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This is the fuel watch thread for Victoria. Please feel free to post the latest best fuel prices here.


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Unleaded petrol 91 is already above 150 cent around south eastern Melbourne. While driving back to home after 12.10 am on 18/06/14 I found it on south gippsland hwy near the intersection of pound road.


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    I see 137.3 on the sign, but it's not much of a bargain anyway. Petrol is going for this price all the time, depending on the day of the week. On Monday I filled up at less than 2 cents more than this.

  • Smells good!
    Around $1.65 today in Brisbane

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    I filled up around this price the other day, this isn't a bargain…

  • My local service station is 139.98/L
    this is NSW though and for unleaded not E10 and before you take 4c discount off

    • OW! I knew NSW was expensive place to live, but never imagined being this much expensive! 139.98 per litter? Glad I live in Melbourne.

      • Ummm, 139.98 is CHEAPER ;-)
        (and by the way, holden93 said nothing about fines for littering :p )

      • OW! I knew NSW was expensive place to live, but never imagined being this much expensive! 139.98 per litter? Glad I live in Melbourne.

        glad you do too, with discernment like that we wouldn't want you encouraging the Petrol retailers ripping us off anymore, :)

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        Once the world's oil runs out in 50 years, $140 a litre will seem like a bargain. :(

        • I thought it ran out during the scare campaign in the 1970s ;-)

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          Huh? The 70s oil crisis had nothing to do with the depletion of oil… it was to do with an oil embargo by a bunch of arab countries.

        • Actually it did; they were predicting it would be depleted in less than 30 years (or 20ish years adjusted for growth)
          Hence why the embargo was so effective, and scared the rest of the world ;-)

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          The oil companies are always going to tell us that more oil exists than in reality, because they want to us continue using it at our current rates.

        • And others are going tell us we are running out (including oil companies when it suits them - such as an excuse to raise prices)
          I remember my Grandfather telling me about a 1939 prediction from the US Department of the Interior that stated that United States oil supplies would only last another 13 years :p

          Many times, a precise prediction about something with many unknowns will prove to be wrong ;-)

        • Many times, a precise prediction about something with many unknowns will prove to be wrong

          Well put…

          Hell for 50 years scientists told us fat in food was bad bad bad, now its not so.

          But better than medieval times where the world was flat for 100's of years

      • lol you know what i mean lol

        i went into the city last night and it was at least 30 cents more expensive then out my way near Parramatta.

  • What were you doing driving around at 12:10am?

    • What are you doing on ozbargain at 1:55am?

      Actually, what am I doing with my life at 1:55 am …

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        What are you doing on ozbargain at 1:55am?

        The saying goes :
        "The early Ozbargainer catches the bargain…"

    • What were you doing driving around at 12:10am?

      He probably lives in Pakenham…

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    134 here, has been for past few months

    • A constant, cheap price? No-one will believe that without details.

      • Well it was posted by a storyteller :)

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        I live in country Victoria and the price has been pretty stable 133-135~ for since before Xmas.

        neg away you city slickers

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    Who would have thought one day petrol @ 141.3c/L would be considered a deal!?

  • Price match at OW?

  • it is 141.5 everywhere in west victoria from laverton to geelong

  • Also noted a couple of petrol stations while driving to work this morning still around $1.41 for E10, but others have risen the price to nearly $1.60 in Sydney. I bet all these stations will up the price by the end of the day. So this is not a bargain, just usual cycle of petrol price :(

  • I would expect prices to creep up given the crap going down in Iraq., brace yourselves.

    • Yeah I was thinking that it might be a good idea to top up the fuel tank depending how much more ground ISIS takes over. Heard in Media prices might be reflected in 3 weeks time..

  • United sells sh.t petrol, better to pay a bit extra at shell or BP and get quality petrol then paying less at united, and end paying more to your mechanic. I always had complains with the quality of petrol at united, even the E10 they claim as premium 95 is not actually prem95, and unleaded 91 also contains ethanol, that's how they cheat to their customers. they can obviously sell cheaper then others, when they are not actually selling petrol.

    • You seem to know well about the quality of Petrol in different retailers.

      What about Liberty. I used to be Shell and Caltex customer for many years. Finally I totally stopped buying petrol from them and started throwing away the fuel discount coupon I get after buying groceries from Coles or Safeway. This was just because of the fact that they fool customers and always inflate the petrol prices based on what they discount coupon offer. This affect very badly for the market and drive average prices up.

      I first started trying this out when Coles had 20C discount vouchers and their prices were about 25C higher than Liberty prices in that week end. I filled with Liberty with Unleaded95 which is same one I used to fill from Shell all the time. At that week I got little bit more mileage out from the tank. In my new car I have quiet accurate display on all the stats on fuel consumption. I did this few times by changing between Shell and Liberty and came to a conclusion that same grade expensive petrol at Shell gives less mileage. I don't know if they have less Octane in their 95% one. Later I tried between BP and Liberty and didn't see much difference as I saw between Coles and Liberty.

      For last 2+ years I sticked with o Liberty to buy petrol. Never tried United so I don't how they compare with these 4.

      • You do realise that with receptacle agreements often it all comes from the same import terminal.

        • The funny thing is here in Adelaide it's absolutely true: all petrol supplied to the city comes from one import source, but you'll still see endless arguments on forums about how BP unleaded is superior to Caltex unleaded, or Shell unleaded, etc. People buy into the PR fluff and marketing put out by companies to convince the populous that their identical product is superior.

        • Same same with WA. It's all BP apparently.

        • As you said I didn't notice any difference in fuel economy between Liberty and BP. However I thought Liberty gave bit more km's (again negligible) over Shell when I tested few times. It could well be the way I had to drive and the routes I went through during those tests.

          So all in all there's no difference in fuel quality between Shell, Caltex, Liberty and BP. Only difference is pricing. BP is high based on the hype they've managed to create. Shell and Caltex are ruining the whole market and making it bad for general public. I agree that they have so many fuel stations covering all the areas which is a good thing. However the way they artificially inflate the prices by significant amounts is not good for us. Being a regular shopper at Coles and getting discount vouchers every week, I thought I would do my bit and I am filling from Liberty all the time now.

          The turning point was one day when there was a 20 cent voucher posted on OZB for Shell I took that and filled the tank for almost $100 on my way home just to see the Liberty next to home has the same 95 unleaded for over 20 cents cheaper. So what's the point showing Shell that we still bite their tricks with Vouchers. It's a double win for Coles with ability to attract customers for every day grocery and then at the same time pushing them to buy fuel from Shell at an inflated price.

          On the day Coles and Safeway managed to attract a significant majority for Shell and Caltex the other small retailers will die slowly and there won't be much competition in the fuel retail. That's we have to start paying the real price for that. I actually try to stick with local shops when I shop for veggies and fruits too (Given the price is same or better which is not hard to find)

    • Filled 3 times 98 in the same United, the emission control light went off in all occasions. Some suggest ethanol mixed. TBC.

  • Not sure how reliably it is updated but I used to work next to MotorMouth in Brisbane and they have a fuel tracking and comparison website. Cheapest ULP on their website in the greater Melbourne region is 140.5c @ Caltex Bulleen.

    • In Inner South east Melbourne I still see ULP 95 in Liberty for 140.5 or 141 every where for past few days and it's not seem to be fluctuating at all. However Shell has bumped up the price to 160 from couple of days back.

  • These high price periods cost me an ~$12 on a full tank in my van, and the tank's so empty I avoid parking on an incline :(. I'm holding out as long as I can with my 20L petrol can reserve I replenished when the price was around $1.38/L.

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    Does Dick Smith offer a 12% discount on these Fuel Watches?

  • Merged from Unleaded Petrol @ 129.7 in United near Kew Depot, VIC

    Drove past United at Barkers Rd (near Kew Depot) and noticed display price almost 20c lower than others like Shell (149.x) and Caltex(149.x). Might be useful for someone staying nearby or passing through.

    Note: Not sure if it's Melbourne wide price in United.

  • Merged from ULP 91 for $118.9 Per Litre @ High Street Road, Wantirna South, Melbourne

    Hi everyone,

    Thought I'd share a goodie has has been going on about this whole week.

    A 7-11 servo along High Street Road, Wantirna South, had ULP 91 listed as 119.9 for the early start of the week for a few days. But as I didn't have the fleet card, I couldn't top up there.

    Then, the Caltex down the street started matching it- and even better, at 118.9.

    Almost everywhere else is going for 130 to 125. Specific address: 1321 High St Rd, Wantirna South VIC 3152.

    Enjoy! :)

  • Merged from Diesel 89.9c/Litre, Petrol 99.5c/Litre at Woolworths Caltex Geelong VIC

    A new United opened at the corner of Shannon Avenue and Aberdeen Street on Thursday and lowered its price from 114.9c/litre to 99.7c/litre. Woolworths Petrol and Apco has also lowered their price to under $1 Per/Litre in the Geelong area. Not sure how long it will last.

  • if you have Costco m/ship and passing Moorabbin Airport, it's $0.979 unlead 91. cheaper for diesel.
    last trip it was 0.939 - not really use to this as the litre of fuel rose quicker than the dollar figure. I still miss $0.49/L - the good old days when I earn way less…

  • Merged from Unleaded 93.9c [89.9 with Disc Vouc] Coles Hume Fwy after Craigieburn (near Donnybrook Rd Exit)

    Heading up the Hume? Drop by to get some cheap fuel for under 90c per liter.
    I can't remember the last time i paid sub 90c for petrol. 10 years ago?
    Nearly got free petrol too- man in front of me paid for my pump instead of his. Lucky i told him.

  • Merged from 96.9c Unleaded Petrol Puma Petrol Station Murray Rd/Albert St Preston VIC

    In the past few days, the petrol prices are around the 120c mark.

    Puma Energy Preston is still selling petrol at 96.9c

    Location: Petrol Puma Petrol Station Murray Rd/Albert St Preston VIC

  • We've typically been Shell buyers but in recent times the discounted price has generally been about (in reality) about 1c off.
    In the past week, sticker price is about $1.30, discounted $1.26. (Undiscounted) Street price of the competition (majors) seems to be about $1.23
    Is Shell delusional??

    • noticed today that woolworths seem to have caught on to Coles scheme and are also now doing the displayed discounted price is the same as or slightly more than the other competition

      • Yeah, spotted that this week. What duopoly?? The good news is that we dont have the house and car cluttered with the 4c discount vouchers anymore - tho I guess Woolies people didnt have that problem (by having the fuel discount attached to the card).
        I guess it;ll be BP from now on!

  • Merged from Unleaded 114.7 cents at Metro Petrostation, Carlton

    Cheap(er) Petrol for the weekend at Metro petrostation on Princes str and Nicholson str, Carlton.
    Unleaded E10 $1.107
    Unleaded $1.147
    Diesei $1,119
    Premium $1.259

  • Merged from E10 $0.99, Unleaded $1.04, Diesel $1.04 @ Metro Nicholson St Carlton (Vic)

    Just spotted these ripper prices at 9:45pm. There's a stack of cars queued up. Unleaded is at least $0.22 cheaper than anywhere else that I can find driving home. Diesel is an awesome price too. Enjoy :)

  • which one better petrol 91 or 95

  • Merged from 99.9c/L 98+ Petrol (7/11 Heidelburg VIC)

    The Servo is out of regular, so they are selling the 98 at the regular fuel price. Hope this helps somebody!

  • Metro Petrol in Marcus Rd, Dingley Village:

    ULP: 103.7
    E10: 99.7
    98: 119.7
    Diesel: 99.7

  • Unleaded 91 at Metro Petroleum Carlton for 112.9c/L. :-)