere in the food court.

  • Doesnt work.

    Registered and showed girl.

    She still couldnt find my pic on her console.

    The idiot Managers didnt give them an OVERRIDE CODE to use in situations like this.

    Makes me not want to trust Sabbaba again.

    Went elsewhere and had Subway! LOL

  • Worked for me really easily ~ first time using PayPal in an IRL store ~ at least I caught 1 week of 50% off-ness ~

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    used it today - awesome lunch - thanks op

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    Used it today as well. Took a bit of fuffying around as first time I used it.

    1. Turn on location services for Paypal app.
    2. Open app and sign in.
    3. Take a pic of yourself.
    4. press button "shop" to show participating shops around the vicinity.
    5. click on shop.
    6. slick the button to pay.
    7. checkout chick sees your photo on their screen
    8. Finished.

    steps 1-3 not required once you have done it first time around. Still a bit long.

    I bought the Mixed plate which was $13.90 so got it for $6.95. For full price it would not be worth it as the meal was quite small IMO, but for half price it is good value. Maybe they dropped the portion for this deal?

  • The deal is still on, and the expiry is the 8th of April, went there last night.

    Some people having trouble witth Paypal, i found that my android Nexus 4 did not work, but my iPhone 4 worked. Im not sure if it has anything to do with location services which is disabled on the nexus 4, may try and test android with a few changed settings.

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