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Digitalstar Asus X200MA Celeron Dual Core 4GB Ram, 500GB 11.6" Screen $379 with Free Freight


Deal Ends Saturday 9th of August at midnight.

$379 with Free delivery Australia Wide

Notebook Specifications

Part Number X200MA-KX128H

• Genuine Windows 8 64bit
• Intel Celeron Processor N2815 (1M Cache, 1.86 GHz up to 2.13 GHz)
• 4GB DDR3, 500GB SATA Hard Disk
• 11.6" 16:9 HD (1366x768) LED Backlight
• WIFI A/G/N (Dual Band), Bluetooth, USB 3.0
• Light Weight 1.24 kg (with 3 cell battery)
• 1 Year ASUS Warranty

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    Toshiba c50-b is just $20 more and has an n2830 processor. Surely that's a better deal?



      A big difference between 11.6" and 15.6" Screen size for portability etc. If you want something for note taking etc. 11.6" is the way to go.

      We have a 15.6" that $399 is our standard sell price


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      Doesn't really matter actually. N2815 and N2830 are both pretty slow Atom bay trail chips. However as Digitalstar has said, this offer is really for those who wish to buy a small portable laptop so you can't compare with a 15.6" 2+kg full size laptop.


        So what processor should i be looking for? The i-range run very hot and aren't that faster.


          The Core CPUs (i3/i5/i7) are much faster than those Atom-rebranded-as-Celerons. The ULV ones aren't very hot either (although still can't be passively cooled like Atom). The main problem for them is the price.

          May also look for Haswell-based Celeron like Celeron 29xxU which are faster than N28xx but requires a fan.



          Thanks. They are slow! Not much faster than my 8 year old laptop. Core CPUs are much faster, but, as you say, a lot more expensive.

          Think I'll wait for them to fall in price….

          Thanks for the tip!

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    Decent review here. One of the more important caveats, IMO:

    The underside can be loosened by a series of screws (including two hidden underneath the rear feet pads) but it's difficult to remove without damage. There are small plastic tabs on the inside holding it in place. It's tough to replace the hard drive or memory without damaging the chassis.

    Freaking hate that. Had the same issue putting an SSD in an Acer V5 recently; managed to break only one of the hidden tabs (resulting in slightly less tight chassis alignment after reassembly) but any future maintenance is likely to break more of them.

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