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VPN.sh £3 Per Year Offer


Offer following on from the previous deal. Price has now increased to £3 per year.

We are offering £3/year packages for the next 23 hours, before upping the price to £4/year. It includes 150GB of bandwidth per year and they have 27 locations including Australia, USA and UK.

From the email:

At VPN.sh we're once again offering our £3/year packages. As before, this works on a basis of "the quicker you order, the less you pay", so if you wish to add further services, it's best to get in early!

As per usual, you get access to all of our 27 locations, and this allows 150GB of bandwidth per year. This expires on 23rd May 2014.

The offer post itself can be found here.

Please feel free to share this link with friends, family, deal communities and voucher websites if you wish to.

Thanks, and we hope you continue to enjoy the service!

Please note that it will only be £3/year for the next 23 hours until 8AM tomorrow. After that it goes up to £4.

Many users at OzBargain snatched the last offer up and I'm sure many will vouch for our service.

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    For those interested, speedtest.net home internet & vpn.sh Australian server results


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      Thanks for the image - speeds should be quicker than this. Please open a support ticket and we'll look into this for you.


    Purchased last deal yesterday. Very good services and good deal! Vote++
    Hope add server from China soon.

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      Server in China/Hong Kong is in the works as we speak. Should hopefully be available within the next week or two.


        I've signed up, there's 3 pounds to fund that HK server!


    Hi rep, how do you order the 500GB package?


    Are you going to post a new deal for every price increase? 8 new deals coming till the 23rd of May? Are you kidding? :)

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      I plan on updating the original post each day with relevant info. The other thread was created by somebody else so I have been unable to alter anything.


    Do people provide their real name/address for this kind of thing?


    Damn, missed the boat on yesterdays deal, but happy with 2 quid/year in any case. I've ordered but would like to take up the 500G offer. Can I just send a ticket to get my order upgraded?


      Sure, just submit a ticket stating your intent to upgrade and we'll send an invoice. It's 3am here now so further orders and tickets will be processed when I wake tomorrow.




    Can I use this on my WDTV Live to access Netflix (with paid account) and BBC iPlayer (free) ?


      You should have no issue if bridging the connection between the WDTV and a laptop with OpenVPN, following the same steps as our Xbox 360 tutorial here: http://vpn.sh/howto-xbox360.html

      However I'm not sure if the WDTV supports VPN usage on the device itself. If it does, then no laptop would be required.


    Great price….

    BUT You seriously need to fix your website.

    I login, click on "Downloads" on the right column, click on "All VPN locations" - presumably this downloads the OpenVPN file that I need… > Asks me to login (again??)… I do so… but again the login page shows up… I do so for the third time… then it throws me into Home>Client page… if I click on downloads again, it just cycles through the same routine above… I get NO where…

    so much for OpenVPN being easier…

    I'll just setup up a PPTP connection… but was hoping to test which ones would give me the fastest connection to Netflix…


      This occasionally happens on some browsers. Please try either clearing your cache or using a different browser. It's a bug in the billing panel we use that we have raised and are waiting for their team to fix.


    In conjunction with say a fritzbox am I able to use your service to facilitate VOIP offers (unlimited AU mobile calls) from Australian providers (engin etc) from OS (UK, thailand , bali)?


      do I need to buy before you will let me know if this has a chance of working?


    Hi still waiting for resolution of my support ticket. Please look into this for me thanks


      Hi there, what's the ticket ID?


        Unfortunately I can't login and have received no email. So I have no idea of the ticket number. Only that ticket was lodged.