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Melbourne to London Return Flight with Royal Brunei 2015 for $1268


Hey all

went on Kayak.com to search for return tickets from Melbourne to London.

Punched in Dep 1st April 2015 and Return 17th June 2015 - price came up as $1268 including taxes

Not sure what the exact date range is but I hope this is helpful to someone

The official Royal Brunei site seems to have their specials from Mel-Lon from $1399

Enjoy :)

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    Don't forget, Royal Brunai are a dry airline, and their hub airport is appallingly bad.

    Singapore Airlines is maybe $400 extra - or $2-300 for Malaysia.

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      You mean I can get a discount and the risk of an unruly passenger disrupting the flight is reduced?

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        I would be quite unruly if I found out I was on a dry flight to the other end of the earth.

    • They are renovating so it might be better by then.

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    Royal Brunei were excellent.. we went in 2013.. All the planes have been upgraded too, so they should all be relatively new..

    Stopover in Brunei is about 2 hours.. Just be aware that the toilets are a hole in the floor.. other than that.. perfectly acceptable..

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      Just be aware that the toilets are a hole in the floor.

      You're joking?

      • +15

        You're joking?

        i think you need to travel more…

    • I just returned from a trip to Asia with Royal Brunei. They are NOT excellent, but they are good. What I paid represented good value for money. The in-flight service, food, entertainment, amenities etc certainly does not come close to Qantas. Catering out of Bruunei needs huge improvement. So check all options and if Qantas is slightly more I'd recommend flying them instead.

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        So you mean you didn't get surly middle-aged men who were more interested in chatting about their weekend plans than actually interacting with the passengers? Sounds like a positive to me.

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    This my recent experience - hope someone finds it useful.

    Just got back from London with Royal Brunei. The service is great and you'll be flying on the new dreamliner. I travelled to London in mid-july and returned mid-september.

    The flights between Melbourne and Brunei were awesome! I had 3 seats to myself on both occassions.

    The flights between Brunei and London via Dubai were busier. It was a full flight on the way to London. On the way back I had 3 seats between two people.

    The Brunei airport is currently under construction so there is very little to do. There is free unlimited WiFi but it is a bit slow. Just fast enough to check email and Facebook. Hopefully they would have made some progress by April 2015.

    There is no alcohol served but plenty of soft drinks/water/fruit juice to keep you hydrated. I think you can bring your own small amount of alcohol if you really need it. Double check this point with the airline.

    You will get 30kg check in luggage and officially one 7kg piece of carry on. They weren't strict on the carry on.

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    RB are running a whole bunch of specials at the moment: http://www.flyroyalbrunei.com/australia/2014/09/01/early-ear...

    Of course, you can do a bit better than those prices by going through a third party booking service. I like http://www.skyscanner.com.au/ myself.

    Flights between Melbourne and Brunei are on the new 787 Dreamliner.

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    I've flown with them in the past and agree with the comments above.

    I wouldn't fly with them at the moment:


    "Last week, the ABC questioned the AFL about the sponsorship deal with Brunei's state airline.

    The agreement came amidst a worldwide boycott campaign aimed at businesses owned by the Sultan of Brunei after he imposed harsh Sharia laws in his country.

    When fully implemented in 2015, the laws will impose the death penalty by stoning for gay sex and adultery."

    • +2

      Yep it's a sin to be gay but not to take the life of a fellow human being apparently. Moral of the story - being filthy rich by the mere coincidence of birth, or "religious", is no guarantee of common decency.

    • Yep I agree. Its a shame because I have flown to London with Royal Brunei a few years ago and was happy with the flights and service.

  • I went royal brunei in 2000, there planes were old but it sounds like they have been replaced.

    Everytime they would take off and land there was a prayer played and the plane constantly told you which way to mecca. Which was a cultural experience for me at the time

    They also had a really catchy jingle… which i now cannot get out of my head…


  • -1

    i don't get it.
    yes..i am in favor of gay sex and extramarital affairs. i am hetero, but gays can do whatever they like in their own bedrooms.
    more importantly…i am in favor of "when in rome…do what romans do..or else..just don't come to rome".
    i live in a tolerant society, this does not mean i want to impose my belief and principles to other countries too. for all i care, they can do whatever they like in brunei..as long as they do not try to impose sharia laws here in australia.
    by the same principles, australians shall not impose their belief to brunei people…it's a two ways thing.
    i am one of those who criticised the muslims for trying to bring sharia laws into australia, but by the same token i have to be consistent and stop trying to impose my tolerant views to brunei people….as simple as that.
    in short…stoning for adultery and gay sex…who cares? as long as they do it in brunei, i am fine with it.
    the kiwis copulate with sheep, and no one is saying anything about it, and rightly so…coz in their own country, they have their own traditions. it's not for me to judge or criticise.

    • +3

      Very enlightened view. Oppression is okay as long as it's "cultural"? Seriously?

    • +1

      "when in Brunei…do what Bruneians (?) do..or else..just don't come to Brunei"
      Unfortunately, all Brunei flights to Europe come to Brunei !!!

      in short…stoning for adultery and gay sex…who cares? Apparently, a lot of us do.

      the kiwis copulate with sheep - I am not sure the Kiwis should be enraged or laugh at this ridiculous statement.

    • Omg.

  • Good price, airline is good also.

  • I just got back from a trip to UK flying royal Brunei… Honestly wish I'd paid a bit extra to go with someone else.

    And only for one single reason… The seats… why royal Brunei would take delivery of a multi million $ new aircraft and fit it with those awful seats is beyond me, especially for a long haul flight. Feels like they're made out of rock.

    Everything else about the flight was great (ignoring Brunei airport) but this is massively over shadowed by the constant fidget inducing seats where I had to change position every 10 minutes to try and get comfy

  • I found Royal Brunei to be a quality airline (having tried quite a few) though I have only ever flown short hops from Perth. Its a shame they pulled the pin here in WA as they were an affordable and comfortable option. As I dont drink I didnt mind that the flights lacked the booze service. The standard of meals and service on-board in my opinion are on par with Singapore Airlines/Emirates.

  • I thought everyone was boycotting anything related to Brunei? https://www.facebook.com/boycottbrunei

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