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OnePlus One 4G LTE $427.62 for 64GB and $357.20 for 16GB + Shipping (~ $30) @ Camera Paradise


Long time bargain hunter, first time poster.

16GB: http://cameraparadise.com/Buy-OnePlus-One-16GB-4G-LTE-Mobile...
64GB: http://cameraparadise.com/Buy-OnePlus-One-64GB-4G-LTE-Mobile...

Been looking at this phone for awhile and saw the previous deals on OzBargain from DWI.

Out of curiosity i wanted to see if i can find something better and stumbled upon this.

CyanogenMod 11S already pre-installed unlike other Oneplus ones' from China.

Has anyone had an experience with Camera Paradise before? Was wondering what your thoughts were.

Seems legit according to whirlpool community:



If checkout-ing with paypal a compulsory: $12.43 for shipping insurance is charged (Credits to hts)

Opt to regular checkout and then pay with Paypal at the end doesn't include shipping insurance unless chosen (Credits to hughesy89) (CONFIRMED by OP)


Found their eBay store:


Selling the exact model for $417.99 with free shipping

Comes with:
-USB cable
-USB charger (Hong Kong plug)
-SIM pin
-Power adapter suitable for Australian use

64GB version also available in white/black (no price difference)

Personally purchased white 64GB on the 29th of August; will try to update when i can:

29/08/14 - 03/09/14 = Processing
03/09/14 ~ = Pending to ship

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    Ordered my OPO 64 GB Sandstone on the 19th last month and received on the 23rd which was the fastest I've had something arrive at my door. So far so good, no problems at all. Came packed decently.

    3G/4G working perfectly on my Optus/LiveConnected SIM. CM11S came pre-installed as stated above (received about 3 OTA's since I've owned the phone. Everything working fine. My experience was fine, no problems at all. Confirmed legit.

    • +1

      Thanks for such a detailed confirmation!

    • Did it come with a charger? Looks like it doesn't from the description.

      • Sent an email regarding this and here is their reply


        Thanks for your inquiry.

        Officially, it only comes with USB cable, USB charger with Hong Kong plug, SIM pin. We will put a power adapter suitable for Australia use.


        • I like mine from t-dimension, it came with the 1+1 charger (which has it's own cool little box like the phones) AND a travel adaptor to switch it to local.

    • +2

      Is it the official international version (has cyanogenmod written on the back) or a Chinese version that they've flashed?

      • Was the logo more important?

        Chinese version hence the price and flashing. No difference otherwise.

        • +1

          Asking so other people can see the answer, don't personally care as I've already got one.

          There is hardware differences such as different LTE bands, support process between the two models.

        • @zfa:

          The difference in bands is only repevant is the owner plans on traveling to the US.

      • +1

        It's the Chinese version. The international version supports 1700 Mhz and the version from Camera Paradise does not:

        3G: WCDMA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100

        It's also cheaper from T-Dimension https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/158697

    • Which one is OPO 64 GB Sandstone and how much? Edit just realised opo means oneplusone I thought it's different brand i.e. OPPO

      Is this good replacement for galaxy note 2?

    • EDIT:

      For further confirmation, I received a HK plug adaptor, the OPO charger, the USB cable and the SIM pin. It is also the Chinese version with CM 11S flashed (has Chinese characters on the back instead of the CM logo).

      Just be sure you put your SIM card with the contacts facing down (IIRC) as I thought my OPO was broken due to myself installing the SIM the other way around!

      • Did you purchases from Camera Paradise as well? I'm assuming it'd be the same across all Chinese versions anyways. Chinese writing at the back thats a bummer ):

  • Great phone, highly recommend. I thought it would be too big, but it's so light and thin that you forget about it. Runs very smoothly. Mine came with a US wall charger (I bought with an invite), but also a Micro USB cord (It's a nice red one also),plus like most people, I have about 60 lying around at home. Love the feel of the sandstone backing on the 64GB. I'm also on Optus and have had absolutely no issues at all.

    Easy to root also if you are wanting Xposed Mods.

    • The Chinese ones also come with the charger and flat USB cord.
      The accessories are identical, Chinese just missing headphones. The packaging is pretty cool too, as far as phone boxes go. :)

      • +1

        Global version doesn't come with headphones either.

        • Ahh, I thought I read somewhere that it did.
          Even better then, thought I missed out on something. :)

  • +1

    Good first deal op! Wish all phones came with expandable storage, 16gb just doesn't cut it anymore but 64gb seems like the right size.

  • I'm currently in the market for a new phone. Its down to this and lg g3. I'm not into rooting or customising at all. Will 1+1 still suit? Just mainly after big screen, fast and responsive and future proof for 2 or so years.

    • +1

      Price wise the 1+1 is the way to go but the LG G3 is a pretty good all rounder phone. Both phones will suit you fine although I would be leaning towards to the G3 for future updates and warranty claims.

      • +1

        Both phones would be grey imports (I'd rather 3gb ram on g3). Is 1+1 still worth it if I Dont have the need to customise anything? Happy to spend $130 more for lg g3 if warranted (I do want a good camera)

        • +2

          from the spec's one the site one plus (oppo) also has 3gb ram, but i would personally go with g3 (wife has a g2 and its a great phone). Grey imports are fine just pick a seller that is half decent when you need help :)

        • As mentioned, the 1+1 is 3gb too, and updates from cyanogen are some of the fastest out of any of the aftermarket.

          FM radio is the only thing I am actually disappointed that is missing, means I still have to take a pocket fm radio to the footy.

      • Wouldn't the 1+1 be better for future updates, LG don't have a very good rep in regards to updates. And the biggest thing about the 1+1 it uses cm (which is better than lg skin of android) and is guaranteed to be supported for the next 2 years, which is even better than what google offers on their nexus devices. Warranty claims will be much of a muchness if they are grey importing the G3.

    • +1

      In the same boat. Leaning towards LG G3 for its radio. I don't have enough data to be using radio apps. Prices should tank when iPhone 6 is released.

    • One big down side of the G3 or S5 for this matter is that they seem very sluggish comparing to opo. Opo is so far the fastest phone ever. It is like an iPhone 5S with a real OS (as opposed to a portal for being ripped off).

      • What about the s805 version? Or doesn't that support local frequencies? I'd look at that. I think its kind of silly (unless you really desperately need one now) to buy a new phone at this point, with the nexus 6 and iphone 6 around the corner.

      • +1

        Just got my G3 after pondering over that or a OPO. It's not sluggish at all and a gorgeous phone, I was concerned that it would look terrible but build is great and the screen is gorgeous.

        • Go get a Oneplus One, compare both and you will notice the huge difference in speed. Seriously, it's not even close.

      • opo is also a company that… more or less didn't exist last year. Who knows if they'll still be around in the coming years…

        • Owned by Oppo Electronics, I doubt they are going anywhere. Especially when they can't keep up with demand.

    • +1

      G3 has the better camera out of the 2

      • +1

        Camera is definitely important to me. Does this make it worth the extra $130?? I'm so torn! Is the opo at least as good as the sg4 camera? Is the bugs experienced with cm early on now been ironed out?

        • The two it lacks are Optical stabilisation and laser focus.
          Is that 130 better? Although nice to have, possibly not.

    • 1+1 would be better with future updates, since it runs cyanogenmod and should be updated to the latest android versions pretty quickly, whereas LG has a really bad rep of updating their phones. Since both are grey imports, warranty should be no different since you'll be contacting the retailer for the warranty anyways.

      I'll be getting the 1+1 for faster updates and a smoother os with no bloat, and LG G3 if you want a slimmer and smaller sized phone.

    • +1

      A big advantage of CM11 on the 1+1 is that you can control individual app preferences, eg deny Facebook access to your Address book or Camera etc…

  • Does this phone work on Telstra 4G ?

    • Been using it for 2 months. Works great on telstra 4g. Downloading faster than my home cable.

    • Anybody confirm Voda 4G? ?
      Be great to see 1800 working for us with posted result.

      Voda-favourites$0.54/350MB user here so can stream 24x7 radio w'out concern. Also approve of 64 GB storage arriving 'on-board. :')

  • +6
    • +2

      Lol.. reminds me of the phrase "Liar, liar, pants on fire.."

  • If you opt to checkout with paypal without going through their shopping cart, you get an extra $12.43 charge for shipping insurance.

    • Seems like you can go through regular checkout and pay with paypal at the end and you won't be charged for shipping insurance

  • +2

    I just got an invite lastnight for a 64GB international version so I orderd one to a comgateway address to have it shipped here. All in should cost me around $420 direct from OnePlus

    • +1

      That's awesome! Congrats! How long did you have to wait to get an invite and what did you have to do exactly?

      • Thanks, All I did was join the forum back on the 12th of May and I received my first invite that I was unable to use at the time on the 25th of July and they are just in the process now of sending a 2nd chance invite to the early supporters who did not use the first invite.

        • Wow that's quite a long wait! You didn't have to be active in any forums? Tossing between Camera Paradise or just waiting for the invite and save $50

        • +1

          @rakkihizoku: Yeah was a bit of a wait but I think they are starting to roll out the invites a bit faster now, From what I have read it's better to wait for the international version as the Chinese one uses different hardware for the 4G which might cause some drama if you plan to travel overseas.

    • +1

      Hi care to send me the invites you had? just pm me and I will reply you back.

    • -1

      Why do they require an invite just to buy their product? Do they think that highly of themself?

      • I think it's more supply vs. demand… ie. they can only produce as many handsets as they send out invites for.

        • I believe its also a good marketing stunt as well. Has everyone looking for invites and talking about it. People that have spare invites could pass it on to people they know that are looking for a phone.

        • Sounds like as a manufacturer they're not ready for prime time.

  • -2

    I've heard so many good things about this handset but I dont know if I can jump ship from the iPhone 5 to this, just before the launch of the new iPhone… hmmmmmmmmmmm

    • +4

      have you ever used an android? or have you always been an apple user with ipads, imacs and istuff?… if its yes to that question i don't suggest you switch… unless your open minded and like to figure things out n learn some new ways to do the same thing u did on apple :)

    • +1

      Does anyone know how the camera on this compares to the Sony Xperia Z1? I am considering pulling the trigger on a Z1 when it hits my preferred price point (after the new iphone and Z3 are released) however the specs of this device have me tempted… not a great fan of the lack of a mini SD slot though.

      • i wouldn't bother with the 16gb without a mini sd, my htc one is 64gig and my wifes lg g2 is 32 gig version we dont find a need for a SD slot at those sizes and things are just simpler with that much space as well, no mucking around with moving apps etc etc … i like the below site for reviews of phones, it'll take u straight to the camera review


  • +2

    payed paypal no $12.43 just check out regular and use paypal as payment. Dont click the check out with paypal button.

    • +1

      Thanks for that! I'll make the change to the post :)

  • +1

    so is this the international version with the cynanogen logo? not much a better deal than the dwi seeing as they are the same price. the only bonus here is for people that dont know how to flash/root their phone

  • As already asked by zfa in the fourth post, "Is it the official international version (has cyanogenmod written on the back) or a Chinese version that they've flashed?" but still not answered. I read through the whole post with still no answer, only more variants and differences ( possible frequency and/or update problems ), leading me to more confusion. Is this the safer International model for Australian Users to get?

  • +5

    CyanogenMod 11S already pre-installed unlike other Oneplus ones' from China.

    This is the Chinese version. The international version supports 1700 Mhz and the version from Camera Paradise does not:

    3G: WCDMA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100

    Camera Paradise would have flashed CM11S after they received the stock.

    • +1

      Sorry if you misunderstood. Was just stating that anyone that buys it doesn't have to flash CyanogenMod 11S onto it.

  • Guys, check this out.
    A oneplus one phone just got blew


  • A oneplus one phone just got blew

    Wow!! Talking dirty to Siri is my threshold…

  • +4

    OnePlus One 64GB for $439.35 Delivered, 16GB $373.42 at t-dimensions.

  • bought mine for $400 of gumtree brand new.sealed. also when u buy from OPO site it charges you shipping and it takes 15 to manufacture and then they ship= 20-25 days to get your hands ON.

    so use some brain and buy off gumtree it ( bargain till 450)
    and also it will cost you $400, so pay just $50 more and buy through Gumtree & pick up same day.

    I was lucky to get for $400..

    and its been 2 weeks it super amaizing phone.

    • BATTERY LAST 1.5 day on high use, also camera is AWESOME.
      Display is nice too, and that feel is so great when u hold it..

      every one ask me on train -HEY what phone is that :)

      • Camera is pretty good, but the camera on the other high end phones are better (S5, G3, Xperia 2)

        • Do you really think they are that much better. Wait 3 to 6 months, and there will be another better bunch. Compared to a $100 compact, these are all average anyway. Not everyone wants "the best" anyway.

        • @ozhunter68:
          I never said they were great compared to a dedicated camera, or that 'everyone wants the best'.
          However, I've had the opportunity to muck around with all 4 built in cameras that I mentioned and if the 1+1 camera was to be rated AWESOME on TurkishDelight's scale, then the others would have to be rated up around SUPER AWESOME.

          Hey, I love my 1+1, but I can admit to its flaws, and the camera could have been better is all.

          "Chill Winston…"

        • @linton:maybe..but I am not a huge fan of making pics…so I find it awesome..

          Note 3 camera was super awesome..
          S5 is ok

        • @TurkishDelight:
          But 1+1 is a phone with right price tag.

    • +1

      While the videos are very impressive, the file sizes are ludicrous. That 3 minute video sample is almost 500mb alone. It wouldn't be too much of an issue if the OnePlus One had expandable storage but as it stands it doesn't.

      • Certainly stands in contrast each respective model doesn't it vis-a-vis @10GBph 1 hour of space, versus 400% more expansive [64GB*].

        *Afaik that media is transferable + re-writable though, while I accept
        it is what it is 'thanks Google' O_o

        There's is a comparison chart here. . http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/8K_resolution which show DCI 4K is by no means the largest format, when you extrapolate infinitely into the future and it's all rather impressive really.

  • +2

    Listed as having currently the second longest battery life of all smartphones according to Laptop Mag, with over 13 hours (Compared to the Galaxy S5''s measley 10:50)

    Definitely the next area that needs improvement in smartphones IMO given performance is so great already…

    • +1

      Battery tech hasn't improved all that much. It's not keeping pace with advancement in processor speed. Battery life has typically been extended by producing more efficient chips and optimizing software, also designing the case to allow more room for a bigger battery.

  • Amazing…

    OnePlus One DCI 24 FPS 4K Cinematic Video Samples…: http://youtu.be/6y4GvxAHFxU

  • +1

    Just purchased mine from here! Will update you with how it goes

    • Has yours shipped yet?
      Ordered mine on friday and it still says Order Status: Pending to Ship. Was really hoping it would be here within the week.

      • I ordered mine late Thursday night and I'm getting 'Order Status: Processing'… Still hoping to see it by the end of the week.

        • Same but coming from Hong Kong Im losing hope haha

        • @lordz89:

          Still pending to ship 3 working days after placing the order.

        • @lordz89: Huzzah! Mine's 'in transit' now from Hong Kong. Off chance it might arrive tomorrow but I'm expecting Monday will be more likely.

        • @ordinaryboy: Yep mines in transit too.
          Current toll status is -
          04 Sep 14
          HONG KONG
          In Transit to Destination

      • Thursday night 28.8> and one hour ago sent onto forwarder based Portland, Oregon. I'm more nervous around yellow screen band blemish than any late arriving. Would mean another $60 sending back, and myself not buying that brand again[while this depends on how irksome].

        • is delivery cheaper for you that way?

        • Apparently you can just pop it in the sun for awhile or expose it to UV light and it should go away.

      • Mine still says processing. Looks like you're one step ahead of me and i ordered Friday as well

    • Update: Mine changed to pending to ship from processing

      • I'm up to shipped and 'in transit' from Hong Kong and I bought late Thursday night, so I'd expect yours will ship v. soon.

        • took delivery today!

        • @vvti85: Nice! What day did you purchase it?

        • @rakkihizoku:

          Last Thursday.

          It was only 'in transit' yesterday morning at 1040 from HK so I'm surprised I received today.

        • @vvti85: Good to know it doesn't take long to arrive then once its shipped. Thanks for the input :)

  • Commissioned the architects to do CM11 on mine… long journey ahead now by routing by Portland Ore. However they've the relationship with development.

    Should imagine by 1+2 oneplus may have Sydney in their target.

  • Just found this on their ebay store:


    Selling it for $420 + free shipping ($44.5 difference)

    Messaged them about this. Will update when i can

    Even if they don't honor my request it would be cheaper to cancel the whole transaction and buy from their Ebay store and save $10. As they only refund unit price.