What is your best takeaway lunch / dinner under $7?

For lunch I generally use 2 x Veggie Whoopers from HJ @ $5.95 :)
What about others?


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        They have introduced a third size- small.


    For those working in the city near circular quay and like asian.

    Go to hunter connection at about 1pm. There is a lot of food on clearance and you can get a large 3 meats and 1 rice for about $5.

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    Don Don in Melbourne city: try the teriyaki chicken with extra rice and mayo.

    comes to $7.10 absolute steal and so tasty!

    • 10c over tho

  • I use the dinner for 1 KFC voucher for $6.95.

    Includes 3 pieces of chicken
    1 coleslaw - swap to chips
    1 mash / gravy - swap to plain gravy
    1 bread

    The ideal meal. Who needs a drink when you have water.

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      Includes 3 pieces of chicken
      1 coleslaw - swap to chips
      1 mash / gravy - swap to plain gravy
      1 bread

      The ideal meal. Who needs a drink when you have water gravy.

      Gravy is a drink, isn't it?

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    half aldi microwave rice 75c and a can of tuna 79c, my favorite flavour is sweet chilli.

    the other half of the microwave rice can be used the following day.

    many tuna/rice varieties to also chose from.

    the price of the rice is $1.50, remember its 2 servings

    and a cup of tap water with ice..

    protein filled meal with omega 3, very healthy for you

    all up, $1.54 a meal.

  • +1 for banh mi rolls….$4 at my local, $5 in the CBD for work

  • Going healthy now, so I try and grab a Domino's traditional voucher, and modify the Supreme to mirror the Chicken Napolitana's ingredients. Beats Subway a million times (usually only costs around $7).

    • How do you get chicken toppings without the $3 surcharge?

    • How long does one pizza last you? It's not just for one meal, is it? Dem pizza calories (plus fats) are still pretty high. The tastiest and cheapest foods always are lol. sigh

      • Not to mention the cheap white flour base.

      • I only have 2 slices in a meal (3 if I'm very hungry) + I drink water (so no Coke or anything).

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          I eat at least 8 slices plus roughly 6 pieces of garlic bread and a 1.25L coke variety. And you know what, it's delicious.

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    If I'm on a long shift at work I usually bring a lasagne from Aldi $2.29 and get a $2 salad from McDonald's, $4.29 total, the Aldi lasagne is great and it's a good size, great meal for under $5 !!!

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      Salad from maccas, LOL

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    best take away lunch or dinner hands down goes to fish and chix, i go to the one in merrylands, its $6.95 for meal, there is a huge selection.
    i usually get the chicken burger meal, chicken burger+chips+can of drink, fills you up and tastes great! the chicken is real chicken breast.
    they have other choices too such as seafood with chips and drink, or schnitzel and other stuff..
    you can usually swap the chips for different salads that they have,
    always long ques at around lunchtime but there is a reason..

  • Fish n Chix- Merrylands NSW

    Chicken buger (charge chunk of grill chicken breast) + large chips + drink = al together for $6.99

    And varity of other menu just for $6.99

  • Works burger from local fish & chip shop… $6. Makes a fast food burger look like an appetiser..
    Sylvias Takeaway, Wallsend 2287… the best :-)

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    Hong Ha at Mascot.

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    Any Thai restaurant during the day. They've always got lunch specials! Especially in Newtown, Sydney.

  • Few options for North Sydney:
    1. $6 Chicken Mia Pizza wiht BBQ sause. It is much better than my local Pizza hut. Much Better..
    2. $7 Sub way 6" sub
    3. $7 Chicken Kebab from the food court in Berry Square. ( I forfot if it is $7 or $8)

    Other things I love are a bit expensive like the Chicken Laksa soup or Indian Chicken tikka masala with rice.

    Please let me know, if there are other better options in N. Sydney.

    • I think there is a $6 ramen place in Berrysquare on the top level.

      • yep, $6 ramen, $6 rice dishes.. very good value !

        add a side of takoyaki or dumplings and a bottle of water or barley water for only $3 extra

      • Thanks. Not tried that yet and will to that soon :)

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    Burmese Curry Place $7 takeaway containers in Canberra civic!

  • The Vietnamese bakery does $4.50 salad rolls, made fresh every day. They are delicious.

  • Lunch Special at Samurai - Glenferrie VIC, it maybe $8 now.
    1 Main & 1 Soup, the main isn't downsized due to lunch special.

    You are REALLY full after the meal, and quite a good quality meal too.
    Their Chicken Katsu Curry is the best in Melbourne.

    They are prob also the BEST $15 Dinner Set,
    1 Entree, 1 Soup, 1 Main, 1 Desert/Drink
    None of the dishes are downsized like some places do when you buy it as a "Set".

  • 2x sushi rolls, about $3.50 each = $7 and healthy too. Otherwise McDonalds loose change menu burger($2), fries($1) and a free medium soft drink with Student Edge card

    Link to Student Edge card for free McDonalds medium softdrink and other offers - http://www.studentedge.com.au/

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      2x sushi rolls, about $3.50 each = $7 and healthy too.

      I'm gonna be a partypooper again and disagree with this. It very much depends on what filling you choose, of course, but most sushi roll ingredients are quite calorific. Chicken katsu, chicken teriyaki, battered/fried prawn or meat, sweet tofu, etc are very common and not so healthy when you consider how they're cooked and prepared. Beef bulgogi is very common too and is a fatty cut of meat cooked in very sweet sauce.

      Brown rice rolls would be a better choice, but sushi rice is almost always mixed with sugar along with vinegar and salt.

      I see so many rolls with heaps of mayo in them too. Some even have sweet chili sauce. There's a lot of sugar going into these rolls when you break them down. Salt too (also consider how people lather on the soy sauce).

      Even the veggie ones have pickle (again, sugar and salt) and often sweetened and fried tofu.

      The only ones I go for when I'm trying to avoid junk food are plain avocado rolls, veggie rolls (not ideal but still tasty and you get a good veggie dose), and raw salmon with avocado or cucumber. I love the tuna rolls but they're mashed up with mayo too lol. I won't use soy, cos the rolls have a lot of flavour by themselves… but will use wasabi.

      I freaking love sushi but there's a reason they taste so good :) Sneaky things look deceptively healthy though. For two large rolls you'd still be looking at around 600 calories. Comparable to a burger.

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      Oh ok, yeah I guess some of them can be on the high calorie side. My favourite is the raw salmon and avocado that I noticed youve mentioned too. Absolutely love it and also those raw salmon and rice sushimi's are pretty nice as well. Its kind of weird you wouldnt think raw salmon would be nice but its very more'ish. Anyway love them but yes youre right they can have some non-calorie conscious fillings :)

  • Ive stumbled across a really good deal at the Sydney CBD.

    Close to the George St entrance of Wynyard Station in the city, theres a sushi stall in between Maccas and another watch store that sells sushi rolls for $1.50 each. Theres also a deal where for $5 you get 3 rolls and a coffee sized cup of miso soup.

    Its pretty filling and its the cheapest price for sushi that i can find the the city. After a certain time (i think 2 or 3pm) the price drops further to $1.20 ea.

  • Some of the options I've found over here in Perth:
    1. KFC streetwise combo OR $5 lunch meal OR their app
    2. Hungry Jack's Shake and win app (usually gives me 2 burgers for price of one) + one frozen coke ($1)
    OR Any Stunner meals
    3. Best One : Chilliz (at Raine Square) usually tasty meals from $4.5.
    4. TAKA meals (near the train station ) though costs 7.8 .

  • A KFC zinger every few months. Always look forward to it

  • My local pizza shop near work has $7 large pizzas and they're awesome. $6 for a medium, and $1 for a coke. Sweet as.

  • 4 carrots, 2 apples and 1 litre of milk. Then, munch on a $1 pack of sweet biscuits (yes they do exist).

    On $2 Tuesday you can also afford a videoezy rental with your change.

    Can't get nutrient-rich take away like that.

    Also, outlive everyone you know, be more intelligent, and better in bed.

    Whatsmore, you can buy in advance and only have to waddle as far as your fridge! And the milk container doubles as a p1ss bucket for the really lazy fat bastards.

  • hmm, one I get often from McDonalds is:

    1x double beef & bacon
    2x small fries
    1x student edge coke

    It’s pretty much a medium double beef & bacon meal
    All up equalling $5

    Also I love getting a meatball roll from Vietnamese bakeries

    • How much is the double beef and bacon, is that on the loose change menu? I just get the double beef burger which is $2. Also where is an official list of whats on the McDonalds Loose Change Menu cos you look on their website and they dont really have anything on there. I just was told by McDonalds once when ordering that theres a double beef burger so I get that one, but its not actually on their website. So does anyone know more on this. https://mcdonalds.com.au/menu/loose-change-menu

      • Actually thinking about it double beef burger could be $3?? only got it twice now :/

        • The Double beef and bacon burger is $3, the McDouble(double beef and bacon minus the bacon) is something like $3.95 it use to be $2 then they changed the price.

        • @Nirraic: you cant use the student edge with the loose change menu though?

  • Laksa at some place near Wynyard, roughly $7.

  • With the pork roll, there is one place, I know, that you should avoid if you want the "real" taste of a traditional pork roll. There are two banh mi shops in the Canley Heights shopping centre, one opposite The Canley Hotel and the one that is next to the newsagency. Avoid the one next to the newsagency! They aren't using traditional ingredients. I recently bought a pork roll there and notice they used ordinary butter (urghh) instead of egg butter (raw egg mayonnaise) and their sauce is quite bland. The irony is that they are Vietnamese, whereas the other banh mi shop opposite The Canley Hotel are run by Cambodians, and their pork rolls are incredibly delicious because the sauce is spot on, and they use proper egg butter.

    They tell me they are quite well off so they don't need to open long hours like other bread shops, so don't be surprise if you see them closed on a normal business day.

  • Sushi Rolls reduced to $1.00 on most days around 3:30 pm Brisbane Library Square, Opp the Casino, Near Subway. Haven't been there of late.

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    All you can eat vegetarian indian at crossways for $5.50 for concession and $7.50 for standard.
    If not that, 4 rolls of sushi after 4 or 4:30pm at the sushi place across the road from commonwealth bank at melbourne central next to the carpark.
    OR $3 BOREKS from the borek place (google it i don't know what its called) on elizabeth street near mcdonalds near the queen victoria markets.

    OR Baguettes from the baguette place on degraves lane (i don't even need to tell you where it is on degraves, you will find it). those things are like $4.30 for a small one and they're still pretty big for the price.

  • Melbourne CBD: $4.98.
    At Coles near Flinders Street station:
    1 Pie (beef/lamb/chicken/etc) $2.99 +
    1 Good Cuppa hot coffee $1.99.
    Very fresh!
    Sorted for $4.98

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      I have a lecturer who recommends their pies too.

  • I live pretty close by to costco docklands, so I'll get a slice of pizza for $3 or a beef bolgogi bake for $4 I think.

  • 50c over but….

    Woki Kitchen Hallam, Vic
    Lunch Box Special $7.50

    plenty of choices - becoming a bit of a local institution.

  • woolworths hawaian roll. $1. cheap as and full

  • hj stunner meal? chips burger drink and sundae?

  • Save ALLOT of money and time with fast food now and pay for expensive medical treatment and a reduced lifespan later! :) great job everyone!!

    My lunch - ( using the microwave at work )

    $0.60 Can of sardines, small tuna (non bpa) Or 2 boiled eggs from home

    $0.80c 1x small broccoli
    $0.95c 1x small sweet potato
    $0.50c 1x Purple Carrot
    $0(Free) Green, black tea or water at work.

    Can also substitute some veggies for beans, chic peas, cannellini ext.
    Or buy 1 lemon if you want some tang.

    $2.85 Total at my local coles close to the office

    You can EAT healthy and still save allot of money

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      Except the question of the thread is "What is your best takeaway lunch / dinner?" not "What's the cheapest most nutritious meal you can prepare yourself from store bought ingredients?"

      Your meal does sound delicious though, but I'm one of those weirdos that salivates at the thought of simple fruit or veggies. I roasted up fresh raw beet, Dutch carrots, zucchini, and garlic the other night. Huge plate of them, just for meeeeee. So good. Simple, cheap, incredibly healthy and most of all mindblowingly delicious :)

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      A lot is two words.

  • there is a chinese place on the corner of Dorset Road & Maroondah Highway(Croydon North, Melb) that is think is $7.50 for a meal & can of drink or was last year when i worked nearby

  • 10 bux gets mi firty mi gorengs m8, 30 cents a pak. just find a kettle at your work m8 and ur set, 1 dollah fity for a weeks lunch @ work

    But seriously, I don't eat out much anymore. Cheap chinese/ indian food? Been a while for me.

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    $1 loaf of coles bread, few cans of 80cent tuna my weekly lunch. when i am in tokyo or shanghai is approx $3.50AUD bentos.

    • And if you work has a sandwich press, place a kraft cheese single on top of the tuna, clam it and viola you get an awesome lunch!

    • Must get a bit boring though.

  • Jackpot noodles in Brisbane city. Big bowl of BBQ pork and wonton soup. Around $6-7 (haven't been for months as I am on the gold coast)

  • Beef Pho at the meridian club in Hurstville.

    tastes great and for only $7

  • If you're from Melbourne, you are seriously missing out on some bargains.

    Don Dons Little Lonsdale St, also near Melbourne Uni somewhere, CBD - $7 or so for a bunch of decent japanese meals cooked with shredded beef, etc.

    The Borek Shop - $3 to $6 for Lamb, Feta and Spinach, Mushroon, etc, Boreks. A Queen Vic Market Institution that now has another shop on Elizabeth St. (noted someone below already mentioned, meh!)

    Ramen Ya - behind/next to QPO - between 2:30 and 4:30 weekdays they have a Ramen discount special for $7.

    King Sing - Port Phillip Arcade - All meals here basically $6.50. Place looks and feels like dumpster dining in a Hong Kong back alley, avoid the Roast Pork, Prawns.

    New places like Rolld i guess are worth a try for their small meals. Theres a couple of great places to get Sushi alternatives now, like rice paper rolls, dumplings, etc.

  • The Japanese place in the middle of Centreway Arcade (off Collins Street) has a rotating lunch special everyday. You can eat for $6 a day and the meal is pretty huge…even for a garbage guts like me

  • There's a small Chinese place in Boronia (mall area, near Kmart) called Pauls Kitchen that does the BEST Chinese take away meals for $5.50. They were an even 5 until a few months ago, but even at the new price I still feel like i'm getting the deal of the century.

    Some of the best Beef & Oyster sauce i've ever had, with a side of rice in the dish. And amazing home made steamed pork Dim Sims for 1 dollar each.

  • Well, I will go with Dominos pizza. It is not only delicious and cheap but also tasty. Apart from this, Subway also have some good cheap things to serve.

  • I often get the Extra Soft Jumbo Mexican Roll 2 pack from Woolworths - currently $2.40 but they were low as $2 in recent months. Sometimes they're not extra soft, sometimes they're tough, but they're cheap, filling and somewhat tasty.

  • Reading about all this Banh Mi is making me hungry!

    Can someone point me in the direction of any good shops that sell them in Melbourne CBD?

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