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SanDisk 128GB USB 3.0 Extreme Pro - US $99.99 + US $5.26 Shipping @ Amazon


I was waiting for this to drop but didn't expect it to bottom out to US$99.99! Ordered one for myself as been very happy with the 64GB version from last year, very well made and FAST. I run 2 SSD's in my laptop and the USB 3.0 isn't a bottleneck any more either! There are of course cheaper 128gb usb 3.0's out there but sandisks have fantastic random seek and small files times compared to most flash drives and I've been impressed by the previous Gen's performance! Good price (AU$229 at officeworks!) if you want, and remember the whole 28degrees mastercard thingy if you want the best AU conversion rate and not amazons!

Up to 260MB/s read speed & 240MB/s write speed.

Update: Checked today still valid so unexpiring until price changes!

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  • Reviews suggest it to be sturdier and more rugged than the regular Extreme; and for this price-point, it damn well better be. The normal Extremes feel like they're made from the same plastic you get in a Kinder Surprise egg.

  • Excellent price. I've almost talked myself into buying one even though it's the last thing I need.

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    good price!
    i'm very tempted but i have too many USB flash drives from the past 10 years :p

  • Good deal. I'm considering it, though you can also buy a 2TB portable HDD for the same money..

    Alternatively, for $10 less you can get this, which is quite comparable:


  • I'm newbie to Amazon. Do they ship to Australia? Many thanks.

  • back up to normal price again now. I didn't think the original was badly made, certainly not compared to the lexars I bought at same time. I saw corsairs and others but for smaller files and full registries sandisk is still top dog so for large files most are OK but as soon as it matters I've found this range to be good. bought it even though I didn't need it! will hold most of my photos and can use it to make power director movies without slowdowns!

    • Err, it's not back to normal price yet - just select Amazon as the seller on the right.

  • and yes Amazon ship a fair few things to Australia.

    • I'd logged in to my account, and it says it does not ship to my (Brisbane) suburb in Australia. So what's the go?

  • Price: $137.90

    • No, price still 99.99, look on right hand of screen and look for amazon as a seller not the default seller.

      Still at this price (for now!)


  • does this one support windows to go?

  • Expired..

    Ah I see the above post now..

  • Does this work on Windows 3.11

    • Do you mean Windows for Workgroup 3.11 ;)

    • This USB drive being compatible with Windows 3.11 is probably the least of your concerns if you're still using 3.11

      More immediately you should be concerned about whether you have enough fuel for your time machine's Flux Capacitor to return the year 2014.

  • Hopefully this has lower failure rates than the 64gb variant (black).


    I bought 2 from before when MSY had a sale and they both stopped working under a couple of months with less than 20 mounts.

  • AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MY GOD. I didn't know these came in 128GB variants. I have the 64GB one and it's great, my favourite and most used flash drive.

    Strongly recommend this. Might be more expensive than others, but it more than makes up for it performance wise.

  • amazon has the PNY 256GB drive for about the same price - is this sandisk drive much better then the PNY one?


    • According to specs the sandisk is about 1.5* faster. But the PNY is double the storage and more compact. Nfi about durability or reliability.

    • The sandisk drive is way way better. The PNY Turbo might be able to reach 100MB/s in sequential read/write, but thats about it, it sucks in every other way.

      I have the PNY Turbo 128GB and the Sandisk Extreme 64GB, and the Sandisk blows the PNY out of the water in real life usage, so much so that I never use the PNY.

      The build quality of the PNY Turbo is crap, and it feels like the retractable usb bit could break anytime…

      I'll now be getting rid of my PNY and purchasing this.

      • I'm wondering how much of a wank this speed is though. Unless you're copying to/from an SSD you're not gonna get over 100 MB/s anyway.

      • really depends on what you are going to use the drive for. I want to use it for keeping my DJ tunes on so when i go to a mates house I can take my library with me. So speed of the drive isn't a priority, size is.

        The build quality is of concern though but as long as you look after it and don't use to too often then might still be worth getting the size of the PNY over sandisk. decisions…

  • For those who missed out on this deal you can always make your own -

    ADATA Premier Pro SP600 128GB SSD $79.00
    + this
    Orico USB 3.0 2.5in Hard Drive Enclosure Black $19.00

    Total = $98 dollars and that gets you 128Gb's of ultra fast portable USB powered flash/ram storage..

    Yes" it may not be as small but it will be twice as fast as the SanDisk 128GB USB 3.0 Extreme Pro and can always be used in a laptop or desktop PC later down the track if desired.

    • can't really call that portable anymore..

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        which is the whole point of thumb drives. they're just right when it comes to size and weight…not as massive as an SSD/portable HDD and not frustratingly tiny like microSD cards

  • The 16GB version is very unsturdy. Feels like the tip is about to bend off.

    • "I've found the all plastic casing of the non-pro version to be the sole but glaring weakness as the 64GB drive I bought before promptly had its USB plugged bent up, breaking a couple of leads. This pro version, however, seems to be in much sturdier casing, and there definitely is a lot less play with the moving parts even though the flash drive still has a lot of plastic parts"

  • Seems like a great product. I will dig little more and maybe buy one.

  • That's strange. It's marked as expired but I purchased it a few minutes ago for this price still. I went and checked it now and it's $140+.

  • This deal is coming back again.