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25% off Dell XPS Systems above $2000


You can save 25% off XPS systems above $2,000 by using the following coupon code*

(expires 1 April 2014):


Normally can only get 12%-15% off vouchers for these units. (I bought one in Dec @ 15% off).

Recognition to 'LostyJai' on WP for finding this gem!

WP ref: http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=2192494&p...

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    Am I likely to get a better price on the XPS 15? The one without the ssd comes to $1870. It's expensive for a 15" but the screen is pretty and it's so light and thin.

    Torn, as I kind of wanted an Asus 17". Not as thin and light, and no touch screen, but I prefer the look and larger screen. Cheaper though.


    Laptops only, as the desktop tops out at $1999. Ha!

    That one does have 20% off though.


      cant u just buy an AV licence and tip it over $2k, thats what i always do when its on the threshold..


    Unit is beautiful, fast, but when charging there is a high pitch noise coming from the unit. Very subtle but some people can hear it.

    Also touch screen is very very convenient but sometime stop working.


    I've had an eye on the XPS 15 for a while… awesome sale.


    I dunno… $1500 seems a bit too pricy for an ultrabook.

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    better value with sony vaio.


    Hmmm werry niiice… That non-touch 13" looks the shiz for $1999… $1499 with coupon, then do salary sacrifice to bring it closer to $1k :)

    Anyone know if this coupon works for refurb or units sold from the DFO?

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    aarhh.. just ordered last week the xps for $2999 - will see if i can cancel then re-order. $700 savings is worth the hassle


      Try to Cancel first. If they do not let you, wait for the delivery, return it and get a refund then buy the same XPS for a reduced price.

      I did this in the past once.


        dell has a 14 day policy to cancel, so yes, it's part of their offering. u changed ur mind simple.

        suggest u cancel it now.


          I called up this morning, said I wanted to cancel, after passing me onto a couple of different reps, they said they'll pass it off to someone else to do the cancellation and I'll get an email once this is confirmed.

          But I checked my order status just then and it says "shippped" - looks like they didn't cancel it….this morning it says "work in progress"

          Now, if I wait for it then return it, it might be too late, the coupon expires 2nd April

          Would they consider refunding me 25% if I mention the coupon to avoid all the hassle, both for them and me…

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    I am also wanting to purchase an XPS 27 All-in-One, i7/16Gb Ram/2TB HD. Printed off spec sheet, online price at $3149 as at 7/3/14. Looking forward to getting the 25% off this price….wrong! Looked online, the price has gone up to $3498.99. I wonder if the price will come down again when the 25% discount finishes???


    the top of the line XPS for $2200 seems like the best bang for buck around atm.
    Battery life is a big factor for me and 8 hours+ is amazing for a laptop of those specs


      top off the range XPS 27 All-in-One, i7/16Gb Ram/2TB HD $3498 deleted from their range yesterday.
      Now only offer i7 with 8gb ram and basic optical drive - no hardware upgrades.
      Was initially keen yesterday, Not now!

      Dell Chat::
      03/21/2014 12:09:47PM jg: "Yesterday Dell offered the xps 27 all in one with higher standard hardware, today the xps 27 is base config and no hardware option upgrades eg 16gb ram."
      03/21/2014 12:10:37PM jg: "Why has Dell restricted the options on the XPS27?"
      03/21/2014 12:11:51PM Agent (Ian_Eow): "let me check for you"
      03/21/2014 12:12:16PM Agent (Ian_Eow): "The 16Gb version has been depleted."
      03/21/2014 12:12:29PM Agent (Ian_Eow): "it was a prebuilt stock which finished yesterday."
      03/21/2014 12:16:47PM jg: "Only saw it yesterday and was doing some research today. A funny marketing decision not to be able to upgrade the basic system, afraid not interested now."
      03/21/2014 12:17:18PM Agent (Ian_Eow): "NO worries then."
      03/21/2014 12:17:58PM Agent (Ian_Eow): "Its not really a funny marketing decision by the way."
      03/21/2014 12:18:16PM Agent (Ian_Eow): "most electronics manufacturers practices the same method"
      03/21/2014 12:18:28PM Agent (Ian_Eow): "no cusotmisation option at all on most of the other manufacturers."


        Is this the one: E-Value Code: dw2109p02au ?


        It's currently in the Clearance Store: XPS 27 (Touch) - In stock & ready to ship
        Starting Price: $3,498.99
        Cash Off: $700.00 (20%)
        Online Price: $2,798.99

        If you use the above code, you can get it for a further 5% off (25% off replaces 20% off).


    so you basically have to spend over 2k to get an extra 5% off as it is already 20% off across the range.


    25% code not working for me today??


    So it expires COB today or already?


      I'd guess it expires at midnight tonight (but I could be wrong).
      If you're thinking of ordering, and it still accepts the code, then do it ASAP.

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