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Intel NUC Cel $139, i3 $309, i5 $409, Samsung EVO mSATA $120GB $90 + Further $10 OFF Combos @ Shopping Express


For those who asked and waited, here it is: our Intel NUC deal is back. Offering the best prices for them + a further $10 OFF when you purchase with any options.

Samsung EVO 840 SATA & mSATA SSDs have been included in this promotion as options so anyone that missed out earlier, please go for it.

Note: Anyone that bought the Samsung Evo 1TB SSD from our recently finished deal - I am giving you a $10 store credit back, so please PM me your Order ID/Username so i can get it arranged.

USE Voucher Code: FURTHER-10 at your shopping cart to enjoy $10 OFF your order total when you purchase 1 x Intel NUC + Any of the options below

  1. Intel NUC N2820 Celeron - $139
    This model comes with 2.5" bay for Hard drive/SSD

  2. Intel NUC i3 BOXD34010WYKH - $309
    This model comes with 2.5" bay for Hard drive/SSD

  3. Intel NUC i5 BOXD54250WYKH - $409
    This model comes with 2.5" bay for Hard drive/SSD

SSD Options:

  1. Samsung 840 Evo 120GB SATA SSD - $85 Free Shipping
    3 Years Manufacturer Warranty

  2. Samsung 840 Evo 250GB SATA SSD - $147 Free Shipping
    3 Years Warranty

  3. Samsung 840 Evo 500GB SATA SSD - $289 Free Shipping
    3 Years Warranty

  4. Samsung 840 Evo 1TB SATA SSD - $489 Free Shipping
    3 Years Warranty

  5. Samsung 840 Evo 120GB mSATA SSD - $90 Free Shipping
    3 Years Warranty

  6. Samsung 840 Evo 250GB mSATA SSD - $162 Free Shipping
    3 Years Warranty

  7. Samsung 840 Evo 500GB mSATA SSD - $295 Free Shipping
    3 Years Warranty

  8. Samsung 840 Evo 1TB mSATA SSD - $489 Free Shipping
    3 Years Warranty

RAM & Wireless Options:

  1. Kingston 4GB Low Voltage RAM for NUC - $44

  2. Kingston 8GB Low Voltage RAM for NUC - $85

  3. Intel Dual Band AC Wireless & Bluetooth Adapter - $25
    NOTE: This option is only for the i3 & i5 models. The celeron N2820 model already has WiFi

All stocks are limited, with limited quantity per customer.
For products not under Free Shipping promotion, shipping starts $8.95 and averages $12 Australia Wide
No Grey Imports, All Genuine & carries Australia's Manufacturer Warranty.

For 1st time buyers:
- Add any of the above products to your shopping cart
- Enter Postcode inside your shopping cart and click apply
- Enter voucher code: FURTHER-10 and the associated discount will apply (check right side of the shopping cart for the total value
- Proceed to checkout and make payment once you confirmed the total price is correct

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  • 120g SSD is appearing $90 when added to the cart ?????????

    • The MSATA one is $90

    • the mSATA? u need to apply code: FURTHER-10
      for combo deals

      • difference between msata ssd and sata SSD ? what is better value for money ?

        • +1

          MSATA for slim nucs and a lot of ultrabooks. Normal sata for everything else.

          EDIT: MSATA also work in the fat nucs (i3/I5), except the Celeron version.

        • it's the connector/physical size of the drive. msata is smaller and more compact than regular sata. Some devices will only fit an msata, some will only fit a sata. some devices have both a sata and msata slot. best to check the specs of the NUC you're buying to see which option(s) are best.

        • @salem:
          Intel NUC i5 BOXD54250WYKH - $409

          will this fit Msata?

        • @ravzter:

          I believe this will fit both an MSATA and 2.5" drive.

      • I accidentally purchased this without applying the $10 Voucher code. Is there any chance of a $10 refund??? Thank you for your consideration. Order #N00200677

        • "I can give you a $10 Store credit." was their reply. I love you guys!

  • Note: That no free shipping on the SSD's if you have both SSD and NUC in your cart to take advantage of the FURTHER-10 coupon.

    • SE - can you fix above ?

    • That is correct. The SSD by itself is free shipping, adding other products on same order simply means you pay shipping for the other product.


  • +1

    Just had a look on Amazon and the i5 can be had delivered to Perth for ~ $385.00 AUD - http://www.amazon.com/Intel-DisplayPort-Graphics-i5-4250U-BO...

    • +1

      That's good to know, but hardly deserves a neg since this has local warranty.

    • What's the point of giving a -ve, when you're comparing Amazon to local pricing?

      Fine that you post the info so that everyone is informed, but I don't think the -ve is valid.

      • +1

        I've revoked the Neg…however what difference does purchasing from Shopping Express make when it comes to warranty? Wouldn't it be much the same, as you would make the claim through Intel locally, or if you purchased through Amazon would you have to send it back to the US for warranty?

        • I never said anything about warranty, as I personally go direct back to Intel for all their warranty related claims. Check my comment below. :)
          For me getting a device within a few short days is usually more important than saving a few $, but others may decide the Amazon wait is ok for them. Hence my comment about informing all on pricing being ok.

  • Man, those Celeron NUC's are getting cheap. Would love to pick one up if they had 4 cores and 2 ram slots, but I guess that's the reason why they're cheap!

    • +2

      That's because those DN2820FYKH models (The Celeron one's being sold here) have a known hardware fault.

      These were discontinued a month after release and updated to a new chipset to work around the various problems.

      Just google it…also http://www.bit-tech.net/news/hardware/2014/04/24/intel-n2820...

      • -1

        So buy, then report issues directly to Intel.

        They have the best most efficient warranty I have ever experienced. They will pay to have the device picked up and air expressed to Malaysia, and send you the newer replacement all within a week.

      • +2

        I have several and with the latest firmware and drivers they work a treat!

        • @kearnsy Did you have to get it replaced by warranty? Or did upgrading to the latest firmware solved the issues? Cheers.

        • @tatasauce:

          Upgraded firmware and drivers is all that I did.

      • I got one (2820) in a groupbuy on Mwave this week. Have spent hours trying to get into just the BIOS. Think I might have a dud. Sad face.

        • You need to make sure it's plugged into something that can display high res, eg: a 1080p computer monitor. When I was trying it on my 720p TV it would refuse to display the bios.

          once set up, openelec is running fine on my 720p TV.

        • +1

          Yeah, it wouldn't work on my Panasonic 720p TV, but tried it on the smaller LG 720p TV and it worked! Go figure. Well, I could finally access BIOS again. Was seriously about to send it back and this was the last straw. Openelec all installed, backup restored, now happy as Larry!

    • +1

      They run openelec xbmc good, no issues at all even tho they have a bug

  • just to run xbmc, is i5 an overkill ?

    • +1


      • any recommendations ?

        • +4

          I would go the I3 for $100 less.

    • unless you want 3D ISO movies as well (powerdvd, total media theatre) and windows 7 or 8 under it

  • +3

    Once you load these things up, it seems to start getting closer in price to a Mac mini. I don't instantly love all things Apple, but I hate assembling things that have bizarre compatibility issues.

    • You're getting it :)

    • +2

      To build a base I5 NUC with similar specs to the base mini, you are looking at around $633.

      NUC I5 ($399 with FURTHER-10 discount).
      4GB Ram ($44)
      500Gb WD Blue ($55)
      Windows 7/8 license ($110)
      Wireless ($25)

      $100 cheaper than a base Mac Mini. Apart from ensuring you have the right voltage ram, they are a snap to install.

      • I'm running OpenElec on something similar to a NUC. No hard drive or Windows required, just a USB stick.

        My box (a Lenovo) works fine with full HD and only a Celeron (may be different model to the NC Celeron).

        Just an FYI for anyone considering this as an HTPC.

      • +2

        Keep in mind that the i5 in the NUC is clocked slower than the one in the Mac Mini — not just on base clock (1.3GHZ NUC, 2.5GHz Mac) but turbo boost as well (2.9GHz vs 2.3GHz for 2 core Turbo, 3.1GHz vs 2.6GHz for 1 core)

        But the NUC has way lower TDP and newer tech.

    • +3

      Yes. Add ram, HDD, external DVD, windows, and you might as well get an i3 notebook on bargain sale for $500. I got a 2nd gen i3m dell from big w for $200 a couple weeks ago.

      The attraction of the NUC is size… and USB3 which you may not get in a bargain price notebook with a dated chip set.

      • Wow, nice find!

        • +2

          I came close to buying the Celeron for the family computer, but just can't get past the low CPU rating. Passmark claims the Celeron is 1000 vs the i3 2500. That's 40% of the performance when it's needed.

          I think NUC's still need a price drop. To make the i3 a workable computer with wifi is around $450 with this special, and then you are in the price range of the cheapest i3 laptops, which include Windows 8.1/screen/kb/mouse. MSY has an acer 15.6" with i3 processor that is $450 after cashback on it's home page.

        • +1


          An I3 NUC will be around $533. (add keyboard/mouse and LCD and the cost will go up to minimum of $650)

          One selling point that is often overlooked when pricing a NUC is the fact they have 3 year warranty standard.

          I think a notebook has its purpose as does a NUC has its, price should not be primary factor when choosing either of these.

  • mSata 250gb please :)

    • +2


      • +2

        Perfect timing. Thank you

  • Rep, is there price guarantee for ozbargainers? Bought the i3 NUC ($20 more), 16G ram and 2x3TB HDD 3 weeks ago.

    • it is call 28 degrees mastercard.

      • -1


  • Damn

    I bought one of these from you guys last week.

    Great deal though

  • +1

    Why are these (when you install RAM, HDD & OS) more expensive than the equivalent laptop which comes with a screen and battery backup?

    • Exactly, Intel should sell the NUC as a full PC not a barebones. They probably don't want to offend their PC builder customers.

      If Intel sold it as a PC they would pay maybe $30 for Windows, make their own RAM and SSD and could probably sell an i3 complete NUC PC for $400 fully loaded.

      What a waste..

      One a side issue, I am waiting for a fanless NUC or NUC type PC. Should not be long

      • I think barebones has its place….You could have hundred of variations when factoring in memory and hard disk capacities, OS choice etc.

        Maybe Intel could trial a single set configuration to bring the price down and see if there is a market for it.

        I do believe Intel has probably made the right choice marketing it as a barebones.

        • +1

          Right choice for some people but the $110 to $150 cost for Windows blows the economics of ithe NUC as a cheap PC. The only advantage it has for most people remaining is the low power usage.

          You can buy a great Dell i3 for $400 and i5 for $500 or less with everything without trouble which are far more expandable.

          Having said that, this is a good deal!

        • -1


          Pro-tip: don't use windows.

  • when do we expect deliveries if ordered today ?

    • if you ordered before 1pm most probably on Monday if you live in NSW. VIC ACT and QLD also possible Monday or Tuesday. That's how it has worked in the past with SE atleast

  • I purchased the BOXD34010WYK-4GB combo and a Samsung evo 120GB around 16 hours ago for $501.75. (invoice number N00200362).

    I don't believe that it has shipped yet. Buying now would mean it would go for $428.

    Any chance of applying the discount or allowing me to cancel and re-order?


    • +5

      Hi muzzamo,

      I will PM you a store credit for the difference.


      • beautiful, thanks.

        • +2

          I've ordered some more ram and a wifi chip (order N00200459).

          Feel free to combine this shipping with my original order to save on paying for postage twice on your end.

  • I got some old 1.5 v rams sitting around, too bad this gen use the 1.35 else they are worth it lol

    • Hmm… a new gadget to play around with for tech savvy - surely spending for a RAM is worth considering? :)

      • Meh, I will wait til I get the rams cheaper, I rather want the older gen :p

        Only advantage for the new gen is dual hd

  • +3

    Ignoring the negs above. Thanks to ShoppingExpress for listening to the customers and coming up with a good price on this kit.

  • Rep, do you know whether the NUC N2820 is the latest version from Intel now containing the N2830 CPU?

    If so it will have an SA number Version # H22962-103 on the bottom of the box.

    More info: http://intelnuc.blogspot.com.au/2014/04/intel-updates-baytra...

    • +1

      I cant believe Intel just didn't change the product name to avoid this sort of confusion!

    • Hi spockter,

      I am sorry that I cannot confirm what is the latest version, but as mentioned on our previous deal - i will treat it as the old model.


      • Reading that these don't come with power cord, Intel NUC Celeron N2820 2.5 SSD HDMI PC BOXDN2820FYKH0, is this correct?

        • yup - Intel did not include power cord.

          We have the compatible cables


        • +1


          What? The two 2820s I've bought off you came with power cables. I thought it was the older models that don't have the power cords?

        • @salem:

          Didn't realize they have included cables now - that is good news.


        • +2


          Can confirm, comes with power brick and also the models SE sent me is the updated model (build date 04/14

        • i5 comes with brick but not power cable though.

        • @Copie:

          Does it have the N2830 CPU?

        • @venomx2:

          Certainly does.

        • @Copie:


  • What is the difference between the i5 above and this one ? http://www.shoppingexpress.com.au/buy/intel-nuc-kit-boxd5425...

    • that model you just linked do not have 2.5" bay for SATA hard drives/SSDs.


      • ahhh cheers

  • Hi, I am waiting for getting hp Microserver G1610T, is there any coming deal for this. Thanks

  • If i place an order today, is there any possibility of getting it delivered to post code 3073 by tuesday? As I am travelling overseas wednesday morning, happy to pay express shipping if possible.



    • Hi Vik,

      The earliest it can be dispatched from our warehouse is monday. I would say very tight if courier we use did not experience any delay during delivery - would not suggest doing so due to your critical situation.


  • This also seems to be a great deal at $343.70 delivered to Sydney from Amazon


    • Is that USD or AUD?

      • It's in US which is about $366 AUD

  • This or an n54l?? I want an htpc and file server in one which will serve and back up files over my wireless network. Hoping for about 8 terabytes of storage.

    • You'll only fit a single 2.5" hard drive in a NUC. You want an N54L.

  • 1 x Intel NUC Celeron N2820 2.5 SSD HDMI PC BOXDN2820FYKH0 $139.00
    1 x Kingston 4GB 1600MHz Low voltage DDR3 Non-ECC CL11 SODIMM (1.35V) KVR16LS11/4 $44.00
    1 x Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400R 920-004598 $39.00
    1 x Samsung 840 EVO Series 120GB Solid State Drives MZ-7TE120BW $85.00

    ended up as $307 shipped…. HTPC sorted

  • ordered on friday 1.30pm, status still showing as pick ??!!

  • Sweet!!! mine arrived today!!! Hopefully will have a chance to play later on tonight

    • mine arrived on Tuesday (i5) very cool. Set it up and works like a charm. Watching TV on it now.

      • I am still waiting.you bastards [email protected]! lol i am in sydney too… disappointed with the shipping

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