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Good Guys eBay deals: - Moto G 4G LTE $243.40, Seagate 2TB Back Up Plus Portable HDD: $125.60


Hi guys, am looking for a new phone and came across this deal on the new Motorola Moto G 4G LTE.
I cant find it for sale from other local retailers, and a google search has confirmed this is the cheapest price for a moto g 4g in the world (including delivery).

Other noticeable deals

Seagate 2TB Backup Plus Slim Portable HD

Motorola Moto E @ $146.60 del
Galaxy S4 @ $484.20 del (good price for Aus stock)
Galaxy S5 @ $683.40 del (good price for Aus stock)
HTC One m8 $660.2 del (good price for Aus stock)

now to decide what to buy!

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  • Interesting. Does it matter that this is not 2300mhz (Optus 4G+) compatible? I'm not sure if that is a marketing gimmick or not.

    • No, it doesn't support 4G+

      • "No, it doesn't support 4G+" + on the optus, Telstra seems ok, however no 900 which the Telstra network is expanding it's 4G network on….4G seems much better (quicker) than 3g from my experiences.

        • +2 votes

          There is no 4G+ on Telstra :)

        • sorry my bad, didn't realise there was a difference between 4+ and 4.

          4 is pretty awesome. as fast as my home network.

        • I think Optus is only using the 900Mhz 4G band in the ACT so far @ the moment, but have possible expansions planned into other areas. Could be a while ( 6 months + away ). Keep in mind that a lot of regional and even suburban areas are still not getting any reliable 4G reception to date, so for those consider the older dual sim Moto G today for a bargain of $191.20 delivered. Also as stated below, get the 16 Gig dual sim version below for $189.60 from Kogan.

  • what's 4g+? Is that just a name for the 2300MHz frequency with Optus?

    Good deal, been wanting this phone for ages.

  • If you don't care for 4G and prefer dual-sim, but no SD card slot then consider the $237 16G Kogan Moto G. It's $189.60 after applying the code. Though comes from Hong Kong, so no local warranty.

    • Moto E from TGG is another alternative (no 4G, dual-sim but has SD card slot) for $145.60 after coupon. Just got one myself!

      • No 720P LCD and dual-core CPU kills the Moto E. Shame there's no Moto with dual-sim + SD card + quad core + 720P LCD.

        • Can't you run off USB on the G? I seem to remember it mentioned somewhere.

        • OTG USB can attach a SD card via a dongle/cable. Still not as convenient as having internal microSD.

        • Going by the spec list on TGG's ebay listing, the Moto E does support dual sim and also HSDPA/3G 850/900/1900/2100 @ 21Mbps, HSUPA 5.76 Mbps so internet speeds should be fairly swift. Also although the screen is a little smaller and less ppi than the Moto G, and only Dual Core V Quad Core, this should stretch out battery stamina. Only 4 Gig Rom, but has expansion via microSD, up to 32 GB, and also has 1 Gig of Ram. For people on a budget it's a Bargain @ $145.60 delivered.

  • Already available last night. Just waiting on the deal to go live. Bought! :D

  • Does anyone know if you can install cyanogenmod on the 4g version of moto g?

  • No problems picking up my order in store. $5 delivery fee refunded.

    Invoice also shows full price of $298. So if you see it cheaper in the next 30 days you can claim 120% of the price difference.

    • Do you know if the invoice originally also showed the $5 shipping on top? That would take the total invoiced just above $300 and eligible to claim back GST with TRS…

    • How do you organise pick up? Just write a note to them in your purchase?

      • Call the store to which your order has been allocated to

        • Cool thanks!

        • How did you know that ? Mine doesn't make mention of any store details at either checkout or in follow up emails or on the receipt.

        • A little while after my order I received an email saying my order was assigned to a store. So I will call that store up tomorrow to organise pick up.

        • Thanks, the email came through, it just took an hour.
          I thought they may have had a main warehouse/distribution centre but it looks like they're shipping out from the store nearest to your postcode so that's handy for those that want to pickup

        • Dammit, I slept in this morning and only got around to calling them up before lunch. They said it was already organised for delivery and I couldn't pick it up.

  • Man so tempting … should I upgrade my Motorola razr XT885 ?

    • I'm still rocking one of those too! It's so slow! I'm wondering if a moto x is the way to go, and not another midrange motorola. Don't want another s-l-o-w phone in 6 months time….

      • I hear you XyleneFree… My old RAZR XT885 ended up very slow and I have the same choice to make.

        The Moto X has the majority of reports as very good to excellent but it is 'old' and wonder if Moto will continue updates?

        I typically go low range but I am very tempted to flick the G 4G and shell out another $195 for the X. Yep some wag is going to tell me I could get a G and G 4G for the same price as the X :-)

        Just need some time to scour for comparisons between the G 4G and X.

        • My RAZR XT885 was slow too. I went into the Settings > Developer Options > Enable 'Don't keep activities'.

          I'm not sure what it does, but it speeds up the phone to a reasonable state.

        • let me try this out, since the last update, phone has been slowed and laggy, but besides that, battery still going strong for a day

        • Some of the apps may not work.

        • No real change from what I can see. Might have to make a decision today - G or X? $195 in the pocket or not?

  • Can I install apps on sdcard with kit kat?

    • Hi, I never considered buying this phone at all till I saw the price but I think it has no sd slot so I think this phone is a no-no for me.
      I was tossing up with this or Galaxy S3 for an extra $120

      • +1 vote

        Moto G 4G version has a microSD slot.
        The standard 3G version doesn't.

        • Moto G 3G version has dual SIM.
          The 4G version doesn't.

          Moto G 3G comes in 8GB flavor (Aussie release), or 16GB (HK).

    • Pretty sure only media stuff

  • Any core i5 laptop for less than $500 ?

  • Does anyone know which model this Sony z1 on TGGs is (16GB or 32GB)?


    Also, how's the price (~$475 delivered after discount)?


    edit: Okay, it doesn't seem to come in a 32gb model, my bad.

  • Can you use good guys gift voucher codes during the eBay checkout as well?

  • Bought an s5 this morning around 10am. Still haven't received the confirmation email from the Good Guys. My local store a few streets away has stock. I so want to pick it up right now! Where's that confirmation email!

  • T100 for $399.20 doesn't seem to have been mentioned.


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  • fark i bought this before the sale
    can i get a refund?

  • got one this morning - seems of decent value.

  • Just been reading this best compact camera for under $250 (US) article on The Verge, this Sony Cybershot WX350 scores very well. Cheapest I could find was 308 imported from eGlobal so $259.20 for local seems to be a cracking deal.

  • No mention of the Xperia Z2?

  • How does shipping with the good guys work? I noticed some people say you can collect in store?

  • Damn, the Motorola Moto E is now showing as out of stock.

    • Phew, I refreshed again and now it's back in stock again with more than 10 available.
      Purchased for $145.60 inc shipping with redemption code.


    Can anyone comment on the Motorola vs lg optimus L5 4G for $239.95?

  • Tried earlier this morning to buy the MotoG and it was sold out. Tried about 20 minutes ago and 10 were available.

    Bewdy. Thanks Miniml : )

  • Is anyone going to try using this Motorola Migrate app?

  • If my invoice says $298 for Moto G and $5 for delivery - could I claim this through TRS?

  • How do you pick these up at local store? I messaged them on ebay, but still had to pay for postage to avoid missing out on the sale!

  • Loving my new 4G Moto G! Battery life is spectacular. Even though reviews say Nexus 4 is a better phone overall, I'm dumping my Nexus 4 for this.

  • Those who bought the HTC one m8 from Good Guys, did your box came sealed or unsealed? As mine wasn't

  • I don't have time to post a deal, but I just came across this http://www.mobileciti.com.au/motorola-moto-g-xt1033-black - $215- … hope it helps someone is looking for cheap AU stock. It is NOT the 4g version, but the cheapest I've seen for a while.. It says low stock. Who knows, maybe you can price match at OW..