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Masters Hardware 20% off All Power Tools until Sunday


Add on TV here in Melbs tonight highlighted 20% off all power tools.

Some good priced items on clearance and Hot buys that would be more attractive with 20% off.

Said it excludes Mowers though.

*Offers available from Friday 8th August until Sunday 10th August 2014 unless sold out earlier. Excludes Lawn Mowers, Power Garden Tools clearance lines and Trade quantities (over 5 identical products per customer). No rain checks, stock quantities may vary from store to store. Product images are a representation only. Accessories not included unless otherwise stated. Limited stock available on selected lines. Colours, sizes & styles may vary. Some products not available online. Shelf prices may be lower than advertised price to ensure lowest price everyday.

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  • I wonder if electric air compressors come under power tools??

  • I wonder how it's calculated, was hoping the Dremel 4000 would be included but still listed at normal $199 price.

  • *Offers available from Friday 8th August until Sunday 10th August 2014 unless sold out earlier. Excludes Lawn Mowers, Power Garden Tools clearance lines and Trade quantities (over 5 identical products per customer). No rain checks, stock quantities may vary from store to store. Product images are a representation only. Accessories not included unless otherwise stated. Limited stock available on selected lines. Colours, sizes & styles may vary. Some products not available online. Shelf prices may be lower than advertised price to ensure lowest price everyday.

  • Bit of a scam. Only exclusion listed on their TV ad was lawn mowers. Then they add these conditions. Was hoping to pick something up in the Power Garden Tools clearance line. Oh well they lose a sale.

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    dremel noob here….is the 8200 significantly better than the 8100? i'm only comparing these two as i need a portable one

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      The 8100 is pretty weak. Depends what you are using it for, but the 8200 is a better buy imho.

      The 8220 is even better, since it runs for more than twelve seconds. But not sure if they have released it here yet (I brought mine back from the US), but you can get one for around $120-130 delivered…

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        Thanks for the tip!

        Modifying nerf guns, small repairs, light duty stuff really

  • Wouldn't discount a Dewalt 14.4V Li-Ion Hammer Drill Driver Kit at $318 Online-(https://www.masters.com.au/product/100597537/dewalt-14-4v-li...), So this deal doesn't include all power tools I guess.
    Bit of a shame, been wanting the Dewalt for some time!

    • Masters only sell the downgraded 14.4V. You should look into getting the 18V from Bunnings. That way you can cheap bare tools from the AUS or US etc and they are compatible.

      Price for 14.4V vs 18V is minimal when on special.

      • Need the kit to go with the $50 Dewalt drill that Masters was clearing out, but neglected to inform people on website that it didn't have power pack and would cost over $200 for just an Xtra Long Life Battery and Charger.

        So the kit I was looking at getting had all I would needed to start a basic ToolKit(Cordless Drill part of it anyway) for our new place. Would of accepted paying $263.35 incl delivery for all of that after my "Blonde Moment"

        • Do you actually need a hammer drill? There isn't much you are getting done with a 14v hammer that you can't do with your existing drill.

          As above, the 14.4v range is pretty whack. It's some random detuned range they made for a handful of stores to give them 'exclusives', but nowhere carries it. There is barely anything else in the range, and you can't buy cheap US bare tools. Plus you are stuck in a weird place - you don't get the tiny subcompact size of the 10.8v, but you don't get the power of the 18/20v stuff. And you pay the 18v price anyways.

  • Where is the discount applied? I tested using a Bosch mitre saw all the way to checkout stage and it wanted to charge full price.

  • Dremel doesn't look to be discounted at all…

  • was going to buy orbital sander. was checking out some prices last night but it doesn't seem to be different at all today?

  • Can't see any bargains here.

    Article in the Age this morning about how much money Masters is losing. No wonder, they are just a 'me too' Bunnings with less brand choice. Sorry Woolies; '909' (exclusive!), 'Worx' & 'Wesco' aren't brands, they're just random names for the cheap Chinese crap you flog.

    On the other hand, I'd like to see the ACCC investigating Bunnings practices of demanding exclusive supply from their suppliers, which is why you can't buy Makita at Masters for example. Seems anti-competitive to me.

    • Wesco is American, and a huge brand over there in the DIY market.

      Exclusive supply arrangements aren't illegal. Because that would be retarded. If Makita doesn't want to sell to Masters, they shouldn't be forced to because reasons.

      And exclusive dealing (which is illegal) doesn't mean what people think it does.

    • I thought they colluded with Masters. Anyway, Sydney Tools had a big sale and I thought I'd check if they could price match on a stocked Bosch drill, turns out they were out of stock in all stores near me (within half an hour drive). Thought that was a little convenient for them

    • Bunnings need competition.. they have a sort of monopoly in the industry… hardly anything goes on special. Customer service is not all that great. They sometimes dont want to price match. Do they even have click and collect option? Or something similar? They have a massive range of products and they are good with returns though. Thats been my experience. I find masters better.

  • Now the deal has been taken off the front page of the website. It was there a bit over an hour ago.

  • It works for me.
    I added a reciprocating saw to my cart, went to checkout
    and discount immediately showed up thus.

    Product subtotal $142.00
    Delivery subtotal $9.95
    Total $123.55
    includes GST $11.23
    Promotions -$28.40

  • OK, so I tried the Hitachi reciprocating saw as well and still $348, ie no discount applied.

    • I also just tried the Hitachi one as well as the Wesco one.
      Both worked.

      Hitachi 1010W Reciprocating Saw 130mm - CR13V Green
      Product subtotal $348.00
      Delivery subtotal $9.95
      Total $288.35
      includes GST $26.21
      Promotions -$69.60

    • Did you view your cart directly? The total shown in the top right corner doesn't seem to show discounts applied.

      • Yes, I did view the cart directly. In fact, I went all the way through to the payment screen without the discount being applied.

  • While nothing advertising this on the site, just tried a few power tools (routers) and they were discounted once I checked my cart.

  • Was just instore, and there were more exclusions then meet the eye. Either they hadn't finished putting up the sale tickets yet, or the choice is pretty dismal. Didn't scan anything, just had a browse.

  • Nice! Picked up a heat gun that I've been holding off on getting.

  • Should be able to price match with Bunnings and get another 10% off? right?

  • Hi All,

    The promotion is definitely working online now.

    You will see the 20% discount applied at the checkout, next to the word 'Promotions'.

    Thanks for your patience.

    • Didn't work for Dewalt 14.4V Li-Ion Hammer Drill Driver Kit at $318 and then you send me an email about not finalising purchase

      The Cheek!!!

      • It seems really random. At the checkout, it listed the discount for a Hitatchi 1700w router and a cheapie Bosch 400w sander, but not the (house brand) 909 thicknesser.

        I dunno whether they are being misleading or just rubbish at the internet.

      • I got this $318 for $254 at Oxenford store in QLD. Also bundled it with the $50 impact driver that went down to $40 because of the 20% discount

  • If you see something that you think should be discounted that isn't, use the chat option.
    The compressor I listed above was not on either the exclusion or the 20% off list. After a quick chat with Daniel he sorted it out and I got the discount. Great service Dan!!

    • Tried that, after typing the situation in the box, I pushed the button only to get.."Not connected to person" excuse!!!

      • You have to be patient and wait a while till someone is available, when you get close it tells you where you are in the queue.Took me about 5 minutes to get through.

  • discount worked for me. +staff discount +australia day $20 voucher.
    thx guys

  • Definitely would have picked up some tools if their range was bigger.

    I'm fine without Makita, Bunnings largely carries budget models specially made for them anyway, so I get my Makita tools elsewhere.

    Hitachi and Bosch Blue tools are great but the selection at Masters is just too limited, and poorly priced.

    Hitachi make great routers, yet the one they're best known for (M12VE) isn't carried by Masters. Bosch Blue also has some tools where they are known to make the best (short of Festool), particularly their jigsaws and random orbital sanders, however Masters don't carry these.

    Looking for a thickneser/planer? They have their 909 brand one, but that's it. Contractors table saws? Go elsewhere.

    Better off sticking to Sydney Tools and sales at Total Tools.

    • is the Hitachi C10FCE2(H1) a decent mitre saw? was looking at either a Dewalt DW713 or a Makita LS1040, but this one with the discount works out a lot better price.
      I was kicking myself i had car trouble on the Total Tools 20% off storewide a few weeks ago, so could not make it… cheers

      • Haven't used that one myself. The LS1040 (like pretty much all Makita mitre saws) is good performer, and most tradies preferred mitre saw. Dewalt stuff here in Australia tends to be overpriced (they are good, just not always worth the added cost).

        For the difference in price though, I wouldn't hesitate to get the Hitachi.

        • Thanks for that

        • @heathwithnoteeth: only thing stopping me pulling the trigger, is fathers day sales are just around the corner… must resist

        • Last Fathers Day Master's seemed to have a few 'loss leaders' deals (that is, below cost or at cost items, designed to get people into the stores), mainly on their homebrand tools (909, Wesco, etc). No massive discounts on brand name stuff from memory though.

          I ended up picking up their 909 305mm Sliding Compound Mitre Saw for $150. It required tweaking out of the box to get it cutting straight, the dust collection is non-existant, and the blade it came with was awful, but at that price I couldn't knock it back (given the saw I wanted was $1000, which I didn't and still don't have the money for).

        • @kapone: Whats your opinion on the 909 Sliding Mitre Saw? Ive been trying to compare it to the Ozito @ Bunnings. The table mitre locking mechanism on the Ozito feels alot more secure compared to the 909. Also wondering whether the huge price difference on something like a Makita or Hitachi is worth it. I imagine something this big may not be worth getting from Sydney Tools due to the shipping cost.

        • @Moj0:
          To be honest, the only reason I bought it was because of the ridiculously cheap price. Saying that, the quality of the slide and locking mechanism impressed me, although the there considerable problems with the precision of the saw.

          Out of the box it was far from square, after adjusting it all, I could get it close to square (about 0.5-1 degree off). If there had been more movement in the fence adjustment I could have gotten it completely square. This should be able to be rectified by using a file to grind the adjustment slots of the fence to be a touch longer.

          As for precision of the bevel adjustment, again it required quite a bit of faffing about to adjust it (not helped by the fact that there were some errors in the manual, the adjustments on this saw are different from the other 909 mitre saws, but some info relating to the other saws seems to have slipped through).

          The depth adjustment has a bit of flex in it (however even the better brand name saws suffer from that). Definitely needs a replacement blade (I grabbed a Bosch Optiline, which does a great job for the price).

          I also made a zero-clearance insert out of plywood for cleaner cuts (use scraps against the fence at times as well for the same reason).

          The other thing I did to improve working with the saw, and save some money, was make a dedicated table for the saw out of plywood that sits on saw horses (similar to this: https://2.bp.blogspot.com/_xX13anTH78M/S6whA5gM-iI/AAAAAAAAA... ). This saved money on a dedicated saw stand, plus gave the benefit of full support for the material, and a solid fence for fixing stop blocks.

          If I hadn't come across it for that price I would have ended up eventually either:
          Buying a second hand Makita
          Buying a smaller Makita
          Or buying a new saw and putting it on the CC (would've gone either a 305mm Bosch Glide or the Makita LS1216)

          Personally I want a larger saw, but you can save quite a few dollars if a smaller saw will do the job for you (10" is enough for most people including tradies).

        • @kapone:
          i am still umming and arring over the hitachi… i really need to cut a 90 x 18 skirt in vertical 45 degree mitre, and the max specs say 59 x 102… do you think i can do it? if i pack out the fence, so the cut is further away from the centre of the blade… cheers

        • @heathwithnoteeth:
          I reckon it should do if you pack it out, but would recommend going into a store to double check on the real thing.

        • @kapone: shame nearest store is 500km away from me… thanks for the info though.

        • @heathwithnoteeth: had a look at one at mitre 10, was not happy with the quality of it, so will leave it… thanks for all the input
          i really like the look/feel of the dewalt dw713, so will see if i can get it at discount. vek tools have it for $349, so will try and get the big green shed to match the price. shame masters dont stock that.

        • @heathwithnoteeth: Thx for the reply kapone. Heathwithnoteeth, i would be interested to know what the Dewalt's like if u end up getting one. Is that the 10" sliding compound mitre?

          Jus wanted to add to this, im currently using a Ryobi 10" sliding compound mitre saw that i borrowed off a friend. Its a few yrs old & i found the table isn't accurate(eg. its not 90deg when the angle measurements indicates it is). Also found the 45deg mitre isnt quite at 45deg. Ive had to to spend abit of time calibrating it. I also dont quite like the locking mechanism on this saw so Ryobi's off the list too.

        • @Moj0: the one i was looking it is non-sliding. the 10 inch sliding one can be bought for around $750, but you can get the 12 inch for around $880, so worth going for that in my opinion.

        • @Moj0: i ended up getting a second hand DW713XE for $150… it is a really nice saw. now to find a cheap stand.. i missed out on a dewalt one on evilbay that went for $107.

        • @heathwithnoteeth: Great. The DeWalt looks solid. Let me know wot u think of it. I would still prefer one with a sliding compound function but thats only a minor difference.

    • Their bosch blue angle grinder looks ok

      • Would've been tempted by that except I was given an angle grinder just recently.

        • I got the 800w for my dad . Thats father's day sorted. Looking at the hitachi router. Is the se a big step down from the ve. Difference seems to be the variable speed. Does it make a huge difference worth $150?

          Ve $375 at sydney tools
          Se $237 at masters

        • Depends on the sort of work you're using it for.

          If you're furniture-making you want to have variable speed. Depending on the species of wood, the direction/characteristics of the grain, the cutter being used, etc, you would want to alter the speed to ensure a clean and burn free cut.

          If that's not a big issue for the type of work you do, then $237 is a good price for a very solid and powerful router.

      • the angle grinders i looked at seemed to be about the same price or cheaper at bunnings.. even after discount was applied.
        i was looking in sub $100 range

  • I wonder if I can get away with them first beating Sydney tools' price for the Hitachi C12RSH sliding mitre saw.

    for example
    Masters price $999
    Sydney tools price $848
    10% price beat makes $763.20
    Then the 20% discount makes $610.56

    Anyone think that would work?

  • Is this promo available in store as well?

  • Sorry guys but what is the PROMO code.. Thanks

  • I'm so tempted by this sliding compounds mitre saw for $260. It's a cheapie but has pretty good reviews.

  • I picked up this Hitachi 18V Li-ion Mega Kit 10 PCE from Mornington today for $1080. Told there was 2 left after buying mine


  • went to the store this morning and picked up bosch orbital sander :) cheers!

  • I made a click and collect order this morning and it is still being processed. :((((

    • Yeah I've had similar experiences in the past which is disappointing as whenever I'm instore there seems to be an abundance of staff available.

    • I ordered mine after midnight this morning. Got SMS and email at 11:00 am to pickup at Oakleigh South.

      Happy, got a bench grinder and some Dremel stuff.

  • Got a panasonic drill driver 14.4v EY 7441 LE2S 1.5ah today from Williams landing for $159.20. Was on clearance for $199 plus 20% off equals BARGAIN…… All I have to do is upgrade the batteries.

  • Just ordered 2x 14.4v 3.3 AH batteries with click and collect. Batteries are on special for $50 each then got 20% off so they became $40 each. Double bargain. Now on the look out for a impact driver skin!

  • I went to Oxenford this morning to pickup these Dewalts…

    I got this for $40

    and this for $254

    nice combination