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WELTV Premium $269 Free Express Delivery @ One Stop Admin


We have WELTV Premium version for sale at $269 with express delivery.
Link as http://www.onestopadmin.com.au/homepage-products/weltv-premi...

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  • What is tvpad ? Pardon my ignorance . Thanks heaps.

  • Whats this Chinese/Korean application?

    • Cant say for TVPAD3 but…


      KOREAN = solive, or KKS (Has the HD chans in one lump).
      Chinese = Which type of Chinese? China TV? Hong Kong TV? Taiwan TV?

      All easy to setup!

      • You can get any chinese TV channels you can think of, TVB, Phoenix, ATV

        • I was referring to the comment from the seller

          Please leave note when order if you want brand new sealed in box, brand new opened with Chinese application or Korean application.

          What are these applications exactly?

        • They're TV watching applications….. Just streaming apps that can stream a huge collection of asian TV shows from a server

  • I'm very tempted, but i was told that they stop working after a year or so as the source keep on changing. is this true?

    • I was told this too 2 years ago when I bought it.

      Go figure. Or you know pay for Foxtel!

      I also get Nat Geo Asia, CNN Asia, Discovery Asia and HBO Movies Asia.

      Shhhhhhhhhh dont tell Rupert!

    • I've had one since 2011 (TV Pad 1), still going… . Now on TVPad3.

  • FYI It's me here again.

    I have been using TVPAD1 and TVPAD2 for two years.
    It is the ONLY tv I watch. (Aside from the F1 on Ten/One HD, and sometimes ABC24).

    I watch it for Korean TV and Japanese TV.

    TVPAD1 is best for JapaneseTV
    TVPAD2 has sync issues with JapaneseTV.

    I do not know anything or much about TVPAD3.

    And before anyone says, oh but this well/can be removed the servers get disconnected congestion etc bs….

    Ive had no issues.

  • Be careful if you have members in your household that plays games online, or anything that requires fast internet. I have a TVPAD2 at home and it hogs most the bandwidth of my Optus Cable while streaming; ping from games like LOL and D3 spike up from 20ms to 200-500ms. To my understanding web browsing is unaffected. Be prepared to invest in a quality router with QOS or manually load third party firmwares like Tomato Firmware onto a compatible router to cap TVPAD's bandwidth.

    • Yeah I dont play games so can not comment on pings or such, but I do have a DrayTek modem.

      I'm able to download torrents (Yes I download illegal torrents, suck it bandits), and speed isnt affected with TVPAD. Even with two tvpads running, as well as being on the phone via VoIP and downloading/uploading at max.

      I have 21Mbit/1Mbit ADSL2+, no NBN here. But hell it's "good enough" as our Government says.

      As long as you setup QoS no issues.

      • If you use QoS, do you make like computer connections are higher priority and the LAN port lower priority?

        • you can do that but ive set it so that voip gets xxkb/s allocated when making a call, then http higher priority, and tvpad middle and torrents lowest priority

          works well never have any speed issues or laggy. love the modem well worth the 400 bucks i paid for it 3 years ago

    • Yeah my parents got one and I can't play LoL properly without my ping spiking past 200. However it seems to be unaffected or minimal on other games like CS: GO. But if you don't have kids that play these sorts of games then this is a great device for overseas channels.

  • Is TVB still working on TVPAD? The iPad vchannel apps is not working anymore.


  • TVPad 3 currently have steaming issues. They said they are working with ISP to solve this issue
    I wouldn't buy it until the problem is solved

    Edit: Added picture

  • TVPAD is a good android set box like xiaomi but overpriced.

  • TVPAD 3 is generally okay with Korean TVs. Picture is fine, but don't expect sound quality from live streaming.

  • OOOoooo I'm tempted now.

    Anyone knows if TVB channels are accessible using this TVPAD3?

  • see the thing I worry about these TVpads is that as far as I know (correct me if I'm wrong) they are not exactly "officially licensed" by the relevant channels… and as a result whether eventually will be shut down.

    • Yes it's a gamble but I've been watching it for over two years….I've already got my return of investment from TVBJ subscription.

      You can also get Discovery, National Geographic and History channels as per foxtel, VOD movie channels (quality will never be as good as blu-ray), Chinese TV drama App, Japanese TV drama app, Korean TV drama app and Western TV Drama app. Note that not all apps are in english.

      • So the Korean and Japanese dramas don't have English subtitles?

        • no english subs. better off downloading them off the internet because foxtel doesnt offer jdrama or kdrama

  • can you post the quality difference between tvpad 2 and 3? screenshots will suffice. i have the tvpad2 at the moment. i want to see if it's worthwhile to upgrade.

    • Pretty sure TVPad 3 has a faster CPU, picture quality should be similiar. But at $225 it's worth the upgrade

      • if it's just a faster cpu… i dont think it'll be worth the upgrade. loading screen time doesn't bother me.

  • I have a tvpad 3, its been playing up…been trying to watch the world cup but cant connect to TVB or event CCTV5….very disappointing considering I got the limited edition tvpad….its more like limited VIEWING….im taking mine back

    • try the Korean app. they are covering world cup more. however just sbs.com.au it

    • is it because it is the limited edition? I mean if you get the full edition then you can watch it all?

  • hi rep,

    Can you tell me the difference between the tvpad 3 and the WELTV Premium ?


      The Weltv and TVPAD are different product from different company
      But Weltv have more HD channels than TVPAD3.
      Besides the China HK and Taiwan live TV channels
      WELTV also have more English Channels like HBO, Fox movie, sports and drama channels(Asia pacific, not foxtel), National geographic, discovery etc.

  • why is this showing $289 now?

    I wanted to get one @ $225!!!

  • Can you connect to these servers on PC to watch live TV for free?


    Hi Rep. I have received the TVPad3. But why the box is unsealed?

    • do you receive any tracking no.?\

      that's the reason.

      Please leave note when order if you want brand new sealed in box,
      brand new opened with Chinese application or Korean application.

      • I think they opened the box to install the apps for you
        this should be quite normal for all these tvpad seller
        if you want a sealed unit without any apps, just say it when you order
        for me I don't mind coz they are selling hundreds of units
        not like they want to piss customer off by opening the package