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DSE - Destiny $54.98 (PS4, XB1), Last of Us Remastered $44.98 (PS4), Diablo 3 $54.98 (PS4, XB1) Today Only


Cheap games,the checkout code gets you $15 off the original price.

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    too slow

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    Are these actually on special… Or is it just because someone else has posted a $15OFF code?

    • Because someone else posted 15 off code. Same with Chromecast. Decent prices to begin with though

    • $50-60 is the impulse buy sweet spot for new release titles, any higher and I have zero interest in owning a new game at launch.

      Also worth taking into account the questionable length of the base game in Destiny. With a level cap of 20 and 4 playable areas (1 per planet) the $55 price tag makes the content gamble more reasonable.

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    I was trying to buy Chromecast for $34 but it was out of stock in 1 minute!

    • what has that got to do with this?

    • its back in stock now

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    Got Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil on PS4 for $55 delivered, pretty happy. Now to find some co-op buddies!

    • +1

      I ordered that last week, and ordered TLOU today.

      I'm pretty excited about both of them to be honest.

      But yeah, couch co-op with Diablo 3 should be awesome!

    • odd i preordered diablo 3 from ttp for 50 with 10 off… wednesday

  • Bought both, thanks mate :)

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    Choosing not to mention that these deals (minus last of us) are available on Xbox as well?

    • Deal title has been updated to include XB1.

  • +27



    THEN 12% MONDAY!


    • But wait, there's more!

  • Ordered destiny for ps4. thx for post

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    Keen on getting Destiny for my Xbone I just ordered, however do I have to pay it all upfront now? Banks looking a bit empty ha

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      3 options:

      Paypal's 'pay after delivery' feature gives you 21 days or so before payment is taken (not an option via mobile that I have seen, use the desktop version).

      Credit card payment will give you up to 55 days interest free to pay it back.

      Click and collect can probably buy you a few days or so before you go and get it. I believe you pay in store when you pick it up (not during checkout).

      Otherwise borrow money…

      • Can't see any of those options ordering online…. Only PayPal and CC

        • What?

          They are the first 2 things I mentioned, PayPal & CC.

          Pay After Delivery - is a feature offered by PayPal during the PayPal checkout via the desktop browser.

          Up to 55 days interest free is a feature offered on most Credit Cards.

          Click & Collect is a payment & pick up option that Dick Smith offer. Look when you're in the checkout if it's available for your purchase…

        • @nismo:
          You must have added more info just before I replied, as you didn't mention the 'pay after delivery' feature was a paypal option and not Dick Smiths doing it.
          Thanks though.

    • If it's on dicks eBay store there will 20% off from Sunday…

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    That's better

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    next week is FRIDAY22 $22 off

    • Fingers crossed. But i like your thinking…

    • think i'll wait for FRIDAY29 $29 off…

  • Nice deal. Picked up TLOU and D3 for PS4.

  • Is TLOU local stock the city censored one?

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    Good old Willy smith

  • Friday15 = FIFA 15 pre order

    Pre order for Cod is still full price :(

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    everything is $89, i cant find these prices.

    • Lol where are you looking

      • clicking: Go To Deal…

        • Yep I did and destiny and diablo shows $69.98 then you take $15 off

  • Horizon 2 for 65…. so wanna press buy.. dammit will there be a better deal or should I order now? Does anyone reckon.

    Man this is hard.. I don't even wanna look at my bank.

    • Probably not locally and if anyone is going to sell it cheaper it will probably end up being Dick anyway.

  • Destiny is advertised as $59.98 but still showing as $69.98 online.
    I tried to use their 'contact us ' feature and even that doesn't work!!

    • That's if you order in store in think

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    Anyone have a screenshot of the $10 off for preorders for games?

    Have emailed them and they seem happy to refund the $10 but want proof of the offer.

    • It's in their catalogue, go search lasoo.com for it

      • Thanks found it here:

        Destiny =$45 shipped
        Diablo = $50 shipped


        • how to cancel a pre-order? i pre-ordered this game a few days ago for approx $55.

        • @alwayseric:
          Just email them with your order number saying you want to cancel.

        • Had you already ordered and paid when you contacted them? I'm wondering whether I need to get confirmation first or if they will just refund $10.

        • @clarkey: it is my question too. but i guess if i can easily cancel the order, i can place the order now and hopefully they can refund the difference. otherwise i will cancel it too.

        • @alwayseric:
          Yeah I just ordered it. Worst case scenario I'm getting a new release game for $55 delivered. Can't complain about that.

        • +1

          Yes already paid first.

          Send them the catalogue links above when they ask for proof.

        • @plasmapuff: i placed the order again. will send them the catalogue link tomorrow. please let us know if they DO refund you the difference.

        • @alwayseric:

          SO I ordered and paid for Destiny. Can I emailed them and asked for the $59.99 - $15 deal? Will they really honour that?

        • @chromium:

          I think it's more like cancelling that order, order for $55 using $15 coupon, then emailing to ask them to match the $60 catalogue price.

          I doubt they will agree to match the coupon, especially since it'll be expired when they get back to you. Whereas they might match the $60 as it's in the catalogue.

        • now i have another issue. i cant submit the query online.
          "Unable to submit your request. Please, try again later"

        • @alwayseric:

          Same here

        • @clarkey:

          Why cancel? I ordered it for $55 today. I want to try and message them about matching the catalogue price and refunding me $10 but can't submit questions on the website

        • @chromium: i already ordered it a few days ago at approx $55. i reordered today just for $10 cheaper.

        • @chromium:

          Nevermind. I thought you ordered the $60 - $10 voucher + $5 postage from the other day and wanted to switch to today's $70 - $15 voucher - (hopefully $10 pre-order discount). What a mess, all for $5 or so!

          I think we should just email/call them like a few others have suggested, asking them to change the price before the voucher was applied to $60 as their catalogue promised.

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    ordered fifa 15 ps4 $55 bargain

  • ordered fifa 15 xb1 $54.98, thank you!

  • +1

    Says expired now when I try to enter code

    • It just worked for me. Try using incognito or a new email address.

  • Thanks….. Used wife's email address without logging and it worked.
    The Last of us for $44.98 and no delivery charge for some reason.

  • Thanks, placed 2 orders for Destiny $55 delivered and also Fifa 15 for $55 delivered.

  • how does it work out to be $45 for those of you who preordered? you paid $10 down for deposit, and for this deal, u paid $55. So all up you paid $65 ; you ring up DSE to get the $10 refund. So at the end, you still pay $55? or am I missing something?

    • You buy it tonight before midnight for $55 ($70 - $15 coupon). Then ask them to change the original $70 to $60 as that is the pre-order price in the catalogue, so the new total becomes $45. No idea if it will work.

  • Anyone have the link for FIFA 15 on PS4?

    Seems to give me a dud page when I try to access it.

    • Just search for FIFA 15 and it's the 3rd one down. If you try and access the page you get a 404 but you can add it straight to your cart and checkout.

      • Cheers. Just figured that out… that I didn't have to access the page! Ordered!

  • Ended up grabbing 2 games:

    FIFA (PS4) for $55
    HALO MCC (XB1) for $65

    Wish they had NHL listed like they do Madden….ah well!!!

  • Schweet! :D
    Myself and a friend each grabbed a D3 for PS4. We both had a few different issues with pages not loading but eventually in the end we both got through at the same time :S haha.
    Looking forward to some groovy multiplay fun fun.
    Thanks! :)

  • My Order (placed on 15 August 2014 11:59:30 PM EST).

    Just in time for a last minute decision to nab Destiny at $55… will attempt to get it for $45 as per advice posted above.

    By the way, does anyone know if Dick Smith charge us on pre-orders right away, or upon picking and dispatching our orders?

  • Hi guys, missed the friday sale - the crummy ozbargain email newsletter comes out 4am the next day, so by that time sat 4am, i'm asleep and i miss the friday sales anyway. obviously my issue for not hitting up 'newest deals' on fri, but sometimes you forget/get busy. No way to change notifications email to arrive at the end of close of bussiness that same day?

    Anyway back on track.. but the last of us on ps4 is $59.98 now on dse site, is that an introductory price?? or a forseeable price for next week or so? Just wonering if it's worth waiting for another $15 coupon or something, or to snap it up on the 20% ebay bargain thing happening sunday? I don't think there's any other fixed $10,$15 off a game at $59.98 though this weekendis there? SO they usually do any 15/20% sales on the monday?

    And it seems everyone's been getting free shipping or click to collect too?

    • And sorry but has anyone acutally played the game? Any good?

    • I think you can get it for around $45-50 if you wait a bit. It should be around that price tomorrow.

      As for whether it's a good game… Yes, it's very good. I don't think there's any point saying more, just play it and enjoy!

      • Disappointingly they jack it up to $63.80 on their ebay store versus $59.98 on their online dse store, which is disappointing. I can't see any reason why a store should be allowed to sell something on their alternate website listing at a higher price than their same store, apart from the fact to negate off the 20% discount…. still with 20% discount on $63.80 + 4.95 of delivery it works out to be about $55 for the game.. so i just took it incase the next dse deal should be out soon but the base value of the game may no longer be $59.98….

        disappointing though that it was on $45 only on friday! have now adjusted my email settings to receive my ozb deals at the evening than morning time s(meant i kept getting fridays deals notified in my email at a 4-6am on sat/the next day).

        Reviews seem to be good for the game though.. hopefully i can get some time to play.. been awhile since i've been able to pickup my ps4!

        • +1

          The woe of the OzBargainer. Some freak combination of specials will set the standard and we won't be happy until we see that price again!

          As for the game, my advice would be to take your time with it. Explore and enjoy the story (a lot of which takes place while you're just exploring too). It's not a typical shooter so don't expect to just run around shooting everything. Playing on Hard gives the most immersive experience (you can drop the difficulty later if it's not your thing). Oh and in case it's not obvious, despite being a prequel, you should definitely not play Left Behind before the main game.

        • no one has confirmed yet that they got $10 refund.

        • @alwayseric:

          I haven't even been able to contact them through the website yet. It's been saying "Unable to submit your request. Please, try again later" since Friday.

        • @clarkey:

          ahh so in-game you can switch between difficuly levels without restarting your game from the start?

          Yeap… it really is a fallacy of being an ozber. just can't get enough once you have a cheaper price to compare to!!

          I'll try and take it slow, guess it's not one of those run through if you cbb exploring/solving, but just gunning and shooting everything down as you quick dash through, sorta game.

          then again AC4: black flag i've been in the same town in episode 1 for god knwos how long, so i'll pobably do the same and explore heaps lol.

        • @SaberX:

          Yeah, you can change the difficulty without restarting, but really I only suggested it in case the play style for hard just isn't working for you. I came across this reddit thread today if you're looking for some more tips while waiting for your game to come (no spoilers). Enjoy the game… I envy you having it all ahead of you still. Also, make sure you give the online a go. It's much more strategic than typical shooters and it can be quite addictive.

        • @chromium: if you are still checking this post, i finally sent it an enquiry just now after i logged in my account. someone confirmed they did refund the $10. i hope myself to be lucky one too.

  • got destiny ps4 for $45 but calling them up today to match the catalogue price. they are refunding the $10 to my card.

    awesome deal. best price around for destiny.

  • Anyone got their copy of Diablo 3 yet?
    My order is still saying "awaiting fulfillment"

  • I received shipping confirmation for Diablo III (PS4) today - as well as a refund of $5 (to match the pre-order price), bringing it to $50 delivered. :)

    • Invoice number mate? They're being stubborn with mine. Did you call or email?

      • I used the online contact form on Monday for my Destiny order, got an email on Monday saying it has been forwarded for processing, and got my $10 refund today. If you haven't heard anything yet, you should probably follow it up.

        • Diablo 3 currently on back order awaiting stock arrival according to DICK SMITH helpdesk.
          Dissapointing. I guess they had lots of orders to fill.

        • Called DSE again - they advised they are out of stock in their warehouse and have no ETA on when they will receive stock…

          They were happy to cancel my order, but I'm not sure I want to given the cheap price plus pre-order refund.

          I can wait I guess

        • @rysith: got my shipping notice this afternoon for Diablo 3. Probably wont arrive until Tuesday

      • My invoice number was 100403668.

        I contacted them via their website's Contact Us form on Friday. Received an email response that my request was being forwarded to the relevant department on Saturday. Received a tax invoice, then shipping confirmation, and then the $5 refund through PayPal on Wednesday. Received the game today (Thursday)! :)

        Hope all goes well for you.

        • Woot shipping notification and invoice finally received today.

  • +1

    I got my $10 refund for destiny! $45 all up. Good stuff Dick.

    • How did you get it at 45? The Title says $54.98? I got mine at 55, is there a way to ask them for 45?

      • +1

        69.98 - $10 for preorder - $15 for code = $45

        The preorder discount didn't apply properly online so if you email Dick Smith a screenshot of the catalogue (which says if you preorder its 59.98) and your order number you should receive the $10 refund. I and quite a few others have already.

        Same with Diablo. But that's only $5.00 given online price was already $5 cheaper than catalogue.

        • I emailed them and it worked!!! Thanks for the help!!

          This is awesome, I love Dick Smith, 45 for release day Destiny on X1 delivered!!

          Dick Smith is awesome, Ozbargin and its people are awesome!!

        • @Zylam Marex:

          Well… Maybe not quite release day. It is Dick, after all.

        • @clarkey:

          Yea I know what you mean, But within the week of release for that price seems pretty good to me, wish they allow in store pickups for their sale prices someday, would be the ultimate deal!

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