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Southern Cross Bullion 1oz Silver Bars, Spot + $2.95 (and Lower)


Hi all,

New in stock are these one troy ounce silver bars from Southern Cross Bullion.

1oz Southern Cross 'Eureka' Silver Bar

We have them on sale for a limited time at spot price plus $2.95 for 1-19 bars. Prices are even lower for larger quantities.

Shipping costs are calculated automatically at the checkout before your order is confirmed and we have a Combined Shipping option if you'd like to order anything else over the next few weeks and save some extra money on postage.

(Note that we have to dynamically calculate a three-way Silver/AUD/USD exchange rate so the quoted premium over spot may fluctuate by a cent or two either way over the course of the day due to rounding).

More discounted bullion products are listed here: https://www.bullionlist.com.au/browse/-specials-

Yes, this is real, 99.9% pure silver. If you're planning on stashing something away for a rainy day and can't afford a gold bar, this is for you.

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    linked webpage price show as $24.17

    • +1

      And for those that went to school after the mid 70's… it's 1oz (28ish grams) for that price.

      • +5

        An avoirdupois ounce is 28.3g.

        Precious metals are measured in troy ounces, which are 31.1 grams.

        • +1

          Huh… there you go. Thanks OP.

    • +1

      Wild guess - that's probably the spot price + $2.95.

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    $2.95 per oz seems too good to be true

    • It's spot price + $2.95.

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      It's alright Raima, at least 3 of us have a sense of humor

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    Guys, please note that these silver bars are priced at "spot" PLUS $2.95

    "Spot" is the base value of the metal and it changes every second in line with the international commodities markets.

    $2.95 represents all the manufacturing, packaging, insurance and transport costs and our miniscule profit margin.

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    Hi Rep,

    Do you have the historical spot prices for silver?

    can't see them on the site


  • +2

    Good price, cheaper than BBs or Goldstackers low premium offering.

  • Silver seems undervalued at the moment.
    Sell Bitcoins. Buy silver.

    • +1

      Hoping to create a rush to increase the value of your current holdings? ;)

  • -1

    Silver price is going down. I don't see a better deal here, than buying TPG shares.

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    Rep, who made this bar ?

    • They're made by Leipziger Edelmetallverarbeitung GmbH (LEV) for Southern Cross Bullion.

  • No CC or paypal option. Bank transfer/deposit payment only.

    • Our prices would be a lot higher than they are if we had to cover the cost of charge-backs on stolen credit cards.

  • +1

    Shipping to WA $12, insurance $0.64. Gift sorted!

  • +1

    Curious what the dimensions of the 1 oz bullion is?