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Seagate 1.5TB Expansion Portable 2.5" Hard Drive USB 3.0 $74.25 @ Officeworks Limited Stocks


good price for 1.5tb portable drive at ow, they are on clearance.

Please note online order does not work at the moment.

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    Good price, cheapest on staticice is $109

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      And now on Gumtree for $95 >:(

      This alleged Broden wannabe is selling these hard drives on Gumtree (listed yesterday):

      Don't you just hate it when people take more than their fair share and profit out of it!
      If this was the case with the above example then think about the dozen of ozbargainers who may have missed out on this deal due to OW being out of stock.

      The seller above has 20 units, so if I do the math: 20 x $20 = $400 profit

      lol, anyone else notice the link between the gumtree ad and this post: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/137605

      • I've seen ad posted on gumtree similar to this, say telling people they are only $74.25 from officework and dont buy these, stop them from making profit? Will this actually work?

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    Woot! Usb 3.0 :)

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    Also FREE delivery with purchases over $55 *

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    There was an error processing your order. Please try again or contact customer service centre on 1300 OFFICE (633 423).

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      getting the same error message…for both paypal and credit card..

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          There was an error processing your order. Please try again or contact customer service centre on 1300 OFFICE (633 423).

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          I get the same message. I've tried direct payment (on the site) and through paypal.
          I've tried getting it delivered and also pickup in store. All the same.

          I wish they would: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f6jrii7kzgr9rfn/Shut-up-and-take-m...

  • The picture is incorrect, right?

    • Yeah… As per usual

    • naa its not

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    dammit… now i'm going to expect 2tb ones to be ~$100 :D

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    the online "IN STOCK" sign is misleading as I have called a few stores in Melbourne and none of them appeared to have stocks.

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      Try Maribyrnong store(3032), there're 4-5 left 10 minutes ago.

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    yep same error here. Called them and been on hold for 10 minutes so far

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    I bet, they are out of stock, and hence why it doesnt accept payment, Dont know if 17 people have managed to place orders yet.

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    Taylors Lakes have some. Guys said about 10 left (after my order) or so about 5 mins ago.

  • Yep, same problem with online order. Telephoned Alexandria 10 mins to have 2 put reserved for me and was told about 6 or 7 left being snapped up quickly.

  • Saw it for $89 in store a week ago and now even lower.

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    Got through on phone, they've removed it from online so can't order. Called a couple of stores near me and out of stock. Apparently they will be sent to the stores.

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    Noosaville has about 20 in stock. I've asked them to put one aside for me to pick-up - it was no problem for them.

    (Yeah, I know, I know - "but who lives near Noosaville?". Well, that's probably why there are so many in stock there.)

  • in stock in Liverpool NSW store and they reserved one for me

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    For Brisbane folk, try Milton, Oxley, Browns Plains and Ipswich… most other stores out of stock.

    I'm gonna forgo this deal… I work across from the Gabba store and would have picked one up from them if they had one but am not gonna bother going out of my way for something I don't need just yet.

    • did you call the Gabba store? Online it says that it is in stock at the Gabba store….

      • Prob a bit late to reply here but, yep, I called up the Gabba store. Originally intended to put two on hold but they said most stores are out of stock and the guy mentioned the stores above as having stock still according to his system.

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    was able to hold one at Taylors Lakes VIC. They have 4 more in stock after my call

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    Too much effort. Already have 2 HDD I don't use. Thanks Officeworks. You've save me from wasting my money once again.

  • Guys whats the biggest portable USB Powered hard drive they make? Is it 2TB?

    • yes 2tb portable.

      • Thanks, thought so but was hoping they would make a 3tb

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          4TB at least?

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          $$ = Eeek!

    • Yes 2tb

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    Thanks OW for saving my money, cannot place the order :))

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    I'm seeing this - Delivery $25.95


  • Anyone know the RPM speed of the hard drive?

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      It has a SAMSUNG 2.5" drive inside and I am 99.999999% sure that it is a 5400rpm one.

      • So Seagate uses Samsung drive for its portable unit?

        • Seagate owns Samsung HDD

      • 5400rpm drive… maybe good for storage but for what i need it for i will require 7200rpm

      • Samsung Drives used to be really reliable over Seagate. Not sure how it is now.

        • They have gone the way of Toshiba drives, heaps ends up with bad sectors. I picked up 3 of these drives yesterday locally for the $74.25, but not yet opened any of them, and now knowing they have Samsung drives, they are going back today. Not wasting any time on their hopeless quality.

      • Just wondering where you're getting this information from?

        I've tried googling the model number Seagate Expansion Portable STBX1500301 but no information about the model of drive inside.

        Date of manufacture on the box shows 12/2013

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    There was an error processing your order. Please try again or contact customer service centre on 1300 OFFICE (633 423).

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    I tried Adelaide Metro over the phone.
    None available within 15km of the CBD.
    Elizabeth may have some - have not checked it over the phone though.

    I got one for $99 a few days ago.
    So I think it was the lowest price you could get that drive for.

    • Had a look online and it said the Keswick store had some in stock, drove over there and nothing. Apparently Elizabeth is the only store in Adelaide with any left, they had 4 at 3.30pm.

      I picked up a 2TB one at Keswick instead on clearance for $97. However, I didnt look close enough and when I got home I realised its not portable.

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        the size and weight of the box didnt give it away?

  • Just called up a store and they'll be holding onto 1 for me to pick up tonight. Thanks OP

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    Walked into Clarence Street Sydney at 10.30 am and asked for it in the counter, they had heaps in the cupboard but none at the shelves. Purchased one for $75.20.

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      Sold out according to the guy on the phone 20mins ago!

    • whaaaat, you spend extra 95 cents on this ?? :D

  • 9 left on the shelf in Mona Vale as of 11.45am. Still showing the shelf price of $99 sitting next to the $98 1tb version. Although it does scan up at $74.25.

  • Holding one for me as well. Heard the Virginia store in Brisbane had 10 of them when they checked stock.

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    Snagged one!

    Ask them to check cupboards!!

  • tried to call Subi, east perth, Vic Park and Cannington, no stock at all stores..

    The website now has been updated, if you entered 6000, it will say no stock… i guess nothing left in WA

    • Try freo, lots left there :) Just grabbed one :)

      • damn.. too late, they were all reserved..

        they told me to check with Joondalup, but can not be bothered driving up there.

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    Still getting the "There was an error processing your order. Please try again or contact customer service centre on 1300 OFFICE (633 423)." Tried 3 x on Paypal and also in Credit Card. Still nothing. Good Deal but inability to fill orders online is a fail.

  • over 20 available at North Sydney

  • Awesome price. Thanks OP

  • Just called Keswick Officeworks, SA and found out that there are 5 faulty ones that are on sale at this price. Told them it shows in stock online, they said, must be a glitch as there is no new stock for this item.

    I'm glad I didn't proceed at the check out.

    Didn't really need another hdd, already have enough!!!

    • They're selling faulty products?

      • Well, this store apparently is. Apparently they were returned ones.

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          That's dodgy. They're meant to send them back, not resell them.

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    For all Brisbane people, Office works at Underwood has a bunch of them, 27 I think

    • Just called then and reserved one over the phone to pick up this afternoon! Still have stock as of 3:14pm.

  • Bought 2 from Bayswater 3153. Not too sure if they were the last two, ask them to check the cabinet.

  • How thick is the drive? I'm looking at OW's dimensions:

    199W x 298D x 153H mm

    Something doesn't look right here. 15.3 cm thick? LOL.

    • It's very likely. I can confirm Seagate do make 15mm thick portables — I have a 1TB one in this style, and the enclosure is indeed 15mm thick.

      • Hahaha lostn said cm, not mm.

        But yeah, lostn – those dimensions are surely in mm (which is very common).

        • I can confirm this drive is 15mm thick. Definitely not 15cm. Approx dimensions from mine is 120x80x15 mm (LxWxH)

        • Oh! Hahaha… that's hilarious. The joke was completely lost on me. :D

        • Hahaha lostn said cm, not mm.

          But yeah, lostn – those dimensions are surely in mm (which is very common).

          Read the dimensions again. 153 mm = 15.3 cm. This is as quoted directly from OW's specs page.

  • Can someone confirm if its the thicker version with the USB port on the side instead? I've got one of these and they are bulky …

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      USB is on the end of the drive and I can confirm this model is 15.5mm thick. Doesn't seem very bulky to me.

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      According to your link, those were 3.5" 7200 RPM drives.

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      Well obviously it vital to compare like to like.
      In this case as someone mentioned above the drive inside is a 2.5" Samsung branded unit. If you want to check failure rates you will need to get the exact model number, every case is different.

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    None left at the Pitt Street, Sydney store.

    The lady told me everyone has been asking about it lol

  • 2 left at Maribyrnong/Highpoint store as of 10mins ago.

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    There are about 6-10 of these at the Milton (QLD) for my Brisbane peeps. Don't let the old bald guy tell you it's not the right model because it comes up as the $99 model on their portable scanners but comes through at $75 at the counter. Good deal, thanks OP

  • Does anyone know if this is compatible with macbook pro's?

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      Will die early if used with an Apple product.
      (suicide caused by shame)

    • Yes, just reformat it.

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    continual error processing …hopeless

  • No more stock at Liverpool, Wheterill Park, Old Guildford =(

  • Anyone know how is the performance compared to http://www.harveynorman.com.au/computers-tablets/networking-...

    • Why is it always there a confusion between a portable hard drive ( USB powered) and a desktop (áć powered one). Isn't it very obvious? The HN is an AC powered one and probably 3 times the size.

      • Oh, I didn't notice the word "desk" there. Thanks.

  • Website has been Ozbargained! Called their 1300 number and no more stock even though the website says there is stock available. May be the odd one at a store although good luck with the staff.