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This is the fuel watch thread for Victoria. Please feel free to post the latest best fuel prices here.


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Unleaded petrol 91 is already above 150 cent around south eastern Melbourne. While driving back to home after 12.10 am on 18/06/14 I found it on south gippsland hwy near the intersection of pound road.


    • Fuel checker shows me 98 136.7 is the lowest for today.

    • Standard price, been like that for the past few days.

    • Yeah that's the price for the last couple of days.

    • Why is this pricing even posted?

    • This is just the normal price for the cycle. I know 7/11 fuel gets automatic positive votes any time the words 98 fuel are used but cmon this is no deal.

      • Might not be a deal for most, but it's still 25c cheaper than where I'm from.

  • Merged from [VIC] Diesel 139.9c/L @ Shell Yarraville
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    This relatively new Shell service station has held the same price for Diesel fuel for about 6 weeks now, it’s the best price I’ve seen in the West of Melbourne. For comparison, today best price is 145.9 @ 7-Eleven Yarraville, or 142.9 @ Caltex Altona North.

    Shell Address: 250 Whitehall St, Yarraville VIC 3013

    Note they don’t accept Amex and aren’t connect with Coles Express / Flybuys etc.

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      Looks a good price for diesel but no so for unleaded.

      • Yeah, more so a deal for the diesel (which is what I buy, so can’t say I’m close to ULP prices).

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      U91 124.9 11-Seven Truganina. VIC 3029

      Source: https://projectzerothree.info/

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        This is for diesel not U91. For Diesel not too much difference anyway 140.7

        • Yep when I posted my comment the title said

          [VIC] Diesel 139.9c/L / ULP 135.9c/L @ Shell Yarraville


          The Op since removed it.

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            @DisabledUser35983: Yeah I originally had the title as Diesel only, but changed it to include the ULP as I figured why not, but as it was rightly pointed out the bargain is just for Diesel which was the reason for my post. Apologies for the confusion.

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      Metro Truganina CNR Leakes and Palmer @ $137.9 Diesel if you are in the West

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      Just think of the fuel excise* free price @97.6 cents/litre!

      *once known as “the road user charge” but the politicians realised the people might twig it raises much more revenue than they actually spend on roads.

    • Read that as Vin Diesel for a moment! Vic Diesel is his brother ;-)

    • For those who want to keep track of the cycle: https://www.accc.gov.au/consumers/petrol-diesel-lpg/petrol-p...

  • Merged from VIC. Shell, Coles Express. Unleaded Petrol 125.9. Sydenham. Corner Kings Road and Melton Highway
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    Shell. Coles Express
    Unleaded Petrol 125.9 Corner Kings Road and Melton Highway as of 14:26 AEDT.

    • Those who cannot afford the helicopter ride to Ryde NSW for 122.7 price lock at 7-11, for them it is a deal

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    Merged from [VIC] Unleaded 98+ $1.399/L @ 7-Eleven Rosebud
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    Good price. Time to go for a drive/fly/teleport to fill up.

    Credit to projectzerothree and its founder.

    • fast! xD

    • How do you guys get notified with this type of 7-11 fuel price alerts?

      • I just check Ozbargain.

        There's also an app that was posted by another Ozbargainer which you can set price alerts.

      • Eleven me app

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      I wouldn't pay 1.399/L for 98

      • You’re right, though I saw fuel going up to 171 for 91 fuel at a few servos near my place.

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          Always nice to see their face when they realise you just got a 50c/L saving. I've managed that a few times now, I will sometimes go out of my way to use the most expensive 7-Eleven just for that satisfaction.

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      Seems to be normal fuel cycle price. The next cheapest 2 7/11 locations are 140.7 for U98 nationwide and 141.9 at Truganina also in VIC

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        Agreed. This is not a bargain.

    • Thanks for sharing!

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    123.9 u95 Altona North Caltex

  • Merged from [VIC] Diesel Fuel $123.9/L @ Costco Epping (Membership Required)
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    Diesel selling for $123.9/L at Costco Epping petrol station. Price may vary. Filled up yesterday. Membership required. $60 per year. About 20 cents cheaper then elsewhere.

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      "Diesel fuel Costco Epping $123.9/L"

      Wow, so much demand for petrol! Coronavirus?

    • Available for 128.7 @ Costco North Lakes QLD

    • Epping VIC not NSW.

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      $123.9/L… Can anyone afford that? it's so expensive.

      • super duper expensive !!

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    Merged from [VIC] U91 $0.999/L @ Shell Derrimut
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    Shell Coles Express- 285 Fitzgerald Rd, Derrimut VIC 3030

    99.9 cents/litre

    Stack with 6 cents targeted email deal with 4 cents from shopping. Brings it down to a crazy 89.9 cents per litre.

    Should be a forum post but this is a really low price.


  • Merged from [VIC] U91 $0.989/L @ Woolworths Caltex Laverton North
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    I know similar post. Also forum post but this is a really low price.

    4 Leakes Rd (cnr Fitzgerald Rd) Laverton North VIC 3026
    -37.83508690841682 144.7822105311418


    Stack with wish gift cards and 4 cents discounts brings price down even more :)

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    Merged from VIC 91ULP 99.9c at Caltex/Woolworths Laverton North. 95.9c with Woolworths Rewards 4c discount
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    4 Leakes Road, Laverton North is the address of this servo.

    I haven't seen petrol below $1 in Melbourne for a long time.

  • Merged from [VIC] 98.9c before 4c Discount Unleaded Petrol at Caltex Woolworths, Laverton North
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    AUD at 18yr lows, petrol nicely falling.

    91 98.9c
    95 111.9c
    98 118.9c

    Double dip with CR 5% e-gift cards.

  • Merged from [VIC] Premium U98 $1.179/L @ Woolworths Caltex Laverton North ($1.139/L with Coupon)
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    No helicopters here, but could be good if you're in the area

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      You are incorrect.
      U91 can be found cheaper

    • 91 is actually

      110.7 11-Seven Palm Beach North Palm Beach

      If you care about the 0.2c a litre ;) but if you're already firing up the teleporter, why not?

      Great price though.

      • I wasn't sure if you could lock in states other than your own I'll have to test it next time!

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      Was cheaper March 19-20
      E10: 107.9
      91: 109.9
      98: 127.9

      Currently still cheaper than your prices too.

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      U91 is 99 cents at BP Laverton Victoria

    • The petrol may be cheaper at other servos but the difference is you can spoof your location and get the petrol at any 7-Eleven

    • lock it in then milk em dry!

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      My 95 is 0.8 cents more than 91 lol.
      Hence, actually just take a look around rather than blindly following 7/11 because they can lock in..

      I guess, for those too lazy to do anything though and don't mind spoofing GPS location but you pay for convenience.

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        As of the latest update you don't need to pre-fill you 7-eleven fuel card so there's no risk in locking in, I just keep it handy in the event I don't see anything better in the mean time

    • Petrol is under $1 around aus just wait couple days.

    • These are regular fuel cycle prices that can be found for cheaper at none 7/11 stores and with 7/11 stores the price difference in top 3 and each state is almost none existant.

      Just because it is 0.002 (yes 1/5 cent cheaper) than next 7/11 servo around Oz isn't worth while to post as a deal. Endeavour Hills isn't even the cheapest anymore for 7/11 for U95 and U98.

      Hence was merged into this thread

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    Merged from (Vic) 99.9 ULP 95.9 E10 at United Next to Southland
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    Crazy cheap petrol for Melbornians!

    Ulp 99.9
    LPG 65.9

    Not sure what dist 139.9 is or if that is good or bad.

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    Currently 85.9c at United in Watergardens

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    Merged from [VIC] E10 85.9c and U91 89.9c @ United Petroleum Watergardens
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    Cheapest U91 fuel of the year so far.

    Located next to Watergardens shopping centre. Long queue.

  • Merged from [VIC] Unleaded 91 $0.887/L (Membership Required) @ Costco Epping
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    Costco 91 petrol 0.88 ;
    Costco 98 petrol 1.06;
    Costco diesel 1.13;
    Membership required
    Costco Epping

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      Both our local Coles & Woolies are charging $1.359 for 91. Glad to see they’re not price gouging.

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        Some stations up here (Sunshine Coast) are selling for $1.08, others for $1.59.

    • Is this everywhere? Is Costco pricing universal?

      • No Costco in Kilburn SA is 86.7cpl for 91, 108.7cpl for 98 and 109.7cpl for diesel although i expect they will go lower as the nearby OTR is selling 91 for 83.5cpl and 98 for 105.5cpl however their diesel is 131.9cpl.

      • There's a few facebook Costco Fuel price watch groups so maybe there's one for your local Costco. According to that Moorabin (vic/melb) its still $1.017 for 91


    • I saw petrol 87.9 last night on OG road in Kelmzig SA. So use apps like motormouth to check out prices near you.

    • Need 7/11 to price match……..and then I will go for a "drive" and fill up…cough cough…..

      • Yeah 7-11 (and other servos in Epping) used to match Costco up the road, but they gave up a few months ago.

        • My local Coles express in Endeavour Hills is 99.9 for ULP. There is a 7/11 down the road.

          Shouldnt be too long now……

      • cough cough…
        Username checks out

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      Can we fix the title and description to read Costco……and not Cotsco???

    • Great prices, too bad we cant really go anywhere other than down the local shops (or to work for those who still can/do).

      • Aren't you going to Costco for a bootcamp?

        But seriously why can't you go for a drive to Costco to fuel up?

        • Distance I'd have to drive to a CostCo would exceed the savings than just driving to my local Aldi/Colesworth. That being said, my local (Casula) only carries E10 and 98, I try to stick to regular 91 since its an older car, maybe it changed recently..

  • Merged from [VIC] 99c/L Unleaded Petrol at United Southland (1150 Nepean Highway, Highett VIC)
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    Not sure how long this will last.. but currently in Melbourne you can see the price go all the way up to 135.9 or even some at 150.. so take advantage of this while you can. Good luck to all.

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    Merged from [VIC] 99.9c unleaded at United Petrol Mitcham
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    Haven't seen these prices since the 90s, looks like the Russia / Saudi standoff + pandemic is pushing prices down on some outlets. Not everyone's this cheap.

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    Merged from Unleaded 91 98.9c E10 93.9c Diesel 115.9c @ Metro Reservoir South
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    Cheapest I've seen in years need ten words they said

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    Merged from [VIC] U91 $099.9 @ Liberty Edwardes St Reservoir
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    Long time lurker, first time poster. Ripper deal on petrol if you're in and around the northern suburbs of Melbourne.

  • Merged from Unleaded 91 Fuel - Costco Morabbin @ 88.7 Cents/L
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    Fuel prices are meant to be low but seems like only Costco has reduced their prices. Majority of other companies are selling 91 fuel at 130cents and 98 fuel at 170 cents. Even Diesel is cheaper than most fuel stations.

    Seems like a pretty good deal if you have Costco membership!

    91 Fuel - 88.7 cents
    98 Fuel - 113.7 cents
    Diesel - 112.7 cents

    • U91 was 84.7 on Wednesday at Costco, Casula NSW.

  • Merged from [VIC] Unleaded E10 Petrol $0.919/L @ Metro Fuel 291 Nicholson St, Carlton VIC 3053
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    Drove past and saw that petrol is pretty cheap at the moment.

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    Merged from Costco Unleaded Fuel 86.7c at Moorabbin VIC
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    Good Price for Fuel 86.7 c unleaded Fuel at Costco Moorabbin VIC
    Membership Required

  • Merged from [VIC] Fuel 91 RON @ $0.837/L 98 RON @ $0.997/L @ Costco Moorabbin [Membership Required]
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    Take advantage of this if you're in the area! A couple of full tanks should pay off the membership price at this rate!

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      7/11 has 91 for 83.9 at the moment and no membership required, just a helicopter.

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      $83.70 seems expensive for petrol

      • ….holycrap! i just spent $4,328.00 filling up my subaru….