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LG 60PN6500 60" Full HD Plasma TV $899 @ TGG


Posted on the way to work and hope benefit to some.

Thank you

Limit 1 per customer.

LG 60PN6500 60" Full HD Plasma TV $899 @ TGG

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  • Nice find! Thank you earth.

  • Anyone looking for basic TV, hello… Just buy this no need to think twice.

    FYI not smart and 3d

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    Only 2 HDMI

  • Anyone got a tgg online link?

  • Further $50 off with AMEX offer, soooooo tempted

  • website still says $1099 ??

    is this just for a specific store?

    • Anyone can clue on on this?
      It's listed on website as $1099 clearance - cant find a digital version on the OP catalogue to support the $899 price


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    Posted on the way to work

    Multitasking at its best.

  • this + chromecast = smart tv

    only thing that concerns me is the heat it omits and the high power usage.

  • This or wait for another pana s60 for 999???

    • go with the pana i'd say, or sammy…not a fan of LG

      • FYI - there is a reason why LG is cheaper than sammy/pana etc…the PQ on pana and sammy was way better when I last went TV shopping (couple of years ago).

  • Must not impulse buy……….must not. In the market for a 60" and officially today I have paid off all my debt except my mortgage.

    Argggggggggggg damn you OB.

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    This one uses about 130Wh instead of 203 and is the same price?

    May be 2inch less and maybe not as high quality (plus not as well known brand), but the power savings would be quite real.
    If you're worried about quality, would probably be best to wait for a <$1400 60inch LED/LCD TV with 3-5 years warranty, the savings on power pay for the difference easily in the warranty period alone assuming only a few hours of usage (3-4+, maybe slightly more/less depending on model(s) compared) a day.

    None the less, still a great deal for any OzBargainer who needs a cheap TV!

    • Wow now this should be posted as a bargain at $799!
      Isn't LED better than Plasma?
      I think I want this as an impulse buy when Dicksmith do their 10 - 12 % off deals again!

      • Is LED more expensive than plasma? Yes.

        Is LED better than plasma? No.

        It comes down to marketing, and people buying into the flashy LED marketing that has killed off plasma, and in turn, killed the chance to get superior picture quality at a better price tag.

        • LeD is more expensive.
          But it is more power efficient so you will save a bit in the long run?
          Also Plasma runs hotter…

        • Cheap LCD with LED backlit doesn't necessarily run that much cooler.
          So heat is a non-issue and hasn't been for a long time now.

          Power efficiency wise, I would rather pay $30 a year more electricity to get better IQ than the cheap LED-backlit LCDs with worse IQ. (especially in motion resolution and viewing angles)

        • Going from a 2012 E550 51 inch Samsung plasma to a 2014 H6400 60 inch Samsung LED I got to say that the LED kills it from every angle, and I have it mainly for the tv shows for the mrs and I, footy on Foxtel HD and Gaming on X1/X360/PS3/WiiU…

          This is me comparing the latest model LED though to a slightly older gen plasma, I was a steadfast plasma supporter even talked my mates into getting them however after this model, I am no more..

        • Doesn't your LED cost twice as much as the plasma?

        • And when these TV's only come with 1 year warranty, the last thing you want to do is pay more than 1k..

        • LEDS are also far superior in bright rooms so it depends on your circumstances

        • So LED is better than Plasma for most situation?
          But LED is also more expensive…

          Think I have to go in-store to see how this plasma quality is…

        • In talking purely on image quality, but you pay for what you get, the amount of use the tv gets I'm more than happy to pay a decent price for a better product, OzBargain and Gumtree saves me plenty on other things!

        • Extended warranty is a must I agree

        • There's a definite personal taste aspect as well. The images are just different. LED appears sharper to my eye. Too sharp. Plasma looks for natural. To me. My wife would never be able to see it with her filthy casual eyes.

        • @extremist With Australian consumer rights you really should be covered for a minimum of 2 years to the best of my knowledge.

        • Haha filthy casual eyes, I agree personal taste creates the bias opinions, however just wanting to say LED like Plasma with the burn in and high energy costs has also come a long way so don't be afraid a late model LED cannot match a decent level of blacks or fast motion (ie sport, the only reason I pay good money for a tv.) Play with the filters and the sharpness can turn very natural, SHIELD in 720p was the first show me and the mrs watched and it was like looking through a window, the step up from 2 generations of Samsung TV's, Plasma to LED was insane.. Only months ago i was flogging Plasma as the must have but just be open and maybe take a USB in with content, hopefully they let you use it then you can play with the filters and get something you'd be happy with whether it be one or the other.. And I agree, don't let power bills sway your decision if you do go Plasma!

        • Yeah but you are comparing a low end plasma to a newer and more expensive LED. If you put your LED next to a current model VT60, it would look pretty ordinary. If you want to compare it next to an equivalent set then you would compare it to the current 60 inch ST60.

        • Or perhaps against the Samsung 8500 plasma. See how the LED performs then.

    • How do they measure power use though? My panasonic 50" uses anywhere from 150w (really dark scenes) to 400w (really bright scene). Only way to know for sure is to take a power meter instore and see for yourself what it uses, but its not that big a concern unless your leaving it on more than 8 hours a day.

      Picture quality is more important to me. You burn through more $$ with heating/cooling than the type of TV you use.


    Some good info here and links to reviews.

  • I am having trouble trying to find the exact same catalogue. Anyone have a link they can share?

  • http://m.thegoodguys.com.au/catalogue2

    and bonus 19" star wars suitcase valued at $189..

  • i guess it's for melbourne's store only… can anyone confirm it? none of the qld store i rang knew about this sales… bugger!

    • Its for all Melbourne, dont see why they wont honor it in other states, they're all clearing plasma stock.

      • i rang all the nearby stores and none of them knew anything about it.. best price quoted by them was $1089!!

    • I walked in to Good Guys in Lutwyche, Brisbane. Showed them the flyer and they matched it and i walked out with this tv! Bargain!

    • As discussed above, it's not in this catalogue. (If it was, OzB wouldn't have waited 10+ days to post it ;) )

  • Great TV, grabbed myself one on gumtree for $700 six months back.
    Slick slimline design on swivel stand is a big winner for me.

  • Anyone have any luck with a store in Sydney?

  • can someone pls post the fine print of this ads? the thumb image is too small. thanks!!

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      On sale 23/5-26/5. Personal purchases only and not available in conjunction with any other offer. Also mentions 30 day price guarantee applies. Rest of the info is about the rangehoods and dishwashers.

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    Deeply saddened this is Melb/VIC only. I would've nabbed one.

  • Very good TV for the price, but if you value extra picture quality, then stretch to the 60" Panasonic P60ST60a for $1600 at JB

  • I have the 6700 version of this which has the same screen but adds the smarts. I love it. There are better screens for sure but this is a great big screen with a good picture for a tremendous price. These have been discounted far more than the performance gap between it and things like the st60 deserves.

    Prone to glare would be the one thing I would caution for but at that price you could buy curtains.

  • I walked in to Good Guys in Lutwyche, Brisbane. Showed them the flyer and they matched it and i walked out with this tv! Bargain!

  • I had a look at the demo of this tv in the shop and it wasn't very appealing, the colours weren't as good as the LED LCD next to it and the blacks were not black as you would expect with a plasma, the screen also had burn in which wasn't very appealing and considering the tv is going in an area that has glare i've decided to go with a led lcd, might even buy that 4k tv but probably just hold out..

  • Any at Auburn NSW?