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[EBAY 15% OFF] 20x 1oz American Silver Eagle Coins $476 ($3.20 Per Coin over Spot Price)


The price of Silver closed at A$20.60 on Friday. These coins are priced at $476 for a tube of 20 ($23.80 each, $3.20 over spot). When buying by the tube (20 coins) you'd normally pay a $4 premium (or more) per coin. So this is around a 20% discount on the premium. Great price.

Some other deals in their ebay shop (http://stores.ebay.com.au/The-Bullion-Foundry):

10 oz OPM Silver Bars - $212.50 each after discount
10 oz NTR Silver Bars - $212.50 each after discount
1 oz OPM Gold Bars - $1400 after discount
1 oz OPM Silver Rounds - $442 after discount (20 rounds - $22.10 each)

Not affiliated with this company, but have purchased from them in the past.

I write about gold & silver coins on my blog for those interested: http://www.bullionbaron.com/

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    Bullion Baron 23.80 - 20.60 is 3.20 over spot. Nonetheless still a great price.

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    Not a bad price for silver eagles, Similar to his other post about buffalo rounds at the time would have calculated to be around 440 for 20 rounds.
    Silver has taken a tumble in the past week, Im not sure if it has bottomed out yet.
    great bargain for the silver stacker, Im currently looking at buying some cheap low premium buy backs from goldstackers

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    i have no idea what everyone is talking about!

  • bullion baron, what do you think about the price of the 10 oz silver bars value wise?

    • $225 for Perth Mint bars is a nice alternative: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/331315812521

      I have some of the NTR 10oz bars, they are not that pretty, but it's a good price for them. I think I paid around $1.50/oz premium for mine which was a good deal at the time, these are more like 70c/oz.

  • When I press to purchase it doesnt offer the field for the discount….does that come up if I press commit to buy?

  • Where does one sell this off in the future?

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      ebay, Gumtree, Silver Stackers (http://forums.silverstackers.com/forum-33-australia-new-zeal...)

      Or don't sell ;)

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        Sorry, I'm a total noob and haven't got a chance to read the blog. In short, this bullion (either silver and gold) is just another investment, right (just like shares and properties)? So we get the physical goods or certificates? Wait and sell high as well? Thanks.

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          You get the physical coins or bars (with shares you would normally just get a statement saying you own X shares in X company). It is an investment for some, others prefer to see it as savings or wealth that's held over the long term. They can be volatile in price, don't buy unless you understand the price can go down or up.

      • Are bullions or coins better for investment?

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          I have a mixture of both bullion coins and bullion bars. Bars will generally offer a lower premium over spot price, coins are more expensive, but can be more liquid and you will generally recover the extra premium if you sell privately.

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          They both are good/same for investment, you gotta diverse your investment a little … the bar listed above quite good too ( cheaper the coins, but may be a bit harder to sell ). Most of them don't come with certificates, ask the seller if they offer/still have it. Yea, buy low sell high or keep.

          Keep an eye on the gold prize too, it's on the dipping trends.

  • Great find OP, i'm not being a pain, but are these items are legit ? If the item turn out fake can i return it ?
    I'm a bit weary at the shipping method: Standard Postage (Australia Post Parcel Post Parcel) …

    • Best to check with seller on any return policy.

      I have purchased American Silver Eagles from the company before and they were real.

      PayPal protects you against any 'lost in the post' concerns.

  • Have no idea about the coins, but seems like a good gift. As usral, don't think, just buy buy buy!

  • Hi OP, i have a side question. Do you know where i can find more about using SMSF to buy precious metal ?

  • I brought some but I just received a message…

    Due to the overwhelming amount of orders that have occurred due to eBay's 15% off sale, we estimate that your package may take up to 15 business days to receive. We estimate that your package should arrive no later than October 3rd.

    • Looks like they are just making sure customers are aware shipping will be toward the end of their estimate. From the listing: "Your order will arrive in estimated 10 – 15 business days from time of purchase."