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Oroton Outlet (Online and Factory Stores) 70% off


Received an email today, Outlet sale is now 70% off (and not up to 70% off).
Buy online and skip the queue. Enjoy.

*Available for a limited time while stock last in these Oroton Factory Outlet stores, Homebush DFO, Birkenhead Point, Harbourtown, Essendon, Adelaide, Harbourtown,Brisbane Airport, Moorabin, Nunawading, Perth Harbourtown, BHP Lingerie, Onehunga, Cairns & Online. Offer cannot be redeemed against a prior purchase. Limit of 10 items per customer per transaction applies.

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      I have to agree. Looked at bags a while back and a lot had problems like badges, logos missing or half falling off and zips not working.

  • I've bought a wallet for everyday use more than 7 years ago and it's still almost as good as the day I bought it.

  • Is there a promo code. The wallets I'm looking at are only 50% off

  • Awesome, I can get an O on a keyring for $10.50 instead of $35, bargain.

  • Is Qing Ring for men or women?

  • I bought some things during the last sale then tried to get a refund (not what I expected). No refunds on sale items :-(

    • The "no refunds on sale items" thing is a common, but illegal, tactic. If the item is 'not as described', you probably have a case to claim some sort of recompense. See: http://www.accc.gov.au/business/treating-customers-fairly/co...

      • No refunds for change of mind is perfectly fine.


        We do not provide refunds for change of mind returns on sale items purchased, we will gladly exchange/credit only. Our online store does not accept returns for sale items. You must visit a free standing store to redeem an exchange or store credit. We do not guarantee the availability of sizes or styles at our free standing stores therefore if the size or style is not available you will be granted a store credit. You must provide ‘proof of purchase’, being either a tax invoice, bank or credit card statement.

        Which is probably better than other store policies.

        As for robertm's 'not what I expected' verses the need for the item to be accurately described, without further information I'd more likely believe a large reputable company that's been around for a while to at least not purposely decieve customers for a few sales. And even in that case based on the FAQ they would have exchanged or given credit.

    • Yet I mention how their customer service sucks, and get seven negative votes (so far) for my trouble…

    • Personally, "not what I expected" and "not as described" are two different things. I am sure they let you exchange the item tho as long as you still have the receipt and the item is unused (or in resell-able condition.
      Regarding flumpf's comment about Oroton's quality, I find quite the opposite to be honest. Their bags and wallets have served me and my gf well, just depend on how you handle the items I guess. Also, with 70% off their RRP (even though we all know they are highly inflated), it is a good deal imho.

      • Obviously mileage may vary and, sushiyasha, I'm very happy for you that you've had a good experience. :)

        Just to clarify, my experience is based on a $200 handbag which had two screws fall out on the rings holding the strap within a year of purchase, while my friend had a large, expensive tote bag which wore out and looked hideous within a year. We both look after our stuff, too. I've had cheapo bags that have lasted longer and better, and I've had much better service from their suppliers, too. In my opiion Oroton's attitude in not fixing the problem - supplying two teensy screws, ooh that'll break the budget - was unacceptable for a product so young.

  • thanks.
    Grabbed a nappy/baby bag for the missus.

  • Oroton obviously post here. :P

  • That's only for women stuff.50% for men only.

    • Correct. What are the chances for a 70% off sale for Mens.

      Im basically after the metro satchel.

      • Trust me. You'll be 'Metro' when you carry any satchel…

        P.S - I have a European Carry-All too!

  • Looked at a women's wallet. Could see one side, nothing about how it opens or what's on inside.

    Who designs these websites, they are soooo irritating. Just in case Oroton is actually reading I will not buy on no info apart from the fact that it is a rectangle.

  • Thanks Op, went to the factory outlet, wife bought 2 bags, one large baby bag to be used for travel, and a smaller bag for everyday use, her old one falling apart, thee pair mens socks Happy with the deal. lady said on boxing day sales they only give 60% off
    OH and paid with the 28degree card 5 more purchases to get $20 credit

  • This website is really weird. Literally everything in the outlet section is for women only (they have no men's sub section under outlet) and they don't even sell any men's shirts in the men's section…just ties, socks, underwear, etc…

  • Anything good / worth getting?

  • shipping $14.95

  • Went in to buy the roche jacquard shopper tote, umbrella and
    Matching roche jacquard slim clutch. I'm going to buy another bag online for uni!