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Original Nokia 3310 Unlocked GSM Phone Refurbished US $12.74 Delivered @ AliExpress


Previous deal had finished however another seller is offering the same phone slightly cheaper. even cheaper if you use a 28degrees card to purchase.

and with 4 games!!! - Snake II, Pairs II, Space Impact, Bantumi

Link updated

Sick of dropping your smart phone and having to replace the smashed screen?
just want a phone to make calls with?
sick of charging your phone every 17mins?

Here is the answer. The original Nokia 3310.

battery life is a week.
drive over it and it will barely have a scratch.
make calls with it!!
play snakes!

Unlock Phones: Yes
Recording Definition: 360P
Display Color: Black / White
Brand Name: Nokia
Thickness: Normal(>10mm)
Design: Bar
CPU: Single Core
Cellular: GSM
Touch Screen Type: Not Touch Screen
Screen LCD Type: TFT
Display Size: 1.8
SIM Card Quantity: Single SIM Card
Release Date: Before 2003
RAM: <128M
is_customized: Yes
Band Mode: 1SIM/Single-Band
Nokia Model: 3310
CPU Manufacturer: Qualcomm
Camera: No Camera
Talk Time: 220
ROM: <2G
Operation System: No Smartphone
Feature: Message
Battery Type: Detachable
Item Condition: Refurbished
Camera Type: NO Camera
Battery Capacity(mAh): 800
Language: English,Russian,French,Spanish,Polish
Size: 101.842.815.2
Display Resolution: 96*65

Simple=Mobile phone + battery+charger No box

Standard=Mobile phone + battery+charger+box

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  • +98

    Most powerful weapon in this world

    • +5

      able to withstand a nuclear blast

      • +63

        When the world ends in a nuclear apocalypse, the only things that will remain unscathed are cockroaches, and the Nokia 3310.

        • +5

          Did you make this video by any chance? lol

        • +7

          and Cher

        • +3

          Cher will be EATING the cockroaches.

        • +3

          with no signal

        • +4

          Cher eats?

        • +14

          one time i got mugged and threw this phone at him and he died, true story

        • +1

          Uhm.. Play Snake!!!

        • What about the 3210?

        • +2

          5510 was were it was at.

          3310 with a QWERTY keyboard and MP3 player. Was way ahead of it's time.

        • I still have mine (5510)

        • Getting mugged and owning the 3310 is an impossible scenario.

    • its truly a weapon of mass destruction…!

      • +9

        Funny you say this. When I was younger I threw my 3310 at my brothers head in anger and knock him out cold.

    • Forever mirin. No fone will achieve the greatness of the Nokia 3310.

    • the first time I won snake was on this exact phone :p

      • +1

        You can win at snake?

        • If you manage to eat the very last pixel of your tail, you win!
          (at least was the case with the GotY edition)

  • +51

    wow.. I am buying one to play snake.

    • +9

      I'll just buy a snake.

    • +16

      now i know how to spot an ozbargainer in the train … playing snake on their 3310

      • +13

        with a pair of meeelectorinics headphones, holding a set of eneloops

        • +7

          And 16 various torches in their pockets.

      • +21

        If it were a film it would be called, 'Snakes on a train'…

        Sorry - couldn't resist ;)

    • +1

      Don't forget to upgrade the OS to play the latest Game

    • +6

      you don't need a phone to play with your snake

      • +4

        This applies only to 50% of the population.

  • best phone everrrrr.

  • is it actually original?
    i would think a 3310 would be priceless now

    • +10

      says refurbished my guess is it would be a phone from those phone recycle bins with a third party housing on the outside and new third party battery

      • +82

        After damaging their recycling plant, they probably figured that they can't recycle a 3310.

        • yeah. It probably broke the machine so they are selling all the old Nokias so they can fund a new one LOL

  • +1

    Behold the mighty power of Nokia 3310
    Even Chuck Norris and Mount Doom combined together won't able to leave a scratch

    • +5

      Even Chuck Norris…


      • +1

        Who told you that?
        clearly it was photoshopped
        here's the RealDeal

      • +1

        chuck makes spelling mistakes

  • +82

    records at 360p, without a camera… impressive!

  • +5

    Read the description, thought OP had written this trying to be funny (and had succeeded) then clicked on the link, only to realise it was just a copy and paste, then came back to + this for the lols.

    • omg haha

  • +7

    my gosh. Still remember I used this to eat crab :)

  • +2

    These phones are still in use at my workplace!

    • +4

      Excuse me, are you from the past?

  • is_customized: Yes
    Wonder what they did….

    • +1

      Changed the shell. DUH!

      And maybe even the backlight colour!

  • +78

    This might even be old enough to not have an NSA backdoor.

    • +6

      I'd say so, however the NSA will just come in the front door and every other opening

  • WOW!

  • +2

    My question is would this even work on today's telco networks.
    Oh, how people's reaction would be on the train when they hear monophonic tones

    • +7

      Of course it would.

      Yeah I wanna get one purely for the shock value.

    • +2

      lol kids these days

      2G network ist still around.

      • for how long?

  • +1

    thanks, my son was talking about this…he said these were around $30 and I thought that price was ok…ordering one now!

  • +1

    I read an article the other day that they are now a collectors item

  • +2

    I have one of those Nokias in my "box of phones" box.

    Dunno if it still works… maybe I should send it to AliExpress and they can refurbish it?

  • +1

    I only just replaced my nokia 3120 after about 10 years. I only replaced it because the battery finally started to die (only lasted about 5 minutes after a full recharge in the end). Never had a problem with it otherwise.

    • they are great like this one. but smart ish with 3g

    • +3

      just buy a new battery!

    • +1

      DA FUQ? A new battery is $1.50 if you know where to look.

  • +1

    I dont use 3G services and battery time is paramount to me. Ordered.

    • +5

      If you're serious, try look into Philips phones. My Xenium 9@9++ literally had one month standby time when I bought it in 2004; five years later it still had 2-3 weeks standby time. Their newer phones apparently still retain the long battery life, including these monsters which—if the site is accurate—has "up to 2400 h" standby time (that's 100 days).

      And I've just found out that they even make Android phones with these crazy batteries (behold, Android phone with 5300 mAh battery).

  • You have to select both a bundle and colour, but it disables some of the options depending on your selection. Cheapest I could get was US $15.99 with nokia box and dark blue selected. How do you get it to OPs price?

    EDIT: Seems to be working now.

    • I'm having the same problems as you, when I select Simple, the grays out both the colours. How did you get it working?

  • You have to pick the blue phone without the box.

    • comes to $18.20 AUD ($16.79 USD)

  • anyone else having trouble ordering? the "buy now and add to cart" is not working (i have set up an account already)

  • +1

    MOG, it's my very first mobile phone!
    I have to buy one!

  • +4

    just a heads up, the phone comes with a Russian menu, so would need to work out how to change it to English. Also, I think you have to pay extra to get a battery with it.

    • +30

      In America, you select things from a menu.
      In Soviet Russia, the menu is used to select you.

    • Спасибо

      • +1

        я вижу, что вы там делали

    • +1

      You break Nokia. In Russia, Nokia breaks you.

  • +31

    Drop iPhone on concrete - iPhone breaks. Drop this on concrete - concrete cracks.

  • +4

    Thanks for reminding how old i am now.

    • +5

      no, this one doesn't have wap dude…

    • +10

      Lies make Baby Jesus cry :(

      • +7

        It's a joke…

        I guess i am just bad at being sarcastic.

        • +4

          You're terrible Muriel.

        • +2

          It's not sarcasm.
          Jokes are funny.

  • I WILL TAKE 10!!!
    but srsly
    my reaction to this deal:

  • +1

    Wow an old school mobile phone. Those were the days.

    • +19

      I suspect most people don't buy it as a phone, but as armour or weapon.

    • when you found the world is overrun by zombies…you'll need this phone dude…

      you can't chuck an iphone or a samsung on a zombie…the screen will crack!

      this will take out the zombies…

      PS: aim for their brains

      rumour has it, this is chuck norris choice of phone

      • -2

        I also heard some people worship this phone
        Can verify that rumour?

    • +1

      Neging wasn't enough.

  • I guess these are actually good value, for a mobile phone - just something that calls and texts (with your real basic games) and will last 5+ years, lol


    • except the battery with be useless on it by now

      • +1

        looks like a new battery and charger. (arrived this aft.)

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