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Julius Marlow Click Frenzy Deal - Shoes Delivered FROM $59 ($49 if Sign up for Newsletter)


Prices range from $59 to $119 but some $59 shoes are normally $139 and lots of shoes at around half price.

I haven't cross checked with the Myer sale or DJ sale yet so if there are some styles there that are better price then feel free to share.

Also, if you sign up then you get $10 off your purchases and because there is free delivery then if you order more than one pair then you can get $10 off each pair if you have the equivalent number of new accounts with Julius Marlow.

PS I assume it ends at end of financial year as this is emailed to me as a click frenzy preview

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Julius Marlow

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    I assume it ends at end of financial year as this is emailed to me as a click frenzy preview

    I haven't received my preview (need to check spam folder), but I thought ClickFrenzy is 24 hours only, i.e. expires 7PM tomorrow?

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    +1 from me for honoring the thongs :D


    bought some last time - already falling apart at the toe. leather isnt great quality

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    $10 code does not appear to work - it says full price only.

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      Correct, it no longer works on reduced items (like it used to). Given the quality, $59 is too much.


    $10 off code doesn't work here either

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    FOLKS Do yourself a favour and buy some real, quality shoes that will last you a while. These are mostly poorly made and it's literally a waste of money.

    There is a RM Williams 50% deal (rare) currently @ David Jones. I know some of my mates and their fathers who have used these shoes for 10 years + with only minor servicing:


    You can buy these for $250 and I assure you that they will last for a long. long time. They are Australian made too.

    If your budget is lower, then I suggest you give Florsheim. They are made in India and generally have better quality than Julius Marlow.

    PS: Hush Puppies is the same brand as Julius Marlow so avoid them too!

    Relevant Discworld quote: https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/72745-the-reason-that-the-r...


      The same company owns Clarks, and I generally hear good things. Same factory or worth avoiding too?

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        Well, they will most certainly be made in China as well. Best to check them out at Myer and see how they feel etc. The main thing is the durability of the sole and the construction.

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          I have had several pairs of Julius Marlow shoes and I find them to be quite acceptable, expecially considering the price. Mine will last at least 2 years of 5 day weeks and remain in good condition, I certainly don't take good care of them either.

          FOLKS: Given these are a 5th of the price of an RM Williams and don't look like my hillbilly uncle would wear them to his local B&S then I'd say these are still an option.

          tl;dr: They're decent shoes for the price, obviously not top quality…

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    I can only speak for my experience as I have 2 pairs of their shoes and have been waiting for this deal to come up because my shoes have been great. I do a LOT of dancing and I dance really hard and the durability has been great. I haven't tried the more expensive brands recommended above so maybe I'm missing out and I don't know it but this is my preferred brand within the under $100 price range

    My code doesn't work either, but the website and my welcome email absolutely says that I can use the code to get $10 off my next purchase. I'll find out why and report back

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    I bought 2 pairs of Julius Marlow office shoes (about $80 per pair) almost 2 years ago now. They are both very comfy to wear and are both still in very good condition. Not buying anymore yet since they are still fine but my next office work shoes will definitely be JM.


    Quick heads-up.

    IIRC I bought 3 pair with a similar offer last year, including signing up to the newsletter three times to get the $10 off. Within 48 hours my orders were cancelled because of a stock error. All three. They offered replacements, purportedly more expensive shoes but it turns out those were also out of stock. Ultimately I was refunded but it did take more than 2 weeks. It was frustrating, but perhaps turnabout is fair play..

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