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PIONEER Bookshelf Speakers - SPBS22LR - $119 Free Delivery Normally $199 @ Rio


I was browsing the Rio website and came across these Pioneer bookshelf speakers designed by Andrew Jones they have got some great reviews and I have not been able to find them anywhere else cheaper.

I ended up purchasing some as a PC speaker powered via a DAC/AMP. I will fill you in how they sound once I get them.

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    Wow some pretty big and heavy PC speakers. They look the part though.

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    Hmm, at that price they may well be worthwhile: http://www.stereophile.com/content/pioneer-sp-bs22-lr-loudsp...

    So cheap for seemingly decent Bookshelfs! They seem to be a good compact all-rounder and lots of good reports of people using them with low-powered Low-distortion T-Class/Tripath Amps like this: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/2011-New-Version-Lepai-Class-Trip... These baby Amps are great little all-rounders and there are so many variants available. Just do a 'Worldwide' search for 'Tripath' and/or 'T-Class Amplifier' on eBay and sort by lowest price & postage first and go from there. Pay twice as much (approx. $45-$50) and you'll get a similar version with more power output, in a much sleeker case and with a convenient headphone socket on the front.

    Note: The Amp in the link above does not come with a power supply. They are 12VDC so you can use them in a car or direct off a car battery or you can use an old 12VDC Power Supply you may have to run it. Alternatively most sellers also list these with Power Supplies included for an extra $10 or so so just have a look at their other items. Digital Amps like these don't need the super squeaky clean power old Amps did so you don't need to be too picky with what supply you get, just make sure you get one that can supply enough current (12-13.8V at 5 or more Amps).

    • some can be had with power supply from eBay. They sell both with and without.

    • Would an amp like that work with a PC. I want to use it for work and just run some tunes. I used to use an old stereo with a AUX input.


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        Yep, perfectly fine. Refer to my reply to Farrba below…

        • Thanks mate.

    • Legit advice, I have that exact amp which I use to run some book shelves from my pc. much better setup than anything you'll buy from Logitech.

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    Good deal, I think. As SteveAndBelle suggested, I was also thinking of those low-powered low-THD amps.
    But note that the woofer is not 13cm as the website suggests. It is 4", so 10.16cm.

    • Yeah, I noticed that in the review too.

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    OMG, I had no desire whatsoever for speakers or amps. None. Yet, kill me now, lo and behold, I will buy. Damn you OzBargain!

    • Just a reminder, this speakers have no amps built-in.

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    Oh man, I just love looking at speakers, buying or not.
    I just stare at pics of em a do the homer style …..uuuhhh uh u hhhuuuuhuhuhuuhhh
    +1 for a deal with speaker pics :)

  • how do you connect this to a pc or ps3?

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      Use a small Amp as per the cheapie in the link in my comment above then just connect it via the usual RCA method most other equipment uses. Alternatively you could power them with an old Amp or Receiver you may have floating around but the connections will be the same (ie. the usual Red & White RCA)

      Still confused? This may explain it betterer: http://www.ehow.com/how_4827378_hook-up-floor-speakers-compu...

      • These may well suit the old Nikko amp I picked up on the weekend for a song. Nice info S&B and nice thanks for the post pommie.

        Mind you I have been watching the audioengine A2's.

    • If you are near a cash converters, just buy a decent amp for 100bucks, now everyone only wants hdmi, the older and expensive ones are dirt cheap.

      • Exactly right. Cashies is OK but even better is to keep a keen eye out on eBay and especially Gumtree because people are literally chucking out their non-HDMI Amps even though they still work perfectly. If you can't find a freebie then there are many that get listed for around $50 that would be more than perfect for these speakers.

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    Thanks OP for the great bargain! Just bit… I've been eyeing these off for ages based on the reviews. Can't seem to get them in Oz apart from direct from Pioneer ($200 with free shipping) so great to see a local price that is actually a bargain. Would love to see the others in the 5.1 set become available too - FS52LR and C22. I've heard the subwoofer in the pack is not great though…

  • Amazon reviews are really positive - 4.7/5 with 382 reviews. Pity I can't justify buying them myself… great price.

  • Thanks OP. got one.
    Was waiting for JB to have a sale to get the Dali Zensor 1 but I have heard great things about these and for the price I'm sure they will be adequate for my small apartment.

  • Would these be ok as tv speakers?

    • Yes, they'd be fine but depending on the output of your TV you may need an Amp to drive them (refer to discussions above)

      • Thanks

  • These are terrific bookshelves. Ripper price, too, damn.

  • Is that price for a pair, or for a single speaker?

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      Ha, that's a surprisingly good question! It's assumed they only come in pairs but funnily enough I can't find anywhere to prove that :)

      • well there is 2 in the picture and the description is plural…

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      I previously wondered the same thing about the official Pioneer site and contacted them. They confirmed it's a pair. I would assume it's the same here.

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    Great price on an awesome pair of speakers. For those that want something smaller but also awesome my company currently has a container of speakers that are basically identical to the Micca MB42X coming to Australia in about 1 month. We will be selling them for $99.95 shipped initially along with some great deals on Topping amps.

    I will post an Ozbargain deal once they are here - they are pretty much on par with these pioneer speakers (some reviews say they are better some say slightly worse).

    • Now you've got my attention!

      • Nice to see there are some aussies that appreciate the MB42X as much as we do :) we're very excited about it - when I saw this post I just couldn't help myself because don't want everyone to buy these great speakers and potentially miss out on our deal :P

        To clarify: when I say basically identical I pretty much mean identical - they have our own branding and a dark wood grain finish but that's where the differences end.

        • hey what is your company? I would consider buying those speakers and amps too!

        • Was just reading about these the other day on massdrop https://www.massdrop.com/vote/entry-level-passive-stereo-spe...

        • The speakers in Australia will be branded as "Voll" and selling through http://www.voll.com.au - feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

        • Thanks, am super keen on some floorstanding speakers though. I was about to buy the Pioneer ones, but I have been through too many bookshelf speakers…great for the size they are, but can't compare to the low frequency of floorstanding speakers.

          When will the Voll page be up and running/

        • Sorry can't help you with floor standing speakers. Combining bookshelf speakers like these pioneers or our Voll B44 with a sub is quite effective though - we wont be selling any subs on launch but it's something we are looking into.

          The Voll website will be up and running once we have received the speakers in our warehouse - that will be around 1 month.

    • +1

      Search Alert created.


    • Nice work, I look forward to that. I've got a small collection of monitor/bookshelves and have wanted to give the 42X's a go for a while. I'll be keen to try them against the darlings of entry level monitors, s520's.

  • Bought it. Thanks

  • -2

    Accusound HD2 bookshelf probably better then this.

  • I've been eyeing these on Amazon and was about to pull the trigger on overseas delivery costs. You have saved me OP, thanks!!
    Hopefully Rio get the floor standing models in as well.

  • Just bought a pair. Looking forward to getting them!

  • can this be paired with pionner speakers?


    • They probably could, but if you want something that is guaranteed to match tonally, why not consider Pioneer's own floorstanding speakers from the same kit: the SP-FS52? $225 from Pioneer.


      The only thing is it says "individual floor standing speaker"… not sure if that means you have to pay $450 for the pair of it just means it's not in the 5.1 pack. I previously asked them about whether the bookshelves were a pair and they confirmed they are, but I'd suggest checking for these ones too.

      • I believe the floor standers are sold individually.

  • Dang! Couldn't resist. Looking forward to comparing them with my Jamo's. Thanks Pommie!

  • Would it be a waste to use them as rear speakers and pair them with my existing floorstanding Wharfdale?

    Disclaimer: i have no knowledge in HT whatsoever, speakers were hand me downs

  • Hey what's the deal, I called at 5 and the guy said only two left??? I see the site is still taking orders…hope there won't be to many disappointed people….

    • I've found Rio to be very communicative and great service. Plus they do have a couple of stores so I'm sure they'll do their best.

      edit: you are correct houpaeng they have

      SOLD OUT !! SOLD OUT !!!

      though it looks like you can still go through the checkout process

  • description is updated to say out of stock, but you can still order. a shame, i was about to buy!

  • perhaps the OP or the modsquad can mark as expired. unfortunate dannnnnnnnn but as they say the early worm opens the can.

  • dang. anyone not wanting theirs feel free to sell on. saw this at work earlier and was meant to buy but left it til now and all gone :(

  • +2

    These are much more than PC speakers, even at the normal price they are considered one of the all time bargain hifi speakers.

    • did i see you on The Aquabats! Super Show! the other morning?

  • did anyone's order get cancelled? mine still shows up as 'processing'

    • same 'processing'

    • Cool, mine is 'in transit' now. Good on ya Rio! I think I ordered an hr before the 'sold out' sign appeared, which should mean that they fulfilled everyone's order

  • Mine is in transit

  • Anybody elses shipped? Mine's still showing as processing. Not sure if I ordered too late or not.

  • Mine got delivered yesterday (but I wasn't home so picked them up today). I'm in Adelaide btw.

    So yeah, some have definitely shipped.

  • I ordered just before the SOLD OUT !! message went up and mine has apparently shipped.

    • I rang today to check on my order and was told they received two stock shipments. The second lot was sent today (Tuesday), so apparently if you haven't already received your order you should receive it in the next two days.

      • Rang again and spoke to Jason who said there is now a third shipment for the remaining 15 or so orders that has not arrived, and therefore hasn't been shipped. If you're in the unlucky last group he suggested mid next week. Not loving the delay. Been 10 days now and they still don't have the stock. I appreciate the bargain, but could have been handled better.

  • +3

    Been throwing alot of different music styles through these speakers and they are brilliant. Highly recommend.

    • +3

      They are impressive. Mine replaced a huge set of DIY floorstanders and the difference is minimal, with a huge improvement in mid-range. They go very deep with only a slight boominess at the bottom end and the documented lack of exended high frequencies noticable.

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