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PNY 128GB Turbo High Performance USB 3.0 Drive $48.04 USD Delivered @ Amazon


Hope you know the deal. Similar to this one. Few $$ cheaper than previous deals 1 & 2.
Since they do this one for price matching with other US stores (Eg: Tigerdirect ), this deal may be valid only for few hours.

PNY 128GB Turbo High Performance USB 3.0 Drive $50.99 $48.04 USD Delivered (< $55 AUD)

Thanks to xDEFiNE for indicating prices of other capacities

The 64GB is also $26, and the 32GB is $14 (before shipping and currency conversion)

Quite cheap, if you combine with something else from amazon.

24/5: Was $50.99 delivered, now $48.04

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • should post the capacity in the title.

  • 128 GIG

  • I got two of this about a month ago.

    Both seem to always be getting corrupted. Anyway else having problems with theirs?

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      Formatted using NTFS or exFAT?

    • no problems with mine so far

    • Got mine from last offer .. running solid for 2.5 weeks so far

    • There used to be a lot of fakes that say they are a certain size in your PC but turn out to be much less and therefore you get corruptions.
      I hope this has not happened to you


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      Yep, my PNY 128GB has problems already.
      Have you been filling them to their capacity?

      Mine was working fine but I decided to test it after my new SanDisk Ultra 3 (64GB) developed problems.
      PNY Tests:
      - Formatted (NTFS) a few times with slower option.
      - Filled it full of small/ large files a few times.

      After those tests it developed problems.
      Similarly, my SanDisk was working fine - until the day I put a few Gig of files on it.

      Perhaps it's worth running a storage checker for a while before using them…

  • Hmm. I suppose I am asking too much for the 64gb one to cost half the 128gb. I'd prefer 2x 64gb than 1x 128gb, just so I don't loose the dang thing.

    Is there any way to attach it to my keys?

  • Bought mine a month or so ago ($48 USD delivered) and have been using it for about a week now. No issues so far, fastest USB I've used but I'm limited to my USB2 desktop speeds, however still cranking a write of 30mb/s which is much better than normal USB2 sticks at 5-10mb/s.

    I would recommend.

    p.s. build quality seems to be quite cheap compared to some of my other drives, cheap sprayed painted plastic.

  • Takes a few times before my PC acknowledges this device. I'm not overly enthusiastic about this product.

    • And there's no faults with the USB port?. Have you tried the flash drive on another USB port or computer?.

      • Everything else works immediately on the same port. This particular drive seems to have a mind of its own.

  • problem on usb3 ports, working fine on usb2 ports, overall quality is not good, cheap plastic feel. but for this price it is very good.

  • how is it that a 128GB USB is cheaper than a 128GB SSD??

    • This is smaller and doesn't require a power source so I can use it in my car for mp3.

    • SSD memory chips are faster, and are required to be much more reliable. As a result the chips are more expensive.

  • Its fast copied 6.24 gig of movies to it in 1.04 minutes with usb 3 and same stick in usb 2 took over 4 minutes. Its cheap plastic and cap is hard to pull back into lock position.But good value per gig.

    • +1 to the cheap plastic. Cap is OK after pulling it and placing back a few times.

      +1 for good value per gig.

  • I'm quite happy with the drive, no faults at all so far. The drive feels cheap but it's internals are solid. I'm getting 100MB/s on write and 180MB/s on read.

  • The 64GB is also $26, and the 32GB is $14 (before shipping and currency conversion)

    Quite cheap, if you combine with something else from amazon.

  • Has anyone opened one of these is it just a 128gb micro sd inside?

  • feed the pny

  • Anyone know how does this compare to a standard WD Passport USB3 1TB portable drive, like this one? http://www.harveynorman.com.au/wd-my-passport-1-5tb-portable...

    Other than the smaller form factor, I can't see it being that much faster?

  • What's the recourse if the drive is faulty? This drive seems hit and miss.

    • Basically you can get on to the Amazon support via the online chat and tell them about it. It may have to be sent all the way back to Amazon.