expired Sandisk View 8GB Music/Video Player - Almost Half Price - $99 + Shipping from MiniDisc.com.au


It's a Sandisk Fiesta! I missed out on the C250 from 1 Sale-a-day earlier and went looking for other sandisk products. The View is almost half price and in stock.

EDIT $5 pick-up if you live in NSW too…

Not a bad unit either: 8Gb plus SD slot make a decent video player :)

Read a review here.

Probably not as good as iPod nano or the creative zen but half the price

Mod - corrected category and edited description.

Mod - In addition, 3% cash-back is available through Money Back Co.

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    Much better value than the refurbished C250 2GB Sansa MP3 Player @ $20 that was posted earlier today. And which I asme alot of people missed out on as it sold out rather quickly.

    Note to original poster. Pickup is not free. Using the postage calculator it says. Pickup available from warehouse (Moorebank Sydney, NSW). Store Pickup Handling Fee: $5.00AUD. Or $8.95 cheapest local delivery. So you need to update the deal to reflect this.


    Good price especially since you can upgrade. Don't forget the iPod nano is going for $149 delivered (refurbished) from Apple. Only reason I would go with the nano is because of it's extensive range of accessories (speakers, docks, car compatibility, etc). Me personally, I have a Zune :)

    EDIT: Don't forget you have to use the POS iTunes or you can use a free lightweight alternative like Floola


    Probably not as good as iPod nano

    I have an e250 which looks identical to this in terms of operating system and think it is much nicer to use than an iPod

    The same 8GB model seems to consistently sell on ebay for around the $100 mark (inc. postage) and they include a 240v to USB power adaptor for charging which might be handy for some people
    (Or if you have a TV STB with a USB port that will charge your device too)

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    Postage is ripoff!!! Cheapest to SA is $11.95AUD

    3 Day Express Shipping (100% Insured)
    Signature Required $12.00AUD
    Overnight Shipping (100% Insured)
    Signature Required $16.00AUD
    Parcel Post Shipping (Non Traceable)
    Delivery to 5000 : 0.6 kg $11.95AUD
    Store Pickup
    Handling Fee: $5.00AUD
    Cash on delivery shipping
    Delivery to 5000 : 0.6 kg $19.75AUD

    +1 for price but -ve for postage => Neutral!


    If I order overnight, do you think it would arrive to 2021 by father's day?

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      The fastest you will get it is next business day.

      Go buy one from a store and one from Minidisc Australia.
      Use the store purchased one as a gift and when the Minidisc Australia one arrives return it to the store.


        What if they have their own store barcode?

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        People like you wreck the retail industry for returns.


          Its not as if it is disadvantaging the store, they are getting an identical item in return.

          People like you

          I wouldn't nor would I, its too much of a hassle.
          However if money is tight and you really wanted one..

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            You very well may be disadvantaging the store, if the falsely returned item is from a different supplier and the store tries and claim warranty from another supplier the serial numbers won't match up and a mess will ensue. Not to mention different it could be a parallel/grey import, be of a different revision, etc..


      If I order overnight, do you think it would arrive to 2021 by father’s day?

      Hell yes :D


    I have a Sandisk Fuze….Best mp3 i have ever owned. Cheap and much better sound quality then the ipod. Check the reviews. They do not lie. I think this mp3 uses the same sound stuff as the fuze. So its just as good :)
    You would have to be nuts to get a nano/smaller ipod over these!

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    good forums for those who bought this View or the c250 from the other day……


    Well, after deliberating for several days, I finally bit the bullet and ordered one of these.
    We happen to be in the market for a MP3/4 player as a birthday pressy ATM.
    I'd have preferred to purchase from a local bricks and mortar business (in case of any warranty issues), but it was impossible to go past at this price.
    Wish me luck. ;)

    1) Don't forget the 3% cash-back from MBC also.
    2) This would appear to be a continuation/repeat of their deal from May09.
    3) I don't know if the discount shipping code would still work. I didn't find it before I made my order.

    Live Long and Prosper,

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