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[QLD] Figure Fitness $9.95/Week


Gym Membership $9.95 PW - NO CONTRACT - 127 Charlotte St Brisbane City Qld 4000

  • Just 4 weeks to cancel your Membership
  • JOIN Month of Sept 2014 for $9.95pw - Permanently until you leave

Other Fees

  • One off 24 Hour Access Card Fee $59.99
  • Administration Loading Fee $29.00


  • Life Fitness / Hammer Strength USA equipment
  • Personal Trainers
  • 400 Square meter gym
  • Brand new only been open for 20 weeks

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  • +3 votes

    Location in title

    • +3 votes

      You'd think they would know where they are. How do they think we will find them if they won't tell us?? Isn't that one of the most important details in this deal?

      Posting a 1 location deal on OZBargain without location is a waste of time for everyone.

      OP: Certainly misses the attention of those few who may be interested - those who live / work in CBD Brisbane (like me).
      And if you can't get basic details right, what will be missing in important details in this deal??

      Now been updated to 127 Charlotte St [QLD] - those in Cairns can get a great workout on the nearly 4000km return journey to the gym!


        Dude have a snickers


          No thanks - too sweet for me ;-)
          Have you read the entire post?

          I was simply commenting here that basic deal posting guidelines should be followed - include important information about the deal like which city the 1 gym is in. (good for Rep to attract only potential local members & good for us to find gym, only if we live/work close by!)

          That advice is good for Rep's business. Rep has strangely failed to do that in 2 deals.

          It's a good price, but..

          Neg was only given below after the response from Rep saying we were not to slander him (none posted), not to post anything negative, etc … apparently because those posting anything critical are employees or owners of rival gyms… or haters… (not so, and I had no opinion on this business until Rep spat the dummy)

          "no uneducated questions it makes you look very silly to most people" - really? In my work in academia, I learnt from experience & taught those are some of the best possible questions. I hear that is a common approach in the industry :-( It's the way we learn.

          I'd suggest the Rep demanding to control discussion to a 1 sided sales pitch on OzBargain seems to "look very silly to most people". That's pretty well the definition of spam.

          All that bile from the Rep over a few simple comments! I could really say what I think from my field, but I held back & referred this deal to the lawyers. Well Rep was asserting we had slandered him, there are no t&c on website, and Rep quotes t&c which almost seem the opposite of a no contract deal - all legal issues.

          I don't think I should be the one told "Dude have a snickers" when we are treated with such disrespect for having a different opinion, offering advice, or asking questions.

          But sadly I see you support his tirade against OzBargainers :-(
          So you signed up?

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    $40 per month? what's with the $60 card fee and admin loading of $29? this does not look like a bargain at all. Plus entering into a contract having 4 weeks notice if want to leave? there appears to be no classes available either…. just weights and basic equipment.


    Seems like an ongoing deal considering they posted the same offer in August and July


      Eneloop deals are ongoing also.

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    Treadmills facing a blank brick wall which looks like its down in a dungeon somewhere. Might pass on this offer


      Well on the treadmill you are going nowhere. Kind of like banging you head against a brick wall. They have just put the two together

    • +2 votes

      You go to the gym to work out, not to look at pretty scenery/watch tv.


    this is no special there website advertises at this price


    I'll pass on this deal, no onsite parking.


      good deal for homeless to chip in and they all sleep there


    Doesn't look very good tbh.

    • +1 vote

      You know how to impress!
      Great communication & customer relations skills. Just what I look for in a professional gym ;-)

      If you can't read emotions - I'm being sarcastic.

      And 7 hours after posting you haven't even bothered to tell us your location in post!! That was requested in the first comment minutes after you posted deal. You don't listen to your (potential) customers :-(

      127 Charlotte St [QLD - added later] isn't an address. Basic posting etiquette to tell us where to find your 1 location, rather than make us do the work to find you!

      After searching I found my office is a short walk away, but I'll keep walking.

      Seems you should live your life by your own rules when you enter our community "If you have nothing of importance to say, please don not say it at all".

      You can not decide what comments can be left when you post a deal. Seems like you will want to boss & criticise us if we went to your gym, as you do here. No thank you!

      "please do your research first before" posting comments like that & disrespecting us!!

    • +1 vote

      This isn't a deal considering you had it at $9 last time.

      It's bordering on spam tbh

    • +1 vote

      Please don't tell members what they can & can't write on a community based website. The moderators and the members decide this.

      When are you going to add your full address to the description?

  • +1 vote

    Been going for over 2 months now, great gym if you live/work in Brisbane CBD and a steal at this price!


    Seems strange Rep does not link deal to business website with full details. Rather link is to a photo.

    Why would a business not want you to know which city it is in, not provide a link to join up, and not provide other basic details available on their site?? There's even a free 1 day pass. Why does Rep think at least some of us wouldn't be interested to see / try out the facilities?

    It's not as if Rep had criticism for not providing details in last deal ;-) That's right, others had to provide the info Rep failed to provide.

    I suppose this will repeat each month as Rep seems pleased with sign up rate from advertising here for free.

    • -3 votes

      tkboi on 09/09/2014 - 09:24 ¶

      Location in title

      Bennybee - Thankyou this guy needs Glasses lol


        It took scotty to add the basic details about this business that Rep again refused to show in own deal. It's all there in the revisions.

        So much for Rep welcoming suggested that help his business. If providing basic information like which city gym is located in is too difficult, wouldn't want to suggest anything more complex.


        OzBargain Posting Guidelines
        (appropriate to this deal)

        Titles should state:-
        Location. City/suburb and state (e.g. Abbotsford, VIC) if specific to an area. (Which this 1 gym in 1 city is. Useless ad for those in other cities. It just wastes their time trying to find if deal is for them.)

        Media File Uploader
        Use only when there is no direct link to the bargain or information supporting the bargain. (There is the business website, with map, photos, application to join, costs, etc. So a photo with no information should not be used.)

        Merchants & Store Representative
        As OzBargain is a community website, deals that you have posted will be judged and voted by our community members. Post when you have a bargain and not just for advertising purposes. Generic advertisements may be removed or may make it difficult for you to post, when you have something that really should be popular. Reps posting deals which are constantly attracting negative or no votes may also see the account and/or domain banned by the mods.

        Merchants should note that small reductions, excessive conditions, and other costs related to the deal will NOT be well received. Users will likely vote negative for your deals and moderators may BAN or restrict deals, reps, or sites that are not well received.

        (The price seems to always be $9 or $9.95/wk, so there is no price reduction in these deals - it is the normal price.)


        Rep does not seem to grasp these community guidelines to be allowed to post his advertising here, instead telling us how we should make comments or ask questions!!

  • +1 vote

    I've asked Queensland Office of Fair Trading to look into legality of "gym with no contracts always require a 2-4 week cancellation period". That seems to defy the definition of "no contract".

    Could not find those important t&c on business site! Nothing like full disclosure, but I am sure Rep would say that is normal in this industry - do your research! But that is what I am doing ;-)

    Only membership info:
    No Contract
    membership $9.95 pw
    24 Hour & Days a Week Access
    Unlimited use of Gym
    Unlimited use of Facilities
    * Administration Fee $29.00
    * Swipe Access Card $59.99

    Will report outcome.


        Someone doesn't agree we should know our legal rights at gyms! Now who wouldn't want us to know that? Sad :-(

        Gyms and other fitness suppliers must meet certain legal requirements. These are set out in the fitness industry code of practice. Make sure you check these responsibilities before you sign up. Be very careful about joining a gym or fitness centre that does doesn’t follow these rules.

  • +1 vote

    Another t&c I saw as I walked past today, $300 penalty for misuse of swipe card. Who knows what that might mean in this business or how many other penalties there are.