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Newsgroup Direct 1TB Block for $30USD


Copied from email :

Our 10 year anniversary celebration begins with our legendary 1 TB blocks. We first introduced these back in 2010 and they immediately changed the industry. These are the same blocks that we sell during our immensely popular Terabyte Tuesday promotions.

Through June 10th we're offering our 1 TB blocks for just $30, which is even cheaper than the Terabyte Tuesday rate. The regular price is $100 each. This is the lowest price we have ever offered on this account!

The best features include:

2,105+ Days Retention
50 SSL Connections
Discounts on Ghost Path VPN

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    Discounts on Ghost Path VPN

    Ooooooooooh Scary

  • Don't do it… Used to be good but now, DMCA requests are processed too fast. Pretty much no usable content for me at least.

    I still have 700GB left.

  • +1

    Totally depends on what you are getting and "when" you are getting. I get my nzb from a "place" where there are comments about file availability and 99% of the time i have been successful.

    I have used till date more than 1.5TB from NGD, and I am extremely satisfied with my subscription. And as always, have a backup service from another eu based provider to fill in the gaps.

  • Thanks OP. Astraweb was $50 for a 1TB block. Time to try another provider.

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