This was posted 7 years 1 month 1 day ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Specsavers 50% off All Contact Lenses Plus Shipping (24 Hours Only)


Pirate Day Offer (ARRR!)24 hours only

50% off your order on contact lenses plus shipping. Promotion code applies to the total order in the basket during checkout only. Use code arrr at the checkout.

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    Even at 50% off my Air Optix Aqua are STILL more expensive here than at (Care: Specsavers are selling the 3 lenses to a box variant, Quicklens are selling the 6 lenses to a box variant!!) Tip: If you need an Australian Health Fund approved provider, use and ask them to price match Your final price will be in the region of $28.50 for a box of six lenses. The equivalent price from Specsavers is $29.50 (with the 50% already taken off).

    • So did I just pay $29.50 for a box of 3 where as you pay that amount for a box of 6?

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        No he said equivalent so he's comparing like for like.

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    Thanks, got some new contacts. Beats paying $120 down at the local.

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    Great deal even after adding $10 postage this is still awesome! $15.50 for a box of acuvue oasis

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    can we still claim from health fund even after the discount?

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      I believe so!

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      yes you can.
      I claimed the previous deal with NIB.

      I prefer the previous deal because I can claim all of them with ZERO out of pocket event though more expensive a bit.
      This one we need to pay $10 for shipping and I don't think you can claim shipping cost.
      I could be wrong though but other can confirm if they tried it already.

      • You generally can't claim shipping costs from your health fund, only the cost of the product itself.

  • When I bought lenses for my missus I used to get them from for less than half the price.
    She got laser eye surgery done :)

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      This deal is still cheaper for my brand.Compared, and local sites..These ship pretty fast too

  • Dam, they don't sell Biomedics CooperVision 1 Day Torics. :(

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      Pretty sure they do - they're just rebranded with a new sticker on the box, at least thats the case with the CooperVision Biofinity Torics I use (they're branded as "easyvision Opteyes Toric")

      • I got in contact with specsavers and those are specssaver branded equivalent ones. CooperVision Biofinity Torics still exist.

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    Thanks so much OP..! was just about to pay full price at check out for my AirOptix day and night ones last night but fell asleep on my desk before I did.Cheaper than by at least 30 dollars for 6 lenses per box.Got specsavers generic brand at a store fitting and they are absolute rubbish, threw them out in a week after they quickly accumulated protein deposit.This particular brand is so ahhh..lenses sorted for 6 months @ $85 I'm happy

    • No problem. Glad to be of help :)

  • Do I need a prescription? Or can I buy without?

    • pretty sure you don't need it

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    Unrepentant plug for ZenniOptical. Cheap glasses, great quality.

    It was a nice break from getting ripped-off for $400 vs. my current ~$44 glasses, including shipping. If you're a first-timer, I recommend having a (free) medicare check-up at a local optemetrist, and asking for a prescription print-out. i.e. sphere and cone values & pupillary distance.

    However AFAIK, they don't sell contacts.

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      Zenni Optical glasses are very poor quality. I have a few pairs that I own to wear on occasion, not daily. You get what you pay for.

  • The other day I paid $77 for mine at Specsavers as well. Cost me $32 from this deal, but even without the coupon, $54 is still a lot cheaper then $77. I must remember to buy my lenses online from now on :)
    BTW now I have around 60 pairs of daily lenses, and I only use them occasionally.. Could last me a whole year haha!

  • Any way to avoid shipping fee? Previous deal with $50 off had free shipping with $100 spend I think.

  • Thanks a lot. I just ordered and looks like I even money from ordering contact lenses because of the benefits paid by my health insurance :D

  • Fantastic. One years worth of easyvision opteyes, most comfortable monthly lenses I've ever had, for 143 shipped. After healthcare rebate that's only $35 for a whole years worth! Thanks heaps OP.

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    Thanks a lot! I just bought 4 Dailies boxes for $54 (incl. $10 postage). Absolute bargain. Thank you.

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    Does anybody of you wear contact lenses and sit in front of computer for work for 10 hrs a day? Is it comfortable?

    • Work from 9 to 5 in an office with all work on a computer. Comfortable wearing it from 8am to 6pm but longer than that it gets tiring.
      You have to wash the lens at least once a week though.

      • Thanks mate. I will prefer daily one as I will be wearing occasionally.

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    Thanks OP, this is even cheaper than buying in Hong Kong.
    1 year Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism for $206.