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1TB for $95,1.5TB $135, (Z-10 $99 with Free Mx 518) from Fluidtek


logitech z-10 $99 (get free mx518)
1tb Samsung $95
1.5tb Samsung $135
4890 1 gb oc $239
24" Aoc $245

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Fluidtek IT

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    I'm sure everyone here is now well aware of Fluidteks daily deals. I don't think it is necessary for you to make a new post everyday. Maybe it's just me.


      Agreed you are quickly becoming OB's no.1 spammer…


    I want to know why perth and syd get weekly good deals and melbourne misses out? MSY has killed all the competition here :(


    1.5TB = 9 cent/GB
    1TB = 9.5 cent/GB

    Awesome prices, would pick up a 1.5TB if I lived close enough.


    iS THIS A 7200rpm or 5400rpm 1.5tb drive?

    I keep hearing most 1.5tb drives are only 5400rpm and slower than their 1tb brothers…


      I'm not sure about the 1.5 as no model number is listed next to it, but the 1tb hd103si is the ecogreen 5400rpm model

      Far as I can tell, samsung only has an ecogreen 1.5 model available.

      Maybe the higher density platters equates to a similar transfer speed at lower RPM?

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    I guess it's sort of acceptable since this is the first time for 1.5TB to dip to the new low of $135 :)

    However, please be warned, don't say much, get your hardrive and get out of the store quick and smart.


    No store in Melbourne?


      trust me, you don't want another Fast Eddie in Melbourne. I used to live 10 houses from his shop and avoided going there.


    ah another fluidtek…