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[STEAM] Age of Empires II HD + The Forgotten $2.49USD


Requires a fake US address, but this promotion includes both the base game and DLC.

• Pay $2.49USD to receive the base game of Age of Empires II HD + The Forgotten DLC
• This is a pricing error from Amazon
• As of 09:50AM AEST, this is still working. Monitor the posts below to see otherwise.

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    Another Amazon purchase by Mr K. Kong, 350 5th Avenue, New York.

    • Were you charged sales tax?

      • Only 20c. If I ever purchase anything pricier I'd probably do somewhere in maybe Delaware?

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          You're happy to pay 20c for a joke no one sees?

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          He was born for reddit.

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          Reddit is the opposite of that. At Reddit, you have to make sure as many people as possible see your joke, for max karma.

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    AOE2 - what an epic game back in the days! Remember those times when an enemy villager is coming out of the gates, and taking that opportunity to rush your whole army of horses in while the gates are still open lol, good times!

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    BE WARNED this game does NOT work on many intel integrated GPUs even though they meet the listed requirements.

    I have read many complaints of this, it is not just effecting me. I have 1.66 dual core, 2 gig ram, intel 3150 gpu and a 17 inch monitor. Simple setup yes but well within what they say you need…

    Basically i wasted my money. It is only $2.50 so I don't care much but still…

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      A quick google search shows that gpu can barely play anything at all, Counter-Strike Source (2004) at 640x480 at 8fps, it can however play Quake 3 Arena (1999) 1024x768 at 53fps.
      I have had trouble with one of my older computers despite clearly passing minimum requirements but the others work fine. About 10fps. -3.2Ghz Core Duo, Nvidia 240GT.

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        well age of empires 2 is very basic and the HD version is not much different to the 1998 version.

        i have used the intel 3150 for around 2 years and it can play most things within its specs, however it is true there have been a few games like this one and SKOTOR 2, one of the silent hunter games cannot remember which, that have not worked.

        Its not ideal but this game is basically from 1998 with higher resolutions allowed, it should run, the developers have been lazy and not patched it, since they were aware of the problem over a year ago according to forum posts. They should AT LEAST UPDATE THE SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS to mention the issues with some graphics cards.

        Lots of people have Intel GPUs in their notebooks or netbooks… and as far as I know it will not run on any intel GPU, not just the 3150.

        (Why don't i use my other computer with a powerful GPU? because portability and power use are important to me and I only play strategy games or browse the web anyway most of the time.)

  • Can confirm that it still works as at 5pm AEST.

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    If any of you have any aspirations to play this online, it's the inferior version.

    Very few people play the Forgotten to begin with, due to balance and bug issues.

    The most popular version of Age2 is still the Conquerors expansion, played on voobly.

    If you're any good, you can easily win back the money that you spend on it. There's over $100k in scheduled tournaments this year. I've been playing competitively for 14 years and still haven't won back what I paid on the original purchase :(

    TL;DR - Don't buy the HD version if you want to play online, it sucks.

    • Isn't the HD version (excluding the Forgotten expansion) the same thing as The Conquerers?

      • It's a "HD" version of it. It's inferior in just about every way though (I'm talking about online play only, I've not tried the single player).

        They just slapped a few new textures on, threw in a couple of bugs and added a whole bunch of latency issues.

  • Thanx op :-)

  • Hi Everyone,

    Just bought the game, got the code and it works :)Got charged 20c tax but meh….

    Waited for AOE 2 to be on sale for this cheap for ages (no pun intended). Thanks OP for this, going to retrieve my childhood memories soon :) So is "The forgotten" the HD version of the conquerors expansion ?

    • No. "The Forgotten" is a paid and expanded upon version of the "Forgotten Empires" free mod for the original Age of Empires II.

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    still working.

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    Still working.

    And I somehow had a coupon which meant I paid $0.00. Definitely a bargain :)

  • Still active at 7:08pm AEST.
    Confirming also that it includes the base game PLUS expansion.

  • http://civclicker.sourceforge.net/civclicker/civclicker.html
    Can't believe I wasted my weekend on this lol.
    Awesome deal OP, confirm got both

  • Thanks OP - confirmed still working - 20:24 EST

  • Confirmed working 8:41PM AEST. Thanks OP.

  • Figured it out, thanks OP

  • I have a promotional credit on Amazon as follow:

    Does anyone know how can I use this to purchase?

  • +4

    Bought, downloaded, installed, playing now :)

  • Expired

    • Currently unavailable
      We don't know when or if this item will be available again.

      Yeah looks like it's over, ohwell I guess missing it saved me a couple of bucks missing :P

  • Last I read, this game was full of bugs. Have they been fixed?

    • i have read that they have not been fixed :(

    • What's affected me is late last year and again just last week, updates eliminated compatibility with saved games. Load any game saved prior to the update, it crashes to desktop.

      These were forced updates that were delivered on Steam startup despite "do not automatically update this game" being set. One of the reasons I much prefer GOG.

  • Can I use the same key to download it in 2 different laptops ? Also I never used steam before are they available for mac ? Thanks in advance ! EDIT: never mind just realised I can't play it on mac :"( - considering buying a new laptop just to play this (well and other games too as I just discovered steam :x )

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  • Awesome Deal!


  • Dam, only got 1 copy…. :(

  • thanks op!