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20% off all cases of beer at Safeway / Woolworths


All cartons / slabs of beer discounted to 20% off regular price. Works out to about $8.00 saving off most cartons. I'm heading down to stock up!

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  • The 20% discount would make the prices close to Dan Murphy's regular prices ;-)

    • Therefore are you trying to say that this isn't a bargain? ;)

      • +1

        Happy to cop that if what you say is true, but Dan Murphy's isn't near me or open until 11pm at night…

  • I rushed into Safeway/Woolworth's liquor when they had one of these sales a while ago.
    The staff there even said that Dan Murphy's would be cheaper and they are.
    VB 24 stubbies

    Safeway/Woolworth's "discount" price $35.98 per case (was $44.98)
    Dan Murphy's $31.90

    Dan's is a further 10% cheaper.

  • Yes Dirty Dan's will always be cheaper… and in the rare case that they are not they will gladly beat any competitors price usually by $2 per carton (in my limited experience)

    • Funny that a competitor can include a company owned by the same company!!
      Woolies Liquor and Dan Murphy's are both Woolworths companies (as are BWS)..
      Actually it's not funny, bloody scary more like it.. Woolies own everything!

      • Next thing they start buying up are Optometrists and Pharmacies.

        • Which wouldn't surprise me! They did buy over Dick Smith shrug.

  • Everyday rewards me up!

  • There isn't a Dan Murphy's within 40 minutes drive of me, so very handy deal, thanks.

  • Should this deal allow to be posted (see http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/11112)? As I stated there:
    "“what would they think if they search for cheap price of a certain product and then land on a page advertising free soft-porn?” The ban by you on 18+ deals doesn’t state porn, just 18+, so that means no gambling/gaming deals nor any ones based on alcohol (as both are only legally accessable to people 18+ (at least in NSW). I think smoking is for only people 18+ also.

    If you only want porn/adult services banned then just state that otherwise ALL 18+ only deals should be banned (which is how I read it to be anyway)."

    To me this is an 18+ only offer so shouldn't be posted. So far none of the Moderators have commented on my commnents about 18+ only offers (in other posts). What is the situation with posting alcohol, smoking and gaming/gambling posts, are they allowed?

    No vote from me yet until I found out if this should be allowed to be even posted.

    • Are you the moral police?

      Seriously though… just about EVERY Woolies/Coles catalogue has alcohol advertised in it. Instead of preaching here perhaps you should lobby your local elected parliamentary member and get them to do something about it. Until then I don't see a problem with it in a publicly distributed catalogue, and nor do I have a problem with it being here.

      P.S. Smile once in a while and you might live longer.

      • "Are you the moral police?"

        Have you read that 18+ offers should not be posted on Ozbargain? Clearly you haven't otherwise you wouldn't saying I am PREACHING when the creator of the site has stated: "I have to make an executive decision that 18+ offers should not be posted on OzBargain — at least not until a proper age verification system has been implemented" & "OzBargain should be approachable by general public, safe for work, and something you don’t have to worry about leaving on your computer screen unattended. With those in mind, sorry some of the offers have to go."

        Also there is a Deal posting Guideline stating (See http://www.ozbargain.com.au/wiki/help:deal_posting_guideline...):
        "18+ Only Sites

        Sites with adult themes should not be posted on OzBargain."

        I never preached, I asked a question as the post (and some others) seem to breach a guideline.

        The question I asked is not if Woolies or whomever can advertise alcohol, or about getting any law changed, it was about if this deal is in breach of a guideline (which you don't seem to be aware of Antman76). If you think it should be allowed to posted here then please explain how legally drinking alochol can be sold to people below 18 in say NSW or Victoria, as this offer is only available to people over 18 hence an 18+ offer. Woolworths can distribute their catalogue, I never mentioned anything about that all, its about if its a breach of a guideline.

        "Personal Attacks

        Abuse, name calling and malicious comments directed at a person or a group of people are unacceptable. Disagreements and debates are fine and encouraged but please respect everyone's opinion."
        Well I fell that you're attacking me by saying I am preaching when I am not when you don't seem to be aware (or you, don't care) about the guidelines of this website (this is mainly about the 18+ guideline).

        If you don't like the guidlines then don't use this website then you won't have to follow them, or challenge/have discussions about them, but don't say I am preaching when I believe this deal is in breach of a guideline. So you have a problem with me saying this is in breach of this sites guidelines?

        "I don’t see a problem with it in a publicly distributed catalogue, and nor do I have a problem with it being here.", there is a problem, if it breaches a guideline of this website. Please don't accuse me of things which I haven't done.

        • Errrrm… you are claiming I am personally attacking you?

          LOL Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!

          What are you so angry about? Or is it my lucky day today?

    • What is the situation with posting alcohol, smoking and gaming/gambling posts, are they allowed?

      It's a valid question that I would like resolved. However, scotty has other concerns at the present time.

      • OK for another day then.

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