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$1 McDonalds Cheeseburgers from 12-1pm, All States Ex. NSW/ACT


$1 McDonalds Cheeseburgers from 23rd July - 19th August from 12-1pm, All States Ex. NSW/ACT

Limit of 4 per customer per day.

Update: Offer extended indefinitely

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    Now THIS is a deal I can sink my teeth into…

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      Maccas cheeseburgers are so soft be careful you don't bite your own tongue.

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      I wouldn't eat this junk food even if it was free

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        what if they PAID u $1 for each cheeseburger u ate…?

        • -7

          don't eat junk food period, Nandos is as far as I go

        • @vegimate: nandos is crap though, id rather eat mc donalds over that garbage

        • +2

          @xEnt: overpriced* garbage

        • +3

          Agree based on my last experience with Nandos - terrible tiny little chicken piences, especially. considering their prices.

          With Maccas, you never go in with high expectations. I know its bad for me, I know its bad quality, but I don't expect anything more.. but it always tastes good to me :).

      • you do not eat because of this?

        The last scandal before this was 2012 ……. Macca has learnt a lot from the past.

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      Luis Suárez - is that you?

  • +31

    Excluding NSW?


    • +13

      Agreed… promotion must have been developed by a Queenslander not too happy at winning the Origin this year!

    • +1

      dodged a tasty bullet

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    Poor maccas cooks…

    • +9

      Tough life.

    • +7

      nah they will pre-make them and leave it in a heating tray; i work for maccas. its even better since we only have to keep making cheeseburgers not annoying wraps or grand anguses

      • +1

        why are grand anguses annoying to make? its just another burger under different marketing…

  • +25

    Finally something that excludes NSW. They always get everything. Thanks REP

    • +4

      That's It! I am going to try and contact a NSW Maccas exec to complain about inequality and ask for 90c Cheeseburgers Limit 5 per person (NSW Only!) ;p

  • +16

    $1 McDonalds Cheeseburgers

    This is probably close to what they are worth…

        • +5

          @compound: It's not simply an opinion, it's spreading misinformation. Whoppers cost more than 25-35c to make in just the ingredients, let alone the labour/operating costs. No need to be so condescending either, if you choose to not eat McDonalds, that's fine, but no need to look down on others that do.

        • +3


          Are you trying to be the new jv

  • +1

    How many calories are in 1 cheeseburger? I should look into this… I love cheeseburgers since I was a young kid favourite food!

    Could eat 100 in a month no dramas! Inhale them.

  • -2

    Excluding NSW!! :O

    • +11

      u cant haz cheezburger!

  • +2

    Yep 300 calories! Im there for 4 a day!

    Until i start feeling sick of them… 15g protein per cheese burger, have as 1 small meal every 2 hours… thats 8 hours food covered for $4, delicious too!

    If I was on death row my last meal would be plate of cheeseburgers!

    But have to be cooked right, ive noticed on these deals some maccas make a bulk load of 300 cheeseburgers just sitting there getting cold… can be there for hour before you get…

    But 90g protein, 1200 calories for better part of day with favourite food for $1 a pop can't complain…

    • 90g for protein and 1200 calories for $4 a pop?

      • if that's the math, then sounds good to me!

        gotta take into consideration of the sodium and shit doe

        • thats about daily intake of sodium and sugar… try a cheeseburger without the sugar bun…. bet it wont be as nice :)

        • +3

          Unfortunately, it isn't the maths; 15 x 4 = 60g. :P

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    According to the text, maybe the title could be updated to valid hours: 11:50am-1:10pm!

    • +1

      Well no, this is internal communication that gives leeway so people aren't disappointed if there's a line and they get to the front of the queue at 1:01pm. I wish this type of thing would be present for all promotions. There's been a number of times I've had to nearly beg the order taker to give me the loose change pricing at 12:01am because there were a number of cars in front of me.

    • I wish one day this was just a normal procedure. A few minutes can't make a difference.

  • Gonna smash this. Might go two drive thru's double up! I wonder if they freeze?

    • +23

      As if you need to freeze them. Just leave them on the kitchen bench, they'll still be good for a year or two :-P

      • +1

        Yeah rock hard… they last 2-3 days not frozen apparently and freeze for 3 months… perfect snack!

  • too expensive, will have to save up a lot so i can afford one by the 23rd

  • +1

    Wow no nsw, that's where the money comes in, don't know why it's excluded.

    • +9

      you answered your own question…

      • +30

        ACT too, becasue they know when Clive Palmer is in town, the profits will be down with this deal.

  • +2

    I really overdone this offer from Macca's last time they did $1 cheeseburgers. I was walking into whatever class I had with 4 cheeseburgers.

  • +1

    order 4 cheeseburgers, take out patties and cheese from 2 and add them to the other 2 burgers…get 2 double cheeseburgers and 4 free slices of bread.

    • +1

      Erm, 'bread' is a bit of a stretch, agreed?

      • +2

        There are indefinitely many combinations and proportions of types of flour and other ingredients, and also of radically different traditional recipes and modes of preparation of bread.


        • OK good point Dizza, I suppose even an abstract mixture of a little bit of flour, some oil, and a whole lot of way over-ripe bananas is called 'banana-bread' by some. If you ask me though, they're fruit-cakes. It's crackers. It's Nuts. BANANAS ;-P

      • +2

        Definitely a stretch - in the EU the "McBuns" are classified as a "cake" due to the high sugar content used to get the required level of carmelisation when toasted to stop the condiments seeping into them and keep them "fresh" for longer in the warming cabinet.

    • lose the bread and that be called the quadruple to 1UP KFCs the double.

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    So this is how I die…

  • +2

    Naively, I was initially wondering why they limited it to '4 per customer per day' (actually, per 1-hour-window they're available for per day). I was thinking, 'Just how many could a dude actually consume within that hour?!?'. Then I realised that that's not exactly the issue, cause of the inherent 'take-away/drive-through' option.
    It WOULD be funny to rock up with $50 and say, "Gimme fiddy C-burgers thanks blokes (and/or chicks, of course)"… I suppose if you had 12 mates with you, they'd actually be obliged to do it?

    I'm thinking drive-through CONVOY.

    And there, is why it's not available in Sid-en-ee. The 'Big M' (not actual Big-Ms; maccas) cleverly realised that the inevitable 'Rolling-lunch-time-C-burger-convoys' that they will evoke with this 'deal'(/madness) would create a PR-backlash in that city, where you're lucky if you can even slowly edge your micro-'car' out of your drive-way without blocking traffic for about an hour, because the 'streets' resemble those of Venice.

    Anyways… Say Cheese :-))

    • Or you could just buy 4 cheeseburgers. Eat your burgers, line up again (or go to a different line). They wouldn't recognise you.

      Tbh i feel pretty crap after 2 cheeseburgers. Not sure why you'd want to do more than 4

    • +2

      When I was 20 after a big night out with friends I ordered 20… my friends and then the whole restaurant was watching me, I got to about 15…

      I can polish off 4 in one sitting too but thats being a bit of a fat prick… 1 for lunch, 2 for dinner, 1 snack no worries though.

      Cheeseburgers is the one food i just cant OD on! I love the taste, easiness to eat, speed of delivery, cost, and energy boost they give!

      If you are active and on the go 100% a few CB's wont hurt you… I barely stop during the day so these are perfect to eat in 1 minute flat before onto the next thing!

      This deal is a great way for busy person to have nice food for peanuts while on road… Ill get those 50c waters and spend $4 a night on dinner and im set $10 food a day. $70 a week.

      Hence why freezing them to drag it out as long as possible! 3 months… I'll eat them hmm 4 days week = 16 CB's… Prob buy another 16 a week and freeze if experiment works well and just make sure I go to gym those days to burn that energy!

      Otherwise to be honest im likely to buy $6-10 lunches only while im out… which means whole food budget on lunch… not good! Thats when you get to 200 a week food territory…

    • Turning up with 12 people and asking for 48 cheeseburgers would be alright. 4 per customer. Unsurprisingly, the cheeseburgers aren't even really that filling, so 4 isn't even that much.

  • -2

    Err why don't they just reinstate the $2 Double Cheeseburger or McDouble all the time. That would really bring in some turnover, this 12-1 shit is just annoying, some people work full time and don't have breaks at that exact time. Discriminating the time poor and favouring those which are fortunate enough to be able to pop in at those exact hours and the unemployed and students which have nothing better to do.

    • Hear, hear.

    • +8

      chill out, it's only cheeseburgers

    • +2

      Erm, perhaps the phrase '… have nothing better to do' was a MITE over the top D-93, but apart from that 'slightly swift typo', I would tend to agree with the other stuff you said.
      Carn maccas… why discriminate against us working folk ?
      Why not just have $1 cheese-burgers the whole time, from now on, for all ? That's how much they cost in the US-of-A… and Maccas seems to be doing OK over there, after all. I DARE you to make such an aggressive play at 'market share' here in Oz-land. Too scared ??? I know you're not real chicken… that's one thing maccas has NEVER offered/symbolised… but 'all day' $1 cheeseburgers would be a real game-changer. All day long.

    • Surely the current loose change menu is already cheap enough? $6 for a full meal that is given to you almost before the cashier shuts the draw seems pretty fair to me.

  • Mmmm, or 61¢/slice/843kJ PH, all oz included ..

    Pizza Hut: $4.95 PizzasEveryday, Prices Capped at $8.50, and No Chicken Surcharge

    that's a greaseboat<6743kJ.

  • +4

    This is the first time I've seen a little bit of the OzBargain community active-online at (almost) 2am.

    • +3


    • +1

      YAY for OB shift-workers, insomniacs, and those with very young children :-)

  • Most KJ's for your $ in fast food, must be this + KFC 9 for 9.95, Woolies $8 Roast chicken. Subway $5 footlongs with all veges and most fatty sauce. Maybe some HJ Twosday deals and various pizza specials, not really into pizza though.

    • +1

      HJ $4.95 2 bacon deluxes has me the most full. Just say coupon 2 bacon deluxes, they never ask for it!

      They have the best cheap coffee too IMO, beats 7-11.

      • Sorry ive been trying to be good, i think coupon is $6.95 for 2… at 500 calories each they pack a mean punch though… compared to large pizza hut meat lovers having 350 for similar price you get 1000 and with all the cheese and bacon and mayo tastes great…

        If you want to gain weight these are your answer…

        • A correction on your correction if I may sleepy-slothy, I used to go for that deal when it was as you (first) described, but now it is a full $7.35 for two of those bacon thingies… (that's with the discount)… not a bargain at all really…

        • Really? Damn last time I got 6.95… HJ stooge on price a bit but the burgers are better…

          I got CB minis and coffee for dinner tonight… 5.60, is alright. The coffee and $1 coke slurpies in summer is main reason i go, if machines arent broken.

          Might go 7.35 2 BD's on my birthday or something… but last year 20 mins later Dad shouted me counter lunch and a few beers at RSL… then brother BBQ… Omg.

          Cheeseburgers here are win though! 1100 cals for $4… If you have some idea about your energy intake and expenditure, you will be right to do this every other day, just stop when CB's start making you nauseuous… and dont eat all 4 in one hit!

          I will lose weight on this diet I have worked out… just as long as rest of diet is home cooked, good food with greens. I don't really drink alcohol in winter and burn 2000 calories a day, plus 2000 naturally by breathing… so 1100 calories spread over half waking day has me in caloric deficit…

          One day I'll afford lite and easy but for now this does it…

    • Some of the KFC '$5 boxes' of late represent pretty awesome/unprecedented value from that joint, though as with this offer they place annoying limitations on what times of day they can be bought. Or to be more precise, the price for the SAME box goes from $5 to $7 once the clock (theirs, not yours) ticks past 16:00 (4pm). I wonder what 'genius' thought up that ABSOLUTELY INFURIATING (discriminatory/ non-sensical/ innefficient/ etc.) marketing 'angle'?

      • Yeah my local KFC is empty all parts of the day so dont get that… 760 cal for $5 is decent but too much for 1 meal for me… and i dont like kfc grease, and i find their chicken inedible once gone cold, chewy as all hell… so unless I go chicken, chicken for 1 meal straight away and then potato, potato next meal it doesnt work and who wants double up meals like that…

        I had the same problem with red roosters 2 caesar chicken roll for $8… it was so big on a baguette i could only eat half of one… I tried the other half later, bread in fridge was so chewy and chicken nuked was sub par. The entire 2nd roll is still sitting uneaten in my fridge, no doubt off by now. I knew after 1 bite if I see a homeless person i should give that 2nd roll but didnt find one… :(

        Cooked chicken only takes 1 nuke IMO… Can't stand dry, sinewy chicken. I haven't looked into red rooster variety packs for a long while… with servings of vegies and stuff you used to be able to stretch those out…

  • Thanx op :-)

  • Awesome deal except the time limit

    • I know. What's the difference between serving one at 1pm or 3pm? Still the same costs.. but I think it's at 12-1pm strictly in order to make it an obligatory deed for the customer to visit at THAT time so they don't forget.

  • And in States Ex. NSW/ACT,

    Cardiologists groan

  • +1

    Is the wood pulp still free, or do we have to pay extra for it?

    • nearly as bad as melamine powder in baby food.

  • +1

    They should be $1 everyday - everyone will be happy (including Maccas = $$$$)

    • -2

      Yeah, just make sure your health insurance is paid up please…

      • Wait… Are you saying McDonald's cheeseburgers are unhealthy? We had no idea! Thank you, Marto! Where would we be without you?

        • -2

          Not the point. Get health insurance and YOU pay for the consequences, not the tax payer.

    • From what I heard, they were losing money on the $2 McDouble promotion so they started removing that deal from stores. I don't know whether they would be making much profit if it was $1 per cheeseburger. Take into account all costs of running a store and all the waste, unsure if it'd be a good idea.

    • +1

      Obviously the deal has not been advertised to the public yet and an entry level employee has kindly posted it ahead of time

  • +3

    Looks like I have set a lunch date with the husband! yay to a cheap feed :)

  • +1

    Just ask for no pickles if you want a fresh burger ;)

    • Should have done that, mine was cold :(

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