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iPad Air Smart Cover Black $28 (Usually $48) The Good Guys


Purchased an iPad Air yesterday and was looking for a smart cover when I came across this.

The mini smart cover is also on sale (blue), so probably worth looking at what else is on sale:


The normal price was marked on the packaging, but scanned at $28 in store.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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    can get a leather version for same price


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      That is for iPad generations 1 to 4.
      The newer cases are built with 3 panels to fit on the latest iPad.

  • This is for the iPad mini?

  • Good deal Thanks OP !!

  • Aint these about $10 on ebay?

    • No.

  • "Apparently not as good as the original smart cover". Sorry OP, I'm confused. So this $28 smart cover is not a genuine Apple smart cover?

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      i think OP is referring to the original smart cover for the pre-air ipad which had a metal bar that connected to the ipad. The smart cover now has a polyurethane strip which contains the magnets.

      The old one also has four panels which were used to create the 'stand' now there are only three. The result is a less sturdy stand

      Old - see the metal on the left


    • Yep, what jt said.

      It's an original apple cover. Clumsy wording, which I've now removed. Apologies for any confusion.

      I actually had heard that the fold isn't as stable due to having only 3 folds - for the 30 mins or so that I've used it though I haven't seen any issues.

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