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Dropbox FREE 3GB via Carousel App (iOS & Android)


Not a massive amount of extra storage, but FREE nonetheless. Enjoy!

Get 3 GB of bonus space when you start using Carousel, the new gallery from Dropbox for all your photos and videos.

All you need to do is install the app on your iOS or Android device and verify your email address (if you haven't already). The bonus space will appear instantly in your Dropbox.

iOS iTunes App here
Android Google Play App here

Requires iOS 7.x

Note: The Carousel bonus replaces the Camera Upload bonus that was offered with the Dropbox app. If you’ve already received the full bonus space from using Camera Upload, it can’t be credited again. You can check if you’ve received the bonus space in your account settings.

Referral Links

Referral: random (539)

Both referrer and referee will receive 500MB bonus space (up to a limit of 16GB)

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  • Was on 40.8G since two years ago, but only used 8% of space.

    • +2

      How u get soo much?

      • Maybe is HTC's promotion..or Samsung.

        • +1

          i got 50 or 40GB from linking my samsung back then

    • +49

      Thanks, I'll sleep soundly tonight knowing that

      • According to Dropbox, the extra 50Gb and 48Gb last only one to two years.

        Can someone please confirm this so Roscoe can have a good night sleep

        • I remember reading this on xda.

        • +1

          I got a notification when I reach 60 days to go.

          Currently I got another 28 days to go. I wonder what happens after that.

        • +2

          You won't have a good night sleep?

    • Not sure why you're getting negged? The Mrs has 10GB and never paid a cent!!! She uses it to share about 5GB worth of files with her clients! I actually thought they threw out a few Gig promos all the time?

      • +2

        74.25Gb here and never paid a cent either. "Not a massive amount of extra storage" sure, but every little bit counts :)

        • +1

          UPDATE… Just had a look at her account then and it's 66.38GB!!!

        • O-M-G!!! 1!!!

      • I've got 33.8gb without using a samsung or htc promotion. It is possible to slowly build up a free account.

        • +1

          117GB here after a couple of Samsung phones and other freebies. Never paid a cent.

        • Still not enough for storing manly movies

        • +4

          Are manly movies bigger than chick movies or something???

        • +2

          I think we are thinking of the same thing, just different terms

        • hahahaha perfect

  • +2

    What should it say if one has used camera upload.
    My drop box account settings shows nothing,
    But I've had the app installed on phone and ipad and PC and laptop.

    Edit Found it, it's under "show space earned"
    I had 3gb from camera upload 2 yrs ago.

  • It's free.

  • NICE Thanks

  • +5

    Thanks. Just be wary as it seems to automatically back up every photo on your camera-roll, without any way to disable it. So it was quickly uninstalled.

    • +4

      Thanks meph. I'm guessing uninstalling the app immediately still allows you to keep the free storage?

      • +3

        Yep, I deleted the app, and the folder it created in Dropbox and I still have the storage.

        • +1

          Great news. Thanks.

    • Yea me too, Uninstalled immd.
      But I have lost heaps of my photos as the app started populating photos into the photos section of dropbox. Also from the iPhone. damn it bastards! oh well I have back up but gotta sift through

      I think from memory how I had my dropbox was
      Camera uploads disabled (iPhone ipad etc)
      There'd be folder of photos at the root level.
      if I click photos folder it didn't show anything. "u have no photos or videos"
      I could only see photos if I clicked on a particular folder.

      Can someone pls confirm the above or was this always the case?

    • +1

      You have to check the box "give Carousel access to back up photos", but when your iPhone msg comes up "Allow Carousel to access "My Photos" say Cancel.
      I just did it and still got my 3GB.
      It then goes straight to a screen saying "Please allow photo access so Carousel can back up your photos" and gives you 4 steps to do so.

  • +4

    Thanks, it worked…

    • +20

      Why are you being so nice to me lately jv?

      • +4

        I know, and no bold words?
        Has jv been replaced?

      • +20

        Trying to build up a false sense of security…

        • +7

          I thought as much.

  • Cant download the ios app from australian store

      • if I try it from the ipad I got this message "Item not available on Australian App Store"

        I downloaded it in my laptop and transferred it to ipad seem worked
        thanks op and jv

    • +1

      Weird. I just did it with my Australian account.

      • +11


    • I faced the same problem with the Android app.

      The google app store is blocking accounts domiciled in Australia from downloading this app.

      Easy hack though (if you're with Android), just go to this site and get the package for direct install:

      • Google Play didn't like my tablet, so I used that hack to grab both Carousel and Mailbox. Once installed and logged in you then log off all the Dropbox apps (to stop uploading of images) and then relog into Dropbox if you need Dropbox but not the other apps.

  • Item not available on Australian App Store. Poop.

  • I havent seen the increase in space!! just installed it on my phone, and started syncing photos but no increase in space :(

    Edit, no I dont have the camera thing that the OP mentioned from a few years ago.

    • +2

      Maybe because of this?

      Note: The Carousel bonus replaces the Camera Upload bonus that was offered with the Dropbox app. If you’ve already received the full bonus space from using Camera Upload, it can’t be credited again. You can check if you’ve received the bonus space in your account settings.

      EDIT: Sorry, posted just as you edited!

      • Maybe you need to download the app whilst logged in from your dropbox account via your link above ???


        That's how I got it…

      • So unfair. Early adopters only get 500MB and can't get the 3GB.

        • My account says
          "Camera Uploads
          Use Carousel to earn the remainder of the 3GB bonus
          3 months ago
          1.5 GB "

          So maybe I can get another 1.5GB. I have about 70GB. 50GB from a SGSIII that will expire soon and the rest from referrals

        • That's weird, I wonder what's different about your account.

  • Installed. Synced. No space increase. :(

  • Didnt work for me either. Synced, shared and account already verified.
    No increase in space.
    Uninstalled and tried again, logged in on dropbox browser, app and PC! already was uploading to my account but no free 3GB. I only have 2.25GB too, haven't received any camera upload bonus before either

    • +2

      A Current Affair would love to hear your story

  • I didn't get the extra gig, either. Think it's because I just signed up for the Mailbox app, too. Maybe it's either/or.

  • It says 5GB on my Space earned tab not 3GB
    but only received 2gb because I used the camera backup promo.

  • I guess to anyone else for whom this doesn't work, try downloading their Mailbox app, link it to your DropBox account and stop just short of adding an email account. Worked for me. :-)

  • no extra space for me too. maybe I have received the bonus with camera upload promotion last time. Btw.. I'm sitting at 79GB free.

  • +1

    For some reason, I got extra 6GB after I did this offer.

    • +8

      I'd sent a letter of complaint to Dropbox :)

    • +1

      how dare they?!

  • +4

    I managed to get it without synching photos just fine… tick the "Allow Carousel to access my photos" tickbox in the app, but when the popup asks for access to your photos, just don't allow it. I did that, got a screen saying "Please, please lemme have access to your photos!" but on my PC saw a "Your Dropbox just increased to 6.4GB!".

    So yeah, do that.

    • I did exactly as per your instruction but I got only 1 Gb extra :(

  • I got 50.6 GB more after installing this on android. is it just trial or forever???

    • samsung phone?

    • yeah funny that. i was on 50 something originally and it said it was ending soon but after installing the app, im back on 50 something

  • nothing happened to me,because I've got the camera 3GB 2 years ago,but how did you guys got extra?

    • +2

      I don't think anyone having the camera upload got another 3GB with Carousel as well. I am in the same boat.

  • +3

    what's wrong if it auto backups all your pics? isn't that a good thing ?

    • +2

      Depends on your setup. All my photos currently get backed up to Google+.
      I just wanted the bonus dropbox space. I'll decide what to do with it later ;)

    • +1

      Nothing wrong, its just that one fine morning, you wake up with lots of emails from Zoosk, Match, and better yet Craigslist

  • 5GB here. Thanks OP.

  • +1

    Nothing for me. Maybe that I have been having auto-upload and got the bonus before?

    Nevertheless, installing Mailbox app and linking it with Dropbox earned me an extra 1 Gb

    • +4

      It was all explained in the comments of my post…

      Note: The Carousel bonus replaces the Camera Upload bonus that was offered with the Dropbox app. If you’ve already received the full bonus space from using Camera Upload, it can’t be credited again. You can check if you’ve received the bonus space in your account settings.

      • in future, you bold the note comment

  • Thanks TA

  • If I already have a Dropbox account, does the 3 gb get added, or do I need to start a new account?

    • +1

      Gets added to your existing account that you sign in with on Carousel.

  • +1

    Somehow I got 5GB a couple of years ago for using camera upload. Nothing for carousel of course.

  • +2

    Is this bonus going to expire anytime in the future?

  • Last night I've been trying on my LG phone to get extra space by doing Carousel App but that didn't work.

    Now, just got 49.25 Gb extra by doing dropbox on my samsung S3, linking Mailbox app and getting started on Mobile (see below). I really neaded extra space for my research data. Much appreciated to OP and other ozbargainers pointing to samsung promotion.

    Samsung + Dropbox —- Samsung promotion (expires 5/7/2016) —- 5 mins ago —- 48 GB

    Simple Tasks—- Linking with the Mailbox app—- 5 mins ago—- 1 GB

    Getting Started on Mobile —- Completed!—- 6 mins ago—- 250 MB

    Could someone please help, whether the Samsung promotion will expire or the extra space will expire on 5/7/2016?

    • By the way, Dropbox on my PC and S3 shows 52Gb (49.25 + 2.75 previous) and Carousel account shows 54Gb. Don't know what is happening, but I like it!

    • +1

      Just tried installing dropbox on my s3 with no luck on the 48gb front.
      I read online it's only for phones on AT&T and dropbox should have been preinstalled.

    • +1

      you will lose 48gb on 05/07/2016

  • Thanks I now have 82gb of space

  • I just signed up to fiverr.com and paid someone $5 and got 26.88GB! Lifetime storage on dropbox ihad 12.5gb and then they did some refferals or something meant to be 22gb max.
    In the end i got 26.88GB including my gigs before that

    Might pay extra $385USD for dropbox vouchers to add 115GB permanent lifetime storage to my account soon..total 141GB lifetime :)

  • +1

    Which things are people using DropBox for?

    I've got 50GB (through the Samsung deal) but only a few GB worth of things I need to sync between devices.

    Photos I let a dedicated photo service like Picasa do the syncing because of the photo specific features.

    Evernote I let Evernote do the syncing.

    Big mp3 libraries or something?

  • +1

    Thanks…but I'm such a noob, I only have 6GB's of space :(

  • Not compatible with Sony xperia tablet z :(

  • Carousel is a battery hog on android phones

  • was excited for this, but the need to add camera roll makes it unusable, however downloaded for the 3g which was added, then deleted :) so thanks

  • Thanks for letting me know! Up to 20.4gb, all from free space promotions!

  • -1

    I'm going to stop using Dropbox for reasons outlined here: www.drop-dropbox.com

    • +3

      Why Condoleezza Rice should not hold power at Dropbox
      She helped start the Iraq War

      Please correct me if I'm wrong here, but I've always been under the impression that the movement of Iraqi soldiers into, and the occupation of, Kuwait under the administration of Saddam Hussein started that war!!!

  • +1

    Got no bonus space at all, uninstalled the app after a few uploads.

    • +1

      how is Roscoe99 going to sleep now???

      • +1

        Not sure, but it's mid-day anyway, it's going to be forgot by bedtime.

  • hi TA you should put the NOTE in big font :)

  • Fantastic, worked. So easy

  • +1

    I just got 5GB with my Carousel…

    Camera Uploads Bonus for using Carousel 34 secs ago 5 GB

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