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Nexus 7 32GB 7" Tablet (2012) $99 (OW In Store Only) - Limited Stock in Limited Locations


It was $149 a month ago, and down to $99 now… seems they are clearing the Gen 1 old stocks

Asus Google Nexus 7 (2012) 32GB Wi-fi Tablet - $99

Asus Google Nexus 2(7) 32GB Wi-fi Tablet (Refurbished) - $270

Asus Google Nexus 2(7) 32GB Wi-fi Tablet - $333

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    Where was this photo taken?


    Gen 1 is actually useful for setting up a tablet car interface due to the pogo pins….but EFFORT!

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    aaaw, no embedded GPS info on the photo, which was taken at 12.36 with a samsung GT-I9300


    Where has stock @$99?


    Try Officeworks store on Elizabeth St, Melbourne CBD. They had these marked down prices about couple of days ago and looks like they had stock.


    Awesome deal! I'm off to get one tonight if I can find one in Sydney CBD.


      I just been there

      A guy working there arrogantly told me that Ihe don't see anything on the website, there is not of that sort here.

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    Just Called Five Dock store, no stock in all sydney area


    Can anybody upload their receipts for price match??
    Thanks in advance..


    I saw one in Preston two days ago. Last one and box was opened.

    Also, there was a display Kobo for $20, no cable, box.

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    Well, I just called a bunch of stores in and around the Melbourne CBD, no luck.

    Elizabeth store said they had one but its on hold
    Maribyrnong store has a refurbished unit with no charger for $149 and not budging for $99
    Airport West and South Yarra told me the same thing, only Elizabeth store had one in VIC.

    Other stores I've called to save people some time:
    Ascot Vale, Collins St, Russell St, Bourke St, South Yarra, South Melbourne, Yarraville, Richmond, Fitzroy, Kew East, Preston, Coburg, Bundoora, Campbellfield

    EDIT: Just called Doncaster and Box Hill South as well, none. Maybe better luck in other states or stores further out, That's enough calling for me though.


      wow solid effort there, nice.

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      He's trying to throw us off the trail and Broden that shit.

      Nah, good work dude.


      To make you feel a little better, spoke to OW in Elstenwick a while back and they said the 3 units showing up at their store were all customer returns, apparently all had some fault with the screen. He said that seems to be an issue with these units.


        The staff from Fitzroy actually said something quite similar, 2 customer returns were being processed for screen repairs but were unlikely to return back to the store to be sold again.

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      don't bother trying heavily densed asian suburbs, they are always the first to go once the news hit the streets.

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    Insufficient quantity to be a valid deal?


      yeh not sure if anyone else managed to confirm any other stores (except for that single one above)

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    Lol I own one, it fail to turn on after a year, cause the charge system in it has problems and reaction was slow cause the chipset wasn't optimized.

    Mine is the first generation with 8gb.


    a bargain is a bargain but there are catches, i dont provide negative info unless I can back that up.


      1 in a million? Bad luck?
      btw is it getting kit kat update?


        I can guarantee it gets Kit-Kat - I spent a week dithering over getting one for $149 when it was on special and when I decided, S.A. was sold out. I managed to get Hardly's to grudgingly price match on their remaining display one, but it turned out to be only a 16 gig model [refund was given with no quibble] - but JB's priced matched down from their $199 right away. they appeared to have ~ 12 left.

        If you can cope with a slightly slower/older cpu than the new one, no MH/L [tho built in dlna/casting] a poorer speced camera and a resolution that will let you see a pixel from a foot away if you cast it on a 55" screen then it is still a very nice bit of kit. The Goodguys even had a genuine dock in the discard bin for #30 yesterday :-0


    good but old tablet


    No stock @ OW Browns Plains Qld.


    Might get one, and see if I can breathe life into my Gen1 N7 32GB 3G by using the battery out of this… or jump start the internal battery to get both of them working?! I de-charged my batter so low, the charger won't start charging it.

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      Th is is a known issue that is fixable. Do a Google search. I laughed when I read the instructions and thought that it would never work… But it did!


    How is the battery life on Gen 1 nexus 7?