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Bose QC15 Noise Cancelling Headphones $319.20 ($287.28 w/ Big W Giftcard)


Use 10% off Myer Big W card to get a great deal on a great set of noise cancelling headphones. Otherwise still a very decent price at $319.20.

Reduces background noise by around 70% (roughly equates to 1 wife, however I must note they WILL keep talking to you while these headphones are on so I recommend taking the smile and nod approach. Disclaimer: Smile and nod approach not recommended if your wife has access to Ozbargain.com.au) LFF

More info: http://www.bose.com/controller?url=/shop_online/headphones/n...

Officeworks pricematch possible http://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/bose-qc15-aco...

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  • Big W gift card? Sorry what do you mean? But great deal! Thanks :D +1

  • Crazy price…Also applies to QC20.

    Really wish I hadn't paid $351 at DJs the other week…

    • I think only the QC20i's are in the Myer sale(online anyway). So you still got a good deal with the QC20's. Bose seem to be rarely discounted.

    • It is a crazy price! I just picked up QC20i using same Big W Myer gift card deal.

  • Amazing price.

  • +1 for description. Also the deal. But mainly the description. Getting married in a few months and this seems like an appropriate wedding gift for myself.

  • Just did this, great price plus planning to get gst back in 2 weeks

  • All their bose headphones are 20% off just as a note

  • I've got a pair of these. They are must have for long international flights. Paid $340 at Myer Sydney just by asking the sales guy who accepted right away. Then got TRS for it.

    • Not a must have, you can get other Active Noise Cancelling Headphones.

      I would say having any Active Noise Cancelling Headphones is a must have, but not a Bose one is a must have.

        • +4 votes

          And btw pretty sure HD 201's are passive noise cancelling headphones (at best). Bose QC15 are acoustic noise cancelling and arguably the best noise cancelling headphones on the market. Just the same as the Koss KSC75's are the best value for money.

          In conclusion, these headphones make the HD 201's feel like the ones you get free on a plane.

        • Have you actually tried Sennheiser HD201s?

          I have (still got them somewhere but they can disintegrate into dust for all I care) and the only way I can reconcile your opinion of them, is if you have the hearing of an 80-year old Heavy Metal Guitarist or all of the headphones you've owned in your life have been under $30 dollars.

          You sound like a kid who discovered his first pair of headphones under the Christmas tree. The HD201s are pieces of sh*t. Case closed. Here's my lengthy rant on them if you want some more background.

          These Bose QC15s are not even in the same galaxy as those pathetic, tinny pieces of sh*t that the HD201s are.

          In conclusion, these headphones make the HD 201's feel like the ones you get free on a plane.

          I couldn't agree more. In fact, I'd prefer airline headphones as they don't try and sell themselves as the be-all, end-all audiophile experience on the cheap. They're nasty-looking headphones and they sound like nasty-looking headphones do.

          The HD201s are dolled up with a lot of pretentious Senny logos and fake pleather looks, raved on about by clueless soccer mums and casual tech-geeks to no end and yet they sound like a cat dying.

    • These are noise cancelling headphones. They are expensive but as far as I'm concerned the extra comfort they provide on long flights is worth a few hundred bucks. Makes economy class bearable.

      • Makes economy class bearable

        Yeah, I've never regretted the purchase..paid for themselves after the first couple of long haul flights .. I've had mine for 2 years now, a great investment. Also great if you commute on public transport.

        But yes, if you're not interested in the noise cancellation feature, listen to music in quite places, or only listen to music at high volume in public places, then your money would best be spent elsewhere.

    • These are better, however I agree they are overpriced and not good value. But that's just how BOSE rolls.

    • I still don't get why people pay so much for headphones.

      I gather you have never tried them then. If you spent 14hrs on a flight with these or any active noise cancelling headphones, hell even crappy ones, you would understand that what you have written is complete and utter crap. The Sennheiser HD 201 are what you would call a less shit headphone. That is less shit than the complete shit you get on the plane or with your phone.

    • Why all the negs? cornucopia was only stating their opinion - a valid opinion at that, and in a non offensive manner.

      Do those who have spent more than they need believing they will sound better feel that offended that someone would think differently?

      Although I'm sitting here wearing my AKG 702's I can not disagree with cornucopia. The difference in sound quality between $25 and $500 headphones is not representative of the price difference (and double blind test prove it over and over again), though my 702's are very comfortable to wear!

      I'm sure this'll get neg'd way down too since my opinion doesn't seem to match the herd here.

      • a valid opinion at that, and in a non offensive manner.

        He was stating it in a very cocksure manner when it's plainly obvious the guy has never tried a pair of serious, audiophile headphones that cost more than $80, let alone some good-quality noise cancelling ones.

        Then he had the nerve to suggest what are quite possibly, the worst brand-new headphones you can buy, as an alternative.

        He's off his rocker if he thinks his bargain-bin Sennys are a serious alternative to these.

        • Fair call :)

          I admit I've never tried the Sennheiser HD 201 so I can't comment on them specifically.

  • I was really sceptical but now I cannot travel without them. Good price esp if u can also get GST back

  • How does this work? Go to big w buy gift card then go to myer?

  • Damn metal and plastic must be expensive these days…

  • Got the second last qc15 in Miranda. Gave them a good test in JB before purchase and thought they were great.
    Already had free $20 myer from v.me
    $20 westfield card from work
    $20 myer card from work
    $250 myer purchase at bigw ($225 cost)
    $10 on card


  • I managed to get the price beat from JB HiFi $300 ..actually $270 for $300 JB HiFi gift card from BigW..
    Get 10% gst back ,so the price will come down to $240
    Thanks OP..

  • Got the last piece from Parramatta! Can't imagine a better deal.
    Smile and nod.. here I go.

  • The noise cancelling on these is mind blowing. Sound quality is very good too.

    • Agreed on the noise canceling. It makes what you're listening to actually audible when you're in crowds. Without them I'd have to turn up the audio to drown out the noise, which is not good for your ears.

      In a car park it sounds like everyone is driving around in hybrids. You can't hear their engines until they rev them.

    • This thing has been saving my life in Economy class for long haul flight (up to 22-26 hours total flight). Can't go without it for long flight.

  • Hope this gets extended for Sunday also :(

  • They are great headphones. I prefer the bluetooth one and I got one today with the 10% off from bigw. Very happy.

  • When does the sale end?

  • i got mine too! 10% Big W Myer GC, then off to myer to get QC15 :D Didn't think about the JB price beat.. oh well.. a bargain anyhow! in the states these are $299USD + TAX!

    i thought the myer headphone sale was today only? unless they extend it?

    • That's what the website says. Saw this bargain too late. Was looking for NC headphones as well.

    • It depends on which sale it is referring to.

      Myer keeps having sales which coincide with each other, so the sale might not actually be part of the 1 day sale that they are having for 31st May.

  • Thanks for the post! Got mine for $290 with 3 last Myer cards from BigW ($270 + $20 in cash), a few minutes before the stores were closed.

  • Are these able to block out Variable Noises? e.g. somebody talking or a baby crying?

    I know pretty much most active noise cancelling headphones really only work when it is cancelling sound which keeps sounding the same, e.g. the whurr of a airplane engine.

    • Doesn't work as good. But it's still softer than when you have it off. When I turn them off, and the real noise sets in, it's almost deafening because the contrast between the quieted noise level and the real noise level is so huge and my ears need time to adjust.

  • Price back to $399.

  • Managed to get a pair on hold yesterday and have them honour the sale price today.

  • Got these ones for half of the price http://www.amazon.com/Audio-Technica-ATH-ANC7B-QuietPoint-No... . Are these ones twice better or just 25% better?

    • http://thewirecutter.com/reviews/best-noise-canceling-headph...

      “No, it’s not quite as comfortable, not quite as quieting, and not quite the sound quality of the Bose, but the little 7b does manage to deliver the second-best listening experience of the bunch for me. I definitely recommend the Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7b, a competent noise canceler with good sound at a very good price.” Butterworth was a little less enthusiastic, saying: “These are OK for the price. Average NC capability, OK (somewhat QC15-like) sound quality, pretty good comfort. A reasonable, low-priced alternative to the QC15. You get what you pay for….”

  • Myer Sydney Central 1 Day Sale today 12/July/2014. Got it (QC15) for $315 or around 20% off