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Genuine XIAOMI 10400mAh Power Bank from Banggood US $19.88 with Registered Airmail


Genuine XIAOMI 10400mAh Power Bank from Banggood US$ 19.88 with Registered Airmail

GOLD or Gray for $22.09
Use Coupon "ROCK" for getting 10% Off.

SILVER/BLUE/RED Color for $23.09

Original Item on Xiaomi MI website : http://www.mi.com/item/1135000430

To Use coupon, after registering please go the link below to activate coupon:

http://deals.banggood.com/deals/edm/topic/coupon0530/coupon.... (Click on Make Reservation)

This is 100% Genuine Xiaomi and not fake ones from ebay or Ali Express. I have got one before for almost $30 and it has the TI Control chip and LG Cells.

Detailed steps as below:

  1. Go to Link : http://www.banggood.com/ (MOD: Referral link only allowed at the end of post)
  2. Register on the site with your email address, if you are already registered go to step 3
  3. Go to link http://www.banggood.com/spread/World_Cup/?utm_design=19&utm_... to activate coupon "ROCK" by clicking the blue button "MAKE a RESERVATION"
  4. Your coupon "ROCK" is now activated to give you 10% Off
  5. Go to link http://www.banggood.com/Original-XIAOMI-5V-2A-10400mAh-Power... and choose the colour you want.
  6. Remember to change currency to US $ on the site and use your 28 Degrees MC preferably
  7. Go to shopping cart, apply coupon "ROCK" and checkout using Paypal/CC. Change Shipping Option to Registered Airmail to get free tracking upgrade.



Genuine Packaging Pics : http://bbs.xiaomi.cn/thread-9622505-1-1.html (New Paper Box Packaging for newer units)

The user submitted images on Banggood just denote how the fake ones look like.

Usually the one I got looks like this after I did a dis-assembly.


I complete charged my iPad Air + my Xperia Z fully and there was still some charge left.
So of course it should be a genuine Xiaomi.

As of this price, now these are available on Xiaomi (Chinese) website and costs just 88 Yuan (Around 15$) for 2 Units of this. Go her add to cart here : http://www.mi.com/item/1135000430.
Please note you can't to ship to Australia from MI Chinese website. They ship only to mainland china and HK.

One is for 69 Yuan and if you add another it is another 19 Yuan, so 2 for 88 Yuan or around US $15. Thats $7.5 per piece and there seem to be enough stock of all colors.


Please use my referral link below if you like the deal:


Referral Links

Referral: random (534)

Referee gets $20 in coupons. Referrer gets 10% off (if referee spends over $17)

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  • +9

    A Genuine XIAOMI?? Oh my lord!

    • +5

      Yes I had already got one from Banggood a few weeks back and its Genuine for sure as I had it opened up to check the cells and the power control circuit.

    • i bought one from a different website and its definitly not genuine

  • +3
    • That link is to understand the difference between the fake ones found in Alibaba/ebay. The one from Banggood are genuine for sure as I have bought and received/tested 1 set.

      • +6

        The few cents of referral commission you are getting is not worth of the injuries to fellow OzBargainers getting Banged Good. You say that you've ordered it and tested it, and therefore is genuine. DUDE, you're no expert. You've simply used it a couple of times and it holds it charge. That's only half of our concern. Fake power banks risk blowing up. You have proved that it works, but have shown no evidence that it's genuine.

  • ^Summary of my above unpublished post (which looks like only i can see..)

    • Just bought one
    • Requested banggood to be added to the list of random ozbargain member referral link generator thingo in the forums.
    • Only the more expensive colours look like will work with referrals, needs to be over US$20.

    Let's hope these are genuine and don't blow up! =) Stories about exploding cells are the reason I've stuck to single cell lithium torches.. scary stuff

    • +1

      The ones from banggood are surely genuine with LG Cells and Texas Instruments power controller chip.

      • +1

        I have one from banggood also. It is definitely genuine.

        • Mea culpa. I actually bought from UGood, not BangGood.

      • +3

        What if they change their suppliers?
        There has been too many fakes sold by banggood lately.

        • +1

          Scroll down to the user submitted images with the pink Samsung cells, that does not look genuine. Seems to be a crapshoot.

        • The user submitted images just denote how the fake ones look like.

          Usually the one I got looks like this after I did a dis-assembly.


          I complete charged my iPad Air + my Xperia Z fully and there was still some charge left.
          So of course its a genuine Xiaomi.

          As of this price, now these are available on Xiaomi (Chinese) website and costs just 88 Yuan (Around 15$) for 2 Units of this. Go her add to cart here : http://www.mi.com/item/1135000430

          One is for 69 Yuan and if you add another it is another 19 Yuan, so 2 for 88 Yuan or around US $15. Thats $7.5 per piece and there seem to be enough stock of all colors.

          Now I know why hosing is becoming so expensive in Oz, with all these profits from China/HK flowing in :P

  • ordered a romoss last time but never received end up getting money back. order a Xiaomi this time in trust of Bangood.com for having good experiences with this store in the past

    • I had a good experience with Bangood.com

      • its funny they actually send a little "thank you, please vote us 5 stars" in the packaging as well.

        i think the order was done through ebay or something.

  • Theres a xiaomi store in australia

    though it is more expensive

    • They name themselves XiaoMiStore, but how can we known if this is the authentic xiaomi distributor/reseller, if there is any, in Australia? Anyone could register another XiaoMiShop or RedMiStore which means nothing.

    • +1

      Not sure how legitimate they are.

      ABN not listed on site and no contact address/form. Will look into it a bit more.

    • +1

      I think I pointed this out on another thread that claims to be 'Genuine' XiaoMi product/seller.

      XiaoMi does not have any contractual 3rd party seller. All these people that claim it is genuine are either 'fake' or re-sellers that claims a huge markup. XiaoMiAustralia is no exception. What they do usually is bulk order from xi.com (official XiaoMi chinese outlet - the only official source) and cargo the batch to Australia and sells it at a huge margin. If you want genuine and fast, definitely XiaoMiAus is the way to go.

      Other sources that claims to be original and almost sells at the same price as the original… be aware!


      Regarding this deal. I cannot comment, as I haven't bought this product from BangGood. So just beware :)

      • +1

        Thought i'd chime in regarding xiaomistore.com.au. I'm one of the founders of the business, and we don't actually purchase from xi.com or otherwise. We have a direct buying relationship and all products come directly from Xiaomi. We recently returned from a trip to China where we had meetings at Xiaomi's HQ.

        We're a technology company and love Xiaomi so much that we've decided to make them available here as easily as possible. We hold local stock in North Sydney and bring new stock in almost weekly from our office in Hong Kong. We are a legitimate business with an ABN and offer complete Australian warranty to any customers buying from us. Additionally we provide top notch customer service and support.

        We're having a sale on Friday with the batteries for $29 and the Mi3 for $389.

        • +1

          I was going to buy one from banggood then I saw your post, now I will wait for the sale on Friday :)

        • +1

          You mean the 10400mAh one?

        • That's correct. We'll be selling the Mi PowerBank 10400mAh battery for $29 on Friday.

        • Including postage?

        • Shipping is $9.95 for Express Post.

  • nvm, I got it :) great deal.

  • +2

    Ordered one. This is my first power bank, hope it doesn't disappoint!

  • +1

    Xiaomi is really cheap, in China Xiaomo's 49' 4K revolution TV is only around AU$680. Hope it can be exported to Australia soon.

  • You propose they will track over AIRMAIL, in reality they will filtered by CN-post where they become a bangood..Y/n-cf. lithium prohibited'13.

    Where is the route-around in event of server-down [cargo ship.container]?? [Swiss]??

  • Just bought one from the mixmelot deal last night, hopefully it gets delivered, meritline has claimed there are customs issues in shipping out the power banks - some BS excuse

  • Agree bs precipitating sht outcomes subsequently
    think-of-the missing '370, or whitewashing :S.

  • I've taken the gamble. Let's see what happens when it arrives. I've had mixed experiences with banggood previously.

  • Genuine? Alot of banggood items are knockoffs, it's pretty hard to tell

  • +7

    Just a heads up to everyone. Banggood previously posted a deal about Xiaomi piston headphones, and every single one bought by OzBargainers (including me) received fakes. Link here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/145967

    The seller was so confident that they sell 'genuine' which everyone called BS. The seller are the one packaging and sending them off, there's no way they can possibly believe what they are sending are genuine.

    It's up to you whether you want to believe in the store or not, but I will never touch this store even with a 10 foot pole

  • +5

    Previous post by the rep from above link.

    Looks like a scam - pretends to be genuine and sells fakes, then blames the supplier.

    Just a heads up.

    Sorry,I just check our purchasing history,the suppliers changed once and the cost price is different,some of them may be fake ones.

    No worries,we would like to offer full refund for all the fake products,just feel free to drop me a mail.

    We will not sell fake products on purpose,that's stupid,you know,customer experience must come first,no sellers can make things perfect,we will try our best to deal with it.

  • If I purchase the goods using PaypAl and it turns out to be fake/counterfeit, can I fill for a dispute under PayPal protection?

    • +2

      Yes, but you're assuming that you will be able to pick it as fake, either by way of initial performance or by opening the case.

      There are unconvincing fakes, and there are very convincing looking ones, with fake or dangerously refurbed genuine cells. Electronic chip and other components can also - and are - faked.

      With the clever fakes, even some genuinely motivated sellers are being caught out.

      In the process of gaining a result from a PayPal dispute, neither the seller, nor PayPal, can ask you to return the item. Posting counterfeit goods in the mail - at all - is illegal under Australian law. So is sending back overseas a lithium battery containing item of this type.

      In addition, PayPal cannot ask you to post 'evidence of item destruction' when an item is fundamentally dangerous to destroy.

  • +8

    just look at the reviews on the site.
    There is even pictures

    • +1

      Thank you. I was about to make payment then saw your message

  • I bought a dodgy power bank from banggood last time when they posted the deal on OZB, luckily one user spotted the fake Samsung batteries used inside and pursue them so hard that everyone who bought that deal got total refund. I am not confident about this deal.

    • Which deal was that? I tried the search but couldn't see it.

  • +7

    Gotta love how every single product that has reviews on BangGood rate products at 5 stars (with a few 4 star ratings).

    Wouldn't trust a site that clearly filters and selects which reviews get posted, in order to dupe you into buying the same based on 100% 5 star reviews lol.

    I vote to ban BangGood from promoting/advertising or being advertised here. OzB should be looking out for it's members, not allowing them to be scammed by known-to-be dodgy sellers :/

  • +1

    just bought one after reading a few comments saying genuine, now reading the rest of the comments I'm not so sure…

    Can i cancel my order right now as I just made it?

    Or do i wait if a fake arrives then contact bangood to get refund?

    • +2

      Ah man, i just ordered one too! :(

      • Ditto ….. I've been burnt by fake chargers b4, and promised myself I'd never buy from a dodgy source again. Now here I am once again. :(

        The OP better spend his referral credits b4 we all file our Paypal claims.

        • +1

          Literally burnt?

        • Not literally, but the same possibly won't be able to be said about this one.


        • -1

          Well all I can say is I ordered 1 Silver one around 6 weeks back and using it for past 2 weeks and can confirm that it indeed is genuine.

          Unless they are really dodgy and have changed suppliers, lets hope for the best. Once you all get the item compare to this pic here after disassembly :


          I have bought another one yesterday, always have Paypal to fall back to and also the Banggood rep here as well. Lets hope for the best.

        • +1

          Fingers crossed, I've just received shipping confirmation. Lets reconvene in a few weeks.

        • I cancelled my order via live chat and they're processing refund..

  • So is it genuine or fake? - I need a new power pack

  • According to facebook they will be back instock on Tuesday 17th June from http://www.mi.com/sg/mipowerbank/ $13.99 so I'm going to wait (hopefully the shipping prices won't be overly expensive…

    • And according to that site, they use LG and Samsung batteries. So if you get one with Samsung batteries from bang good, that doesn't necessarily mean it's a fake. Which will make it trickier to spot if it is fake.

      • +1

        Convincing looking fake LG and Samsung wraps are on cells in circulation in the Chinese market.

  • +1

    be extra careful with items like powerbanks, you don't want to get fake ones as these might be walking timebombs,

    they are officially at 12 AUD shipped direct from Xiaomi from where I am staying at the moment, but they employ dirty marketing tactics by limiting supply each week, which have lots of people foaming at their mouths waiting to get one.

    • Phone-wise, promo-wise and otherwise, Xiaomi have been playing a very clever marketing and stock-limits game for a while now. Some of their gear (the genuine stuff anyway) is clearly pretty good, but some of the frenzy for it is getting silly. The initial release of new models, purportedly see some crazy scenes.

      The company has big ambitions all across Asia and beyond, so things should stay interesting.

      • it should,
        with the upcoming 49" Mi TV 2, packed with LG 3D panel, Android user interface, 4k ready, ultra slim body, and a price of approx 685 AUD, ANY of you tech geeks here would BUY it in a heartbeat, I am quite sure of that (and foaming in the mouth ensues) ;)

        if anyone's curious how da f*** Xiaomi does it, just imagine the China version of Amazon, where they throw cheap devices (kindle fire) at you and make back the money from their ecosystem, do remember China has banned Google Playstore.

        • I bet it wont be available in Australia at your quoted price

  • +5

    Check the reviews, its fake.

    • +2

      I think one person has just posted one that he got, not necessarily from BangGood.

      I took mine apart just now again to verify it's all fine. Everything was in order. Hopefully these orders will be the same.

      EDIT : Mea culpa. I actually bought from UGood, not BangGood. I will be dissecting the two I bought from this sale on delivery. Sorry for giving the wrong impression.

  • Thanks for this timely deal. I was on the lookout for this on ebay, to take on an upcoming trip overseas. This is a good $10 cheaper for a silver one, and according to most posts here, a genuine item vs ebay!

    • and according to most posts here, a genuine item vs ebay!

      Which posts?! lol

      • The earlier ones, when we where all optimistic…… I'm not even hearing the OP spruik its authenticity now!

        • Is the price too cheap that you guys are thinking it is fake. There is enough supply on Xiaomi website now, in fact if you know anyone in HK/Mainland china, you can get 2 of them for less than US $20 shipped.


        • +3

          Don't take it personally, regenade. Any criticism or skepticism of these being genuine Xiaomi isn't an attack on you or your judgment. These may be genuine, and you might really have a genuine one - the point here is that people should exercise some caution before we all mass purchase, that's all.

          As others have said before, some fakes are incredibly convincing. It's not that I or others don't trust you. The lack of trust is with BangGood.

        • Ya I totally understand. And reading some past dealings with Banggood we never know. Anyways lets hope we all get genuine ones. There will a day soon when fake Boeings and F16 are made in China with all the requisite certified stamps !!

          And ya I will apply my usual policy of if they dont send with a tracking and what I get turns out to be a fake, open an item not received dispute at around 35~40 days. 99.99% of the time you get your money back without questions :P

  • +3

    Bang-good = big explosion?

  • +2

    BangGood store rep has been online today.

    Not a peep in this thread though.

    Just sayin'

    • +1

      Hmm, let us drom him a PM :P

  • Sorry guys was away full day, so could not participate here much, 1st post updated with more Info. Les hope Banggood have not turned out to be dodgy, changed suppliers and as I got few weeks back , the should be the same Genuine ones.

  • So is the consensus it's a fake or genuine? Has anybody got one from BangGood that they'd like to dissect to check for authenticity?

    • If you read my post above, I had got one few weeks back (Silver) and its surely a genuine one as per the genuine item packaging (posted in 1st post) and also the dissection that I had done to reveal the Texas Instrument (TI) controller and the LG Batteries. Also usually its very easy to find out if its fake as once you open up the Aluminium shell the fake ones have green PCB in most variations and do not have the TI chip. Also the micro USB slot plastic is black instead of white (genuine is white). Check out links in 1st post for more details.

      But please remember this is what was the case when I ordered. If Banggood becomes dodgy and change suppliers , we never know. Only way would be then to fall back to Paypal.

      Please note that in the banggood listing, the last pic clearly shows the LG Battery and diss-assembly pics, so if it is not genuine and like as in pic, forms a clear case of Item not described. Even easier way out is select shipping without tracking and once you believe the item what you got is fake, punish banggood and raise a dispute marking item as not received at around the 35~40 Day mark :P

  • "As of this price, now these are available on Xiaomi (Chinese) website and costs just 88 Yuan (Around 15$) for 2 Units of this. Go her add to cart here : http://www.mi.com/item/1135000430

    One is for 69 Yuan and if you add another it is another 19 Yuan, so 2 for 88 Yuan or around US $15. Thats $7.5 per piece and there seem to be enough stock of all colors."

    I don't understand. Are you saying we should buy it from Bang-Good or Mi?

    In addition, two of the power-packs from Mi costs 138 Yuan. How do you get an additional one for 19 Yuan?

    • Unless you have a friend/relative in China/HK, you wont be able to ship it to Australia :P
      You can always buy from MI directly if you have a friend/relative or a freight forwarder.

      • So why mention it?

        • Thats to say whats the original price, as most of us are thinking that its so cheap means that it must be fake :P. Anyways most of us know here that you cant buy from MI China or even MI Singapore website as they dont ship to Australia directly.

        • -1

          I'm actually thinking it's so expensive it must be a fake

  • +3

    majority of the pictures and reviews indicate this is a fake product. Will not try my luck, wouldn't want carrying a bomb

  • +4

    Let's do a recount of the observation so far, and I echo that this is not a personal attack on OP's authenticity. Although I do not understand why does the OP continue to try to vouch for the product and convince potential buyers knowing that the seller has poor history.

    1. We have a person using a referral to Bang Good advertising a product. His claim is that he has personally bought the product a received a genuine one.

    2. We have multiple people stating the Bang Good has a proven history of selling counterfeit products, as evident by previous threads and posts in them.

    Now, a risk analysis, is the benefit of buying this product sufficient to justify the risks?
    A. You buy, product genuine: You score a great product at a great bargain.
    B. You buy, product fake: You buy a product that may not work as advertised, is not worth as much, and a potential to explode when used.
    C. You don't buy, product genuine: You miss out on a bargain this time, knowing that there are other products and other bargains in the future.
    D. You don't buy, product fake: All safe.

    In the end it's up to you to make your own judgement. If you want my opinion: 1. I don't trust this seller anymore, 2. The danger of buying a poorly made lithium battery is way too dangerous (fake headphone is one thing, potential explosives is a completely different story).

    • +6

      OP has a referral link so that could be a reason why OP tries so hard to sell it

  • Please refer to the XiaoMi unique globe website http://www.mi.com/ for products

    • That's a great idea, except they won't send to Australia.

  • I got one charger from the previous deal by banggood,, it's going good.

  • Also three reviews said original and good.


  • Buy or not????

  • recently bought few stuff from Bangood, I found that its customer services are really helpful, Now just concern about the delivery from China as both time buying chargers sending from China but never received. If this charger comes but not in genuine , I will ask its customer service for refunds

  • +2

    I ordered one right after I read the description from OP before I read through the rest and actually did some research on "fake vs real" xiaomi power bank. after reading some threads and going through photos comparisons, I believe this product is not going to be a genuine one. So I contacted banggood to cancel my order. Although the power bank is cheap, but I don't want to take the risk of carrying a bomb everywhere.

  • Anyone received their order?

    • Not yet. I've got a Philips head screwdriver on standby for the moment it does.

  • received this today…will open it later tonight, the packaging looks very convincing tho, might be a good sign!