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FREE Coles Express "Hit The Spot" Meat Pie, Sausage Roll or Pasties


FREE Coles Express "Hit The Spot" meat pie, sausage roll or pasties

Hot, tasty….try one for free!!

Hurry for a limited time only.

A new range of tasty Hit the Spot hot food has hit the stores of Coles Express. And for a limited time you can try one for free! Choose from our range of pies, sausage rolls or pasties.

Here's how:
1. Print this voucher
2. Visit any participating Coles Express site before Sunday 19th July 2009
3. Present this voucher to receive your free pie, sausage roll or pastie
4. Limit one per person per day.

Terms and Conditions
Offer valid from 06/07/09 and ends 19/07/09 at participating coles express stores, while stocks last. Subject to availability. Limit one voucher per person per day. Voucher must be surrendered on redemption. Not available in conjunction with any other offer.

10/7 NOTE: Link on Coles Express website states that the offer is over although original coupon states July 19 for expiration. Use at your own peril.

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  • -2

    Nice one, free rat's coffin! =)

    • -3

      and free testicles! =)

      • +1

        Still tastes bloody fantastic

        • You mean bloody offal.

    • -1

      oh god i lol'ed at the rat's coffin!

      • -2

        Man, 4+ neg votes on my rats coffin comment… thought the wider Ozbargain community would have a better sense of humour lol

  • +2

    Well its not healthy

    but its free!

    great find :)

  • -3

    duplicate - darn you crappy internet connection

  • lol@RandomNinja, Freebies are great.

  • Thanks!

  • awesome! something to eat after filling the car up lol

  • +1

    This is a really great deal - ill be trying this out at lunch time. Thanks buddy

  • +1

    Tried one out at lunch - had a beef and cheese pie (the pies are long, not round). Wasn't too bad.

  • Nice! Coles Express are the Shell petrol stations I think

    • Correct.

  • how can they prevent me come everyday at different time to claim those free pie ??? same barcode in the voucher, does it matter?

    • haha lol they cant
      it says limit one person per day meaning theyre letting you go everyday =D
      this is awesumm man ^^

  • Thank you :D

  • I love it when companies say "…at participating stores" and then don't tell you which ones are "participating"!

    • Have you found any stores not participating?
      Might be an idea to list them in here when anyone finds any.

  • one per person PER DAY

    So we can go there everyday, haha.

  • +4

    Went there at lunch time. There were only 3 classic beef pies and 1 giant sausage roll left. Grabbed a pie and went to mcdonalds as 1 pie wasnt going to be enough. well to my dismay, i realised that there was another coles express right next to mcdonalds and i didnt have any more printouts left!!! My lunch is sorted till the 19th now :)

    • I've got a feeling you're a student just like me…

      • +3

        I don't think you need to be a student to be a tight arse on this site :D

        (spoken by a true tight arse)

        • But eating sausage roll and pies everyday for lunch until the 19th? I'd rather grab some cayan burger with $2 off from KFC…

          But then again, I've had times where I was a big tight arse too =)

      • Well to tell the truth, i get a bit of a kick out of doing things like this to service stations - since they are the ones sc#@$ing us all the time. The last time i went crazy like this was when someone posted the free cofee\hot chocolate at BP :)

  • Nice. Going to fill up either tomorrow or Wed morning and will definitely try and grab one of these! Hooray for unhealthy breakfast!

  • Do you just go to the counter with the coupon and ask (and then they get you the pie)… or do you grab the pie first, and take it to the counter with the coupon?

    • +2

      Grab the pie first and take to counter. They need to scan the pie

  • +3

    nice find but i dont think i'll eat them. maybe i'll feed them to my dogs. no offence

  • Score. There's a few Coles Express servos around here too…

  • Good hobo feed.

    Oh.. wait they don't have a computer.. or a printer.

  • had sussage roll, the guy thought I was trying to pull a fast one. Btw was the worse sussage roll of my life.

  • I love the way it says "Limited number of coupons available" on the coupon… sif you can stop people from printing them.

    • but they can stop you from redeeming them…

  • -1

    so how does the food actually tase?

    pies or pasties any good? sausage rolls seem to be dogs$it from an above post

    • +1

      Susage roll wasn't dog shit, but certainly dog food.

      • er Sausage roll is a dog food to begin with

  • they are servo pies, they all taste the same, theyre edible, not fantastic, but if u like pies, this is a good deal, pity i have no coles expresses near me :(

  • -5

    four and twetny standard? cos they fkn rock!

  • Might try this tomorrow, there are a few servos around Townsville with the Coles Express branding all over them. I have a few jobs to do tomorrow, and will find myself all over Townsville… Might print out a few of these ;)

  • My one ran out of pasties and pies… :(

  • Hi
    It's nice I had a one just now

  • had a butter chicken one………not bad

  • beef and cheese, edible, and not bad at all really.

    wonder how long this will last, i mean the nearest colesexpress to me isnt more than 500metres away. and driving to uni theres about 3 or 4 on the way.

  • has anyone tried the pasties?

  • picked one up tonight at my local servo
    they retail at about $3-4/each but there's no such thing as a bad tasting free pie if you ask me ;)

  • +14

    EDIT - Removed (without any coercion)…

  • +1

    btw… my brother and I both noticed at the places that we went to, if there's nothing in the warmers, then you can also get the cold ones out of the fridge, and take it back to home/work/school and heat it up there instead! :-)

    • +1

      Errr sorry but that's not allowed. We are officially not allowed to sell uncooked pies/sausage rolls/pasties. You can ask and may get lucky but don't expect it.

      • I got a cold one yesterday as they were out so it probably depends on the store

        • +1

          No it doesn't depend on the store. What the low level employee did was against policy and trust me, people in Coles Express have been sacked for doing much less. So don't chuck a hissy fit at us if we refuse to give you an uncooked one.

          • +2

            @akyeeeahdude: What a wonderful place to work.

          • @akyeeeahdude: shrug considering that the wrapping includes heating instructions for microwaves and ovens, I thought it's just the same as buying one from the supermarket.

            Seems like a lot of places don't care, or are too frustrated by this promo to refuse.

            • @zzyss: But if you think about it it makes perfect sense.

              If they sell it frozen and you eat it like that (lets ignore for a second that only a moron would do that) and then you get sick, they will be open to a legal claim for negligence for selling food in a non-edible state.

              Yes people are idiots but those same idiots will always lay blame for their stupidity on someone else.

              • +1

                @AntMan76: Servos sell everything these days anyway. Lean Cuisine, Frozen Sausage Rolls and Pies in the freezer section, etc Seeing as the pies are already pre-cooked, if you're dumb enough the eat frozen cooked meat I doubt you'd get sick anyway.

                Seems like typical corporate bull plop.

  • +2

    Just took a slight detour home which took me by 2 coles express. Got a sausage roll and then a beef and cheese rectangle pie. They weren't as bad as some people seem to think but certainly not the best I have had either.

    But hey, who are we kidding, IT WAS FREE!

  • Chunky pie was the most disappointing thing I've ever gotten free.. almost. Maybe a little exaggeration but there was no chunky and hardly any mince. Thanks anyway.

  • Had the chicken pie, I didn't really enjoy it. It was REALLY small and wouldn't buy one.

    I'll try get a "real" pie next time.

  • +1

    awesome. servo manager complained that too many people got the free pies without buying anything. i say tough luck. lol.
    they did reduce the amount of pies/sausage rolls in the heater the next day though, but i go in the mornings so generally there are some fresh. haha.

    will be going again tomorrow morning. PS: go the butterchicken pie and it was pretty nice.

  • +1

    Hamish and Andy taking up on this offer? =P

    (those of you who listen to their afternoon radio show would know what I'm talking about)

    • I wonder if they still charge for sauce?

  • I had a freesion lunch yesterday :p

  • +1

    none in the warmer and it wasnt even on!

  • Wow im glad I didnt post my magnum deal this week, otherwise I wouldnt have won the weekly prize. lol :D

    Good deal this is.

  • I got one today =D it was nice haha

  • You guys are too greedy, didn't leave some for late comers.. .. Freebie all gone.. :-(

  • If you have already printed the coupon they are still accepting it until the 19th!

  • +1

    Uh I think this needs an update. Just checked the page and is says EXPIRED! ah well.. good while it lasted.

  • the offer is still valid if u still got the original pdf. just reprint multiple copies for use up until the 19th of july

  • does anyone have the original pdf??

  • For some reason it has ended 9 days EARLY!!!!
    I got two large sausage rolls and was going for my third
    when i went to print out my third one, apparently this
    offer has expired.

  • +2
    • I'll changed the link on the deal…until it gets pulled down.

  • So has anyone tried to get the deal when they have already printed it out and been rejected?

  • I was able to get one today and it was without a doubt the worst pie Ive ever had even for a free one. I feel like I want my 5 minutes of life back I wasted getting it.

    The voucher didnt even scan and the unkempt guy behind the counter let me have it anyway

    • The voucher's not meant to scan, they scan the pie or whatever and type in something that reduces it to 1cent.

  • This promotion makes me cranky - if I actually thought the pie was vaguely tasty I would post Coles Express

    none of my local Service Stations could meet this freebie, either they did not sell pies, or they had no idea about the promotion (was not on their system)

    and who pulls a promotion before the date

    thats the thing about the net, people will share information - especially free pies

    and there will be a % that are resourceful enough to get MANY free pies :)

    that should be factored into the promotion, its no use pulling it afterwards

    I should be asking them for a marketing job - I could have told them that they would be forking over a lot of pies with a reprintable voucher etc!

    Still a great find :)

    • Promo is still on dude. Not sure what's happening with the website but you can still redeem vouchers. Apparently you can find it on the Triple M website. Printable vouchers end July 19 and the cardboard handouts end August sometime.

      The voucher isn't meant to scan (strange they put a barcode on it). You scan the free product and then we enter in a code taking it down to $0.01 and put the 1c to losses and print a receipt.

  • Got my veggie pastie today. Nice.

  • Had a meat pie today. It was bad :(

  • thats quite odd, they scanned my barcode when they did it for me.

  • When they started this I was thinking how can they do this for 2 weeks? They are probably kicking themselves now. I took a photocopy and tried to get a free pie yesterday and one guy said that I need the original voucher. I looked on the terms and conditions and it does not say that (unless i missed something). Well in the end I got the free pie so this offer is still valid.

    • how can they ask for the original voucher, it is a file on their website LOL !!!

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